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Clinical rotation anxiety

Does anyone have any tips about preparing for different clinical rotations? Or what to expect when doing them? I start mine on Monday and I’m SO anxious. I’ve been off work for two weeks, so I’m already starting off anxious coming back, and now I have to be pharmacisty? I am terrified. Any advice or help please send it my way!! (Doesn’t have to be pharmacy specific advice either!)

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12/2/2020 // 19.44

Revising anticoagulants and getting food inspo from the Tesco magazine, I always love recipes like this but never actually make them because I like the look of them but don’t like the reality of salads! I went shopping today with my mum which was really lovely to spend time with her and I also got lots more workwear and a new coat for a wedding I’m off to ✨

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I passed all my exams and the first semester of studying pharmacy is over! 🎉

It’s been great so far, but I’m also happy to have some time off now and do the things I didn’t get to do lately - reading, for example.

xx Lion 🦁💙

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I will NOT take patients home with me

Scrolling insta like you do when trying to avoid licensing of acne treatments, I found a girl with a disease awareness account as a suggested person to follow. Clicked on it, it’s a patient I did a meds rec on and had to phone her mum because she was on SO many IV meds at home I needed to confirm I wasn’t going mad. This poor girl has so many things wrong with her, which I knew, but I’ve just rudely reminded myself. It’s always the worst when it’s kids, I know I shouldn’t let myself get affected by my patients but there’s some that I’ll never forget their names because they’ve impacted me so much. MJ, MF, AK, JW and now LD, this post goes out to you.

How do you all leave your baggage at work and not think about your patients when you’re home?

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25/1/2020 // 14.36 // ❄️

I (half) cleaned my house this morning and did some outdoor jobs like washing my car, and now I’m doing some planning with a latte whilst I wait for a webinar to download.

This week has been so crazy (and cold!) I’ve been to the CCG, which makes decisions about funding treatments and was super interesting, and had a meeting about what should be on the formulary to guide prescribers. I’ve barely had chance to do any work, so tomorrow I’m going to try to smash out a lot.

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