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Read good books instead of trying to read what’s inside their head. They’re empty and brainless men. If they loved you, you wouldn’t have to find an answer for that. You’d have known it exactly.

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How shall I receive love once it arrives ?

Shall I embrace it ?

With my fingers twisted in its promises and body

pressed against its bonds

~ excerpt from Dj’s series: “ I know nothing of love”

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Old Poem same type of new shit.

my mouth moved without
my brain speaking in circles

I love you
what happened?
How can I fix this?
Make you happy?

You were lost for words.
We were two people just holding hands
and our words were from two different places
unable to understand

My tears drifted from my face
as you watched doing the same.

Two lonely strangers crying together
not sure about the love they made together

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Your hand against mine,
a minute I was given;
a life beyond the grass below us,
a time ahead of the present hours;

Your hand against mine
and spring became winter,
winter to summer
and then spring again;

Your hand against mine
and our breaths touched lovingly
in the way my heart outgrew my ribs
and reached beyond its limit;

Your hand against mine
and our future shatters
as fingers part,
palm to palm,
returning to our sides again.

Where our hands meet / b.b

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M'L Instant



A kiss from space, the Heavens thank you with a gift of warm life. When it’s up it’s time to play, frolic, hide among the shade when it plays back a little too rough. Let’s go, let’s move, let’s run from the cool into it’s warm burning arms until we just can’t take it anymore for the day. Hide not your face within the clouds. Cloudy and rainy filled days are not an option. Smile down from above making our days bright, long, and full of the heat we will never forget.

Image: summer sun pics

Let me know what you think and pass the thought along.

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