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Pathway to seek

Keeping up walking on a path that’s not so certain

Everything you’ve done to keep things the same, now what’s to remain?

Time passed, things changed, truth perhaps has been revealed

In the same standing point, being afraid of what just appeared.

Overwhelmed by your tears you just want the pressure to end.

Looking up to the skies, holding your heart and you just beg

For things to turn out fine, for no one to hate or be in pain

You want to shout, but you don’t know to who, and realize it’s all in vain.

Just let it go, close your eyes and become one with the universe,

Come along with the stardust, taken now away by the last verse.

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Not very bright

Barely seen in their own

corner of the night

Not a smaller piece

of a larger constellation

or galaxy

Shining quiet

and colourless

Their end

won’t leave any mess

But whatever size

they’ll leave a hole

And continue burning

until they go


TW blamethebutterfliespoetry

Starlit poems April 2019 prompt 23: little star

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what happened to you

that you had to steal the light growing in me?


what happened to you

that you wanted to?


what happened to you that you needed to steal power over a child?


what ever happened to you..

you still shouldn’t have done that to me.


- kigl.2018 @kiggled_poems

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Such a throat! 
White, firm, like that of a Venus;
What eyes! 
Pupils that, shining,
eclipsed the scintillation of the stars
in our part of the world; 
And that lip! 
The young bloom of a rose
in a smudge of oil paint 
against fair skin. 

– S.S.

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“a little poem for a tiny person”

by juno a. jaymes

i am small

tiny skin and tiny bones

miniscule atoms build miniscule cells build miniscule body

i am smaller than me

i don’t put this figuratively

because both physically and mentally

i am smaller then who I should be

somedays i feel more candle than forest fire

bitty spots of light, wanting to roar, to rise, to burn

i am too small

to live, to breath, to comprehend

who i am going to be

— j.j. ♡

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Little Stars

They are the newest and brightest

That light up the sky

Source of the shine

Still alive and thriving.

Freshly pressed stardust

Into a fiery pulsating body

They foray into a galaxy

All new to them.

They are the sun

For planets not yet formed

They are my blinding lights

Tiny fury, my little stars.

- Vagabond Prophet

‘Little star,’ from @starlitpoems for day 23 of NaPoWriMo.


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“Less Hectic”

It’s less hectic here, if only just.

The birds that yesterday

were circling ‘round the boat

and howling sharp obscenities

have disappeared and left me here

alone upon the rocking sea.

I sing to myself

and the fish in the livewells.

The mackerel and the amberjacks

are, no doubt, sick and tired

after hearing me sing “Fiddler’s Green”

a hundred and some odd times,

but it’s my favorite shanty at the moment.

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