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#playin games

Everything that could make me be anxious has happened in succession over the past 48 hours so I would like to hide out in a hole and cry for now, thank you.

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@viruscide    ♥ ‘d for a starter   !!

           teamwork wasnt one of ada’s strong-points ———– she preferred to   run   the   show ,   standing alone amidst the shadows of lifes grand scheme .  yet    here    she was ,   working with a poorly gathered squad of mercenaries .  their leader being another demanding client .  invade  &  retrieve .  an easy enough job    solo ,  especially with her proficient   hacking   skills .  she had half a mind to    turn    down    the task ,  until a name was mentioned .  the name of a man she encountered countless times ,   year    after    year

          if    fate    was something ada believed in ,  she would take a moment to contemplate its    meaning .     but the truth was simple :   leon went wherever trouble brewed .  it was    his    nature ,    extinguishing tragedy in his wake .  a    worthy   pawn   in her mischievous game ,    a fairly    stubborn   one at that .  she already knew his   (   potential   )   fate if he were to    confront    the team she was assigned to work with .  &  it was a gruesome one .  purely to secure the reassurance of his    well-being ,     the spy deemed it wise to tag along .  ———–  for    now


           ada had more than an opportune moment to    counteract    her crew  ,   who were already    well   on   their   way .    breaking into the dso’s database from a    safe   location    three blocks away .   her station atop the indoor balcony gave her all the advantages in the world .  a view of the general    public   down below ,   dancing to the    booming    music    within the nightclub .  &  amidst that crowd ,  by the bar ,  was her  honorable   guest    for the night .  leon scott kennedy .  her guess was he seized the moment to delve into his favorite   vices ,    or perhaps he too was on the job .  a    curiosity    that would soon be    indulged .

           gloved digits retrieved her    cellular    device ,    scrolling through contacts  settling upon his    personal    information .   opening the application her message was   short  &  swift .
                                         [ Leon ] :   ENJOYING  YOURSELF ?
            &  the   bait    was   set .    closing her phone ,   hazel hues befell the agent once more .  taking in every possible detail from such a    distance .   studying ,   profiling .   waiting .    it’s    your   turn ,  MR. KENNEDY .

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something real // blackbear
I’m the one, could be the one for you
Be playin’ games, all the time
what the fuck I’m gonna do with someone like you? cause someone like me is a lost soul
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i’m’a save a lil money this paycheck and not buy the Tresspasser DLC right after beating The Descent. i love bully very much and i don’t wanna make him sad!

i’m’a just play Skyward Sword again and cry because of Zelda Wii U. it still doesn’t even have a title yet. screw you nintendo, i bet you already have the next smash bros game finished. you’ll never top melee, look to the future!

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so i was like in 5th grade when mgs 4 came out and i tried to play it a few years back and i fucking sucked so i tried to play it again and i got so much farther than before????? wth but im playing on the easiest difficulty because im not that great of sneaker when the shadows are so fucking dark i can’t see anything goddamn

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