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hey! i love your blog and your aesthetic! do you have any hacks and tips for beginner witches in catholic school? (my mum thought it would be funny to send me to a catholic school, yikes)

Thank you my love 💗

Now, I’m by no means an expert, but I can try my best to give you some quick tips 🌺

My top tip is to remember that witchcraft is all about intent. Tools and items are not a necessity. Your mind can do just as much as any herb or crystal. Practice meditation and manifestation. You can do all sorts of magic with a strong will. And, this way, you won’t have any evidence of your practice so no trouble can come to you.

If you would like, you can keep with you a book of shadows. One that is small, and easy to hide. You can find a safe time to do research and record it all there so that you may find what you need at all times. Be careful if you do this, as you would not want it to be discovered. Perhaps you could try some spells and sigils that would help keep the book hidden from prying eyes.

Again, I’m not an expert but I do hope I’ve helped you at least a little. Feel free to talk to me about further problems, and don’t be afraid to ask other witches for advice. We’re all happy to help. Good luck at your Catholic school 💗🌺

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