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today i heard some news
it was about you
my world almost fell apart
all my previous healing nearly disappeared
but then i decided
you don’t deserve me
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Sobre o calar da noite, o seu relaxamento é intrínseco, não sabendo ao certo o que está adentrando em sua alma, mas até se pode ter uma leve certeza de que a calmaria está por vir. Ao fechar o olhos e sentir todas as vibrações, indiretas e diretas, interagindo intensamente, a conexão estará feita.

Então ao olhar para o céu e ver aquela incansável viajante do tempo, que vem toda sorridente e acolhedora de qualquer que seja sua dor, ela irá te ajudar a compreende e a se desfazer dela.

Ao orvalho da madrugada, ao vento que bate friamente, ao som dos animais noturno ali presentes e a sensação de acolhimento, tudo se soma numa harmonia por inteiro, em um texto confuso e uma lágrima de solidão e felicidade escorrente.

Leve Caos

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I’d like to stop shaking,
but as is everything else,
it’s out of my control.

I’m really tired of making decisions
that I shouldn’t have to make. I’m

Sometimes I think
irrational, discombobulated
thoughts, and I stop knowing where to go from there.

Your heart is a muscles the size of your fist.
Birds exist to teach us about the sky.
He loves me, he loves me not.

I’d like to stop thinking,
but as is everything else,
it’s out of my control.

I’m really tired of thinking thoughts
that take me nowhere, that lead to nothing. I’m

I don’t know where to go from here.
It’s out of my control.
I’m exhausted.


Original work by me :)

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i am searching for you
i have so much love
so much to give
i want to be someone’s backbone
someone’s destiny, soulmate
let me help someone become whole
i am fragile
but learning to be stronger
and i want somebody beside me
someone to grow with
become more beautiful than the moon
even she knows
how much love i harbour
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when it’s winter, all hours of the day feel like the night. the afternoon feels like the evening and evening feels like the dusk. the morning comes and darkness stays and nothing seems to make sense anymore. we must make our own sunshine and lean into the light that the Father brings. the monochromatic world November through to April feels long and burrowing. the sun hibernates with the bears and blustery winds and frenzied snowfalls guard the light of the moon.

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All I wanna do is profit off my own name/the same way my favorite rappers made their money off cocaine/80s, that’s when my parents learned who they really were/every day I look in the mirror I look less familiar/lines in my face but black don’t crack/pipe bomb like CM Punk, still hoping he comes back/like the cubs did in game five/2016, thank Montero and Montgomery I’m alive/wasn’t raised in the city but I’m still a Chicago-getter/and Hawaii still home, you know I can’t forget her/learned my science from rakaa and my inglish from Chuck/Midwestside connection like when K. Lamar’s family bumped/out to LA, but I don’t go anywhere near Calabasas/plotting with the queens to reach the masses/I ain’t preoccupied with glory/I jus wanna tell my story/but if there’s glory in my story, call me Denzel/crazy spicy like curry, love the game like valentine/if the price is authenticity, then I can’t sell/pay me in two currencies, money and time/I prefer Apple Pay and g-shock/I prefer invested conversation, not cheap talk/

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Unfinished Art

Short the life cut off,

youth assaulted soon by death,

partly finished sketch.


D W Eldred

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Danish eco-poet and novelist and declared ally to Native Americans, Vagn Lundbye, was born Nov. 22, 1933 (d. 2016). Here is a poem that makes fun of both the Ten Commandments from Exodus 20, and a Danish phenomenon known as Janteloven (roughly corresponding to the Tall Poppy Syndrome) which dictates that Danes should always conform and never stand out in a crowd lest they be suspecting of bragging…

Lundbye published over 60 volumes in his career - mostly prose, such as a retelling of the Norse mythology, under the title The Nordic Testament - but also ample poetry…

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“If you’re traveling the north country fair

Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline

Remember me to one who lives there

For she once was a true love of mine..”

Girl from the north country

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You thought I was gone?

Well, I have some news for you,

Sit down,

Take a breather,

Maybe that will shock you,

Look at me in the eyes,

Rip your mask off yourself,

I think it’s less humiliating,

Than if I tear it up myself,

Wipe this shitty grin,

Your words are quite nothing,

But a simple nuisance to me,

Try to insult me,

I’ll laugh at your attempts,

Growl, spit, see if I care,

Waste your breath,

On something so futile,

One “wrong” sentence,

You’re screaming,

Too bad I can’t hear,

Squeaky idiots,

Trying to be intimidating,

Listen for a sec,

You want to do a mic drop,


The only thing you’re dropping,

Is your fragile dignity.

-> for @lilakennedy

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i wish i could speak clearer
and pluck out the right words
at the right time
without that dreaded stutter,
the dying frog croaking from 
within my throat,
vice tightening and words squeezing
themselves out from between my dry lips
like blood squeezing from a stone

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