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#please be safe out there

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if anyone following me is from Chile please, please, please be safe

and those who are not, please look at what’s happening and send love and support our way

edit: I’ve been reblogging info and precautions in my main @sofatini

again, if you live in Chile, not only Santiago, please be safe and try to not stay out past the toque de queda. If you have family that were alive during the dictatorship, check on them, the ptsd is really kicking now

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In a nutshell, a friend got hit by a car and was in coma for like 45 days... well, he's wide awake now and everything is back to normal. So, I've got two feedbacks for you: I have no words for the last chapter of KO, it was very introspective, Baku boy got me really sad :( and I h8 Shigaraki. For the NSFW alphabet, it's perfect. I told u a million times that the yakuza!au makes me soft, and there, Bakugou is pretty intense. Idk how to proper compliment ur writings, but I love'm with all my heart

I’m so sorry that everyone went through that, but I’m really glad to hear your friend is awake now and that he is doing well.

Please be careful out there, and I hope he makes a full recovery. I can’t imagine how challenging that was for everyone involved but boe that he is awake I hope you all can heal together.

As for the feedback:

Thank you so so much! Yes, that chapter 7 was full of internal musing and emotional vomit. It’s a loaded period for everyone involved in the fighting ring, but will only get worse as it kicks off in chapter 8. Bakugou is left with the cliffhanger of falling unconscious during his fight with Dabi, so it’s gonna be interesting seeing where it all picks up in the next upload.

And yeah Shigi is the worst in that chapter, but I don’t out it past him to do such a think in the name of his creation.

Yakuza Bakugou is the softest really. My whole intention with that series was to document how he wins reader through a poker game from another Yakuza leader and essentially just wants someone he can dote on and be affectionate towards. There’s no games to be had, not aggression, he leaves it all behind the moment he opens the door. For once he doesnt need to amplify his charade, doesn’t need to explode as intensely, rather he is able to unwind and freely give and receive affection.

And no worries! Just sending me asks saying you enjoyed my newest fic or upload, or interacting is support enough! I don’t anticipate essays worth of feedback and love (I’m not opposed though lol) I rather you let me know in your own ways and own excitement how you feel.

It’s more appreciated than you think! ❤💥

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This holiday weekend more people are estimated to drive than before and with this increased number of people on the roads comes the increased risk of accidents.

Please drive the speed limit, watch out for other vehicles on the road, be vigilant, and safe. There is no reason to drive recklessly. Everyone wants to get home to see their families or to their vacation destination.

I just sat in standstill traffic for nearly two hours. The cause? A multi-vehicle pile up. A semi, motorcycle, truck, suv, several sedans and hatchbacks all wrecked beyond belief. The one truck was upside down, the SUV looked like they had to use jaws of life to get the passengers and driver out. Please please be cautious. We don’t need accidents like this prohibiting our plans and efforts for a good long weekend.

I write this, 2+ hours delayed from my original arrival time, sitting in a Panera to decompress and enjoy a meal. I’m lucky I wasn’t involved with the devestating accident I saw, because those involved aren’t just 2 hours delayed. Some may never make it to their destination. Please don’t be the reason someone doesn’t get to go home or enjoy their days.

Be careful. Drive safe. We all just want to get to our destinations in peace and without injury.

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I’m so distressed by the killings of my brothers and sisters in New Zealand. On a Friday, the most important days where we all go pray. This was planned and it is disgusting. If anyone tries to say this man has an mental illness it’s utter bullshit, he knew what he was doing. I’m so hurt, my whole family were crying seeing this happen and seeing it was on video as well. May Allah grant those who have died the highest rank of jannah. May Allah protect all us all from this💗💗

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Honestly??? Now that i know there is a very small tiny kitten on the street rn???? Every small tiny noise frightens me. Tires squeeking. Dogs parking. Cans knocked over. Fireworks. Gun shots. Revving engines. All of these things could hurt my small little baby son & I am so god damn frightened.

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Happy Thanksgiving/ Turkey eating day/ day of just eating a ton of food.

I hope all of you reading this are safe, warm, and surrounded by love. For those of you facing tough times, I am sorry. I pray that you will find shelter or a safe space to be at today. May you have food in your belly, and warmth for your body.

Much love to you all.

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Time to go water the plants! I’ve got new seedlings and it’s the new moon, so i feel it’s a great time to go give them some loving. Fireworks are over, dishes are done, dash is more or less dead…

Things to do tomorrow:

  • -Pick up my tarot deck
  • -get a mortar and pestil?
  • -buy more candles!
  • -maybe go watch Finding Dory
  • -Homework!!
  • -Scan commissions because i forgot to tonight (i’m so sorry!)
  • -Finish commissions!
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Hey fam (yes you guys are my family). I come to you tonight with a heavy heavy heart.
Last night, there was a car accident in my tiny home town involving two cars. In one car was a mother, her daughter, and her daughter’s boyfriend (Nick). In the other car was a drunk female and her two year old child. The female under the influence risked all five lives (plus others she passed while driving) when she crossed that yellow line. Thankfully, her child is safe, and she had no harm either. She is, in fact, safely in jail. Unfortunately, the story is quite different for the members of the other car. Luckily, Samantha and Anna (the mother and daughter) went to the hospital with only minor injuries, considering the severity of the accident. Nick was not as fortunate though.
You see, this morning, Nick was SUPPOSED to graduate high school. Today was SUPPOSED to be a day filled with only joy and no sadness. This day was SUPPOSED to be memorable, but not like this. But instead, today Nick laid in a hospital bed, in a coma from the accident. Two of his classmates accepted his diploma on his behalf. The entire auditorium stood with applause and tears as Nick’s name was announced and his diploma was received. Now, hours later.. Nick is brain dead. When his dad gets in tomorrow from out of town, his parents have courageously decided to take their child off life support.
I tell you this tragic truth for 3 main reasons. 1: if you are religious at all, I am begging you to pray for this young man. PRAY FOR A MIRACLE. If not, please please please send kind thoughts to this precious precious soul I have had the pleasure of getting to know in my life. 2: hug your loved ones a little tighter for me tonight. Tell them how much they mean to you, and let them know you would do anything for them. And 3: do not EVER get behind the wheel of a vehicle under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Call your mother, a taxi, your elementary school bus driver, ANYONE before you get behind that wheel and have the potential to change so many people’s lives in an instant.
Nick had plans to enlist in the military after graduation. I am hoping and praying he gets to follow through with those plans. I love you all very much, and I hope you never have to feel the pain that my tiny town is feeling right now. Love you guys ❤️

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