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Pizza. Because I like Pizza. 🍕 And ways to eat it. Please also eat the crust though ☝️ #pizza #drawing #gif #animatedgif #gifanimation #illustration #illo #illustrationgram #instaillustration #Illustrated #illustrationart #picame #designinspiration #foodillustration #editorialillustration #maybeilikecertainidiotsevenmorethanpizza

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Dogs, why did it have to be dogs…

Hold on, hear me out. I don’t hate dogs, I’m actually quite fond of them. The quite ones that just walk up wagging their tails, that maybe smell you and give you a friendly lick? I wish they were all like that. Unfortunately, 95% of them bark their heads off at me as I’m delivering pizza. Pizza fans, if you’re expecting me, please be kind and put your furry friends where they can’t bark at me. Some dogs are so loud that it’s almost painful, like I’m getting punched in the ear drums.

Look, I get it: you want security AND a companion. Trouble is, dogs aren’t great at security, at least not in our modern world. Back when humans first domesticated dogs, there was LOTS of quiet, open space with not a whole lot going on. When a predatory animal or a stranger approached a camp or village, dogs were awesome at letting people know about potential danger. Now we have dogs barking at cars, at harmless pedestrians, at delivery people, at neighbor dogs, at squirrels, at car alarms, at sirens, at firecrackers, etc. Dogs bark so often at harmless things, that when truly harmful things come along, their owners may not take them seriously. I guess what I’m saying is that having dogs is fine, but go for the quiet, friendly ones, and leave the security to alarm systems.

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