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#pieces of echoes series

Complementary Yearning


Tony knew he and Peter’s lives would be forever changed following that fateful trip to Afghanistan. Because while they not only had to get used to a newly defrosted Steve Rogers living in their home as their SHIELD-assigned bodyguard, thanks to the shards of shrapnel lodged in his chest, Tony also had to deal with the fact that Peter’s favourite source of comfort had disappeared.

Part of the Pieces of Echoes Series, written for the IronDad and SpiderSon Valentine’s Day fic exchange 💖 for @on-the-verge-virgil

Read it HERE 😊

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Chasing Demons Final Chapter Preview

Behind? Catch up HERE 😊


They had also held a press conference the day before, attended only by journalists hand-picked by Pepper, where Steve laid out his entire story in what Peter called PG-13 detail, starting with his arrest following he and Tony’s anniversary dinner and ending when he was finally released from the Atlanta hospital to come home. Images that Tony recorded from his HUD along with several documents that Bruce had been able to capture from the prison’s computer systems were also released to a few selected news stations, further corroborating the growing pile of evidence against not only many of the men and women holding high positions in the government and other agencies, but also various news outlets.

It was a start, at least. But Steve knew he wouldn’t be able to truly rest until every last single HYDRA agent had been flushed out from their mole tunnels and arrested.

But unfortunately, at the moment he still needed to figure out a way to get to the bathroom and back without causing a scene.

Slowly, Steve pushed himself up to his feet, using the headboard as leverage as he placed all of his weight on his right foot. The cast on his left foot was massive, and had to weigh at least ten kilograms with how much hardware was poking out of it. The surgeon had explained that he’d been required to use several of what he called medical pins in order to hold Steve’s bones in place while they healed, which were now sticking out of the bright blue plaster in such a way that it made Steve feel sick to his stomach to even look at it. And not to mention the constant prickly feeling he’d had in the foot ever since the surgery from the bones knitting themselves back together. Steve had always hated that tingly, pins-and-needles feeling.

Although apparently not enough to stop breaking his goddamn bones, as Tony would say.

Keeping his right hand flat against the bed, Steve released the headboard and began hopping towards the bathroom, stopping at the end of the bed to balance himself on the footboard. The bathroom was still about ten paces away with nothing more for him to grab onto, but once he was able to get to the doorway he would hopefully be okay.

However, for all of Steve’s meticulous planning, he realised only three hops in that he’d neglected to take into account the soreness in his right hip caused by him trying to compensate for the extra weight on his left foot. He paused in the very centre of the room, already dripping with sweat as he rested just the tip of his left toes against the floor, trying to take just a touch of weight off his right leg, and not even a second later found himself flat on his face, completely stunned, with his entire left side screaming in protest.

“What the—?” Steve heard from the bed as he attempted to roll over, his damaged ribs making him feel every single centimetre of movement. He refused to look as Tony sat up and poked his head over the end of the bed, already bracing himself for the lecture he was about to get.

“Jesus Christ, Steve, what the hell are you doing?” Tony demanded as he knelt down next to him, bleary-eyed and disheveled. He slid his arms underneath Steve’s shoulders, trying to hoist him back up. “You trying to give me a heart attack or something?”

Steve glowered as he looked away, too embarrassed to even meet Tony’s eyes even as his entire left side was now throbbing with every beat of his pounding heart.

“I just—I just needed to pee.”

“Okay. And you didn’t wake me up… why, exactly?”

“I didn’t want to. You were sleeping.”

To his credit Tony did at least make an attempt to hide his eyeroll, although it was not entirely successful. “Ah huh. And how’d that turn out for ya there, hmm?”


“No, don’t you be ‘Tony-ing’ me right now,” he snapped. “You know damn well that I’d much rather be woken up with a kiss and a soft, ‘hey sweetheart, can you help me hop on over to the bathroom?’ or something like that as opposed to you smacking your face into the floor ‘cause you’re too damn stubborn to admit that you need me to help you.”

The full chapter will post on Monday, January 27th 😊

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I'm about half way through of ur chasing demons fanfic and ive finished the one shot and the pieces of echos one and let me say they r all so good to read! I've been reading them like non stop for about a week and I'm completely addicted! Just thought I would let u know that i think ur an amazing writer and I can tell u have put a lot of time, research and planning into ur stories and that there FANTASTIC to read!!! :D keep it up! :D

Oh wow, this was such an amazing message to wake up this morning!! Thank you so much, sweet anon, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my Pieces series!! 💖💖💖

I’ll be posting the latest chapter of Chasing Demons in a few hours, and I hope you continue to enjoy it!

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Will you continue writing in the PoE universe after CD? Maybe even happy fluffy one shots/short chapters? I never want it to end

Hey sweet anon, thank you so much for the ask! 💕 I’m so glad you’re enjoying my Pieces universe!

I’d like to continue writing in it, I have another baby Peter one-shot that I’m working on for a fic exchange and some ideas for a couple others as well. 😊 I’ll admit I’m a bit bummed that Chasing Demons hasn’t been as well received as Pieces was, but I suppose that’s the curse of the sequel 😉. I also have some ideas for another superfamily story that I’ve already started outlining.

I’m very, very attached to this universe though, so I doubt I’ll ever be able to give it up completely 💕.

Thank you so much for your kind words, anon, and I hope you enjoyed today’s chapter! 💖

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I keep thinking about Steve with a baby... and I’m dead.

Oohh, I have all sorts of feels thinking about Steve with a baby Peter! 💗💗💗 It’s the main reason why he’s always asking Tony to tell him stories about when Peter was little, since he wasn’t around to see it.

Can you just imagine him cuddled up with a sweet tiny one though?? 💖💖💖

And I’ll give you a hint: I just might be working on another baby Peter one-shot for my Pieces universe 😉😎♥️♥️

Thank you so much for the ask, sweet anon! ♥️

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I’d love to see more inspo pics for the houses/settings in PoE and CD as well’

Aww, thank you! I have a lot of ideas on their home at the Compound since Tony was able to build that almost from scratch and they aren’t as limited with space and stuff as they are in the Tower. The way I have it pictured is almost like a dorm, with each family member having their own suites complete with kitchen and stuff, but then there’s also a huge kitchen/ eating area for the whole team if they want to do meals together, etc. And of course, Tony and Peter’s labs are state-of-the-art, as is Steve’s painting studio. 💕

I’ll try to put a post together in the next few days! Thank you so much for the ask! 💖

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yesss! i’m so glad you’re continuing the pieces of echoes universe, can’t wait for the new fic!

Aww, thank you so much!! ♥️♥️ I honestly hadn’t planned on it, but you guys were so awesome with your support and asking for a sequel, so how could I say no?

I’m pretty excited for the new story, the plot is shaping up nicely! 😎

Thank you so much for the ask @akillerqueenyouare 💗

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