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Girl ‘Trying to figure out the world’

She is just a girl

Trying to figure out the world

Been through some sad and happy times

But giving up was never in her mind

Her expectations are broken several times

She cried she laughed

But she holds on to it no matter what

Many times she failed doing what she wanted to

But letting it go and living life as it is

Was never her option to choose

Once she set her mind on anything

Nothing can stop her from achieving

A girl with heart so soft

But having a strong will power is what she got

Living a life she had to live

Working day and night determine on one thing

That is fullfiling her dreams

To live a life she wants to live

She is just a girl

Figuring out how the world works. :-)

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Read good books instead of trying to read what’s inside their head. They’re empty and brainless men. If they loved you, you wouldn’t have to find an answer for that. You’d have known it exactly.

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I turn down other offers
As I sit here and wait for you to come back
The moon is full and bright this hallowed night
I should be shining alongside her
But I’m full of this darkness
This Vantablack soot which masks my persona
You were the only person who saw past the grime
And you told me you liked me for what was in my heart
When I didn’t even think that I had one
But I’m alone now, spending my days reminiscing
Sneering at gifts of bouquets of roses
I don’t need them if my soul is in bloom
I can’t let go of you
I can’t let go of you
I can’t let go of you

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Your hand against mine,
a minute I was given;
a life beyond the grass below us,
a time ahead of the present hours;

Your hand against mine
and spring became winter,
winter to summer
and then spring again;

Your hand against mine
and our breaths touched lovingly
in the way my heart outgrew my ribs
and reached beyond its limit;

Your hand against mine
and our future shatters
as fingers part,
palm to palm,
returning to our sides again.

Where our hands meet / b.b

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excerpts from my journal #1
It’s thunder-storming. It’s actually one of my favourite nature things.
I know it’s supposed to be dark and scary and all, but I love it. The ascending rumble and the dissipating clouds.
Maybe it’s also because I associate thunderstorms with lightning.
There’s a certain beauty in the supposed destruction of natural things. The way the sky parts and creates cracking lights. It’s all so mesmerising to me.
Perhaps I mainly like thunderstorms because they remind me of myself.
Dark, loud and the distant warning of a catastrophe.
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Still Red


I clawed far out of the dark

But not into a cerulean sky

This is Purgatory, not the Promised Land

and though

I am a dying star in reverse;

an ember embracing burst,

I am not without bloodshot eyes, my dear

If I squint I will spy a vulture circling, dark clouds

Cruel summers I endured, shredded

already moth-eaten skin

No amount of green tea or therapy can get those years back

And when it strikes again, it will be loud

Yet no matter what I contribute to saving my life,

it was no will other than my own that kept me alive

I mean, I still pick at my crusted scabs

Like it’s a double-dog dare in elementary school

Like I’m checking to see if my blood is actually red

It is still red, always red



I buzz more than burn! I drift! I consume!

I scratch at the same damn scabs


@wlwocpoetrynet // @maxmundan

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She whispers her secrets to the stars

Things she needs to be revealed 

She has no one else to tell

Tired of her heart being concealed 

Take good care of me, mother earth

I’m trying my best

Am i passing the test?

Who knows

That’s why I’ve come to the stars 

Hoping they’ll pass along the message that I’m trying

If you give me a break, just this once

I may even start flying

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I am the wind blowing in a mid-August overcast sky

Of the Big City I now consider my new home, new strangers to call my family

In here there’ll be new daybreaks and twilights to color a day

The coming Ber months’ cold may linger a while but it’s always a promise

The sun will come shining through after the rain washes everything clean

And then I’ll drift from street to street seeing the hustle and bustle of the city-bred folks

I’ll kiss them cheek to cheek and run the hell away

But of course there’d be no need for that, they don’t see me

I can do whatever I want, I can strip naked and dance anywhere in the concrete jungle

I can make faces to the guards at SM (No, they haven’t got it all; they don’t have me)

I can even stick my middle finger at the Lady Mayor like she will care anyway

I am the wind but I don’t have the smell of durian

Because I am from the southern Stone Fort and I am free now

There’s so much freedom in here I feel lost

My words stuck in my throat, I can’t say what I feel

I can barely shout where I am so you will find me

I can only manage a soft whisper of your name

A sound so vague you won’t ever recognize I’m calling you

I’m in so much pain to survive on my own

Happy thoughts are not enough to give me life

Does it cost this much to be free?

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New Star

Swift tales spun to see behind broken dreams.

Promises of what once was.

Empty lines through skies stretched by infinite time.

Or so was said til space showed its face.

Phased history now carried through the sands of time.

Deserted oceans tearing a broken ship.

Eternity held by stars till death finds its orbit.

Dragging all to hold dear life, yet the meaning is lost.

What can be said upon such an undertaking?

Venturing into chains of words hoping to never let go?

Blissful endeavors kissing sweet lips then lost by trailing sounds from parted memories.

Shaken, trembling, watered down in a puddle of emotions.

Finding solace in the darkness where one once was afraid.

What company can one find alone?

But see, distant stars shine amidst the empty, cold space.

You peer within, reaching deep until you see such light.

Hope breathes into an uncertain future and you begin to fly once more.

Feeling the warmth once more.

When love is gone it forms a black hole and yet through it all, a new star may be born.

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– an introduction–

From an inspiration of the mythology Cupid (Eros) and Psyche that characterized by the greek god and goddess Cupid, the god of love; Psyche, the goddess of soul.

Basically, this is a series of poetry which is based on such mythology and comprised with the play of words in accordance to the story. Everyday, I will be posting several stanzas regarding to the flow of the story until the end of it throughout the days because I thought this poetry is quite longer. I hope you support me in this!



yes, i wanted to give her the love she deserves.
yet, it seemed like i came down in my own verge.
BEHOLD! for you will be under my spell.
the arrows were boomerang and your beauty can tell.


precious creature, how long will you lurk in the dark?
the “soul’s” desire can be granted too far.
wanting you, OH!, my monster.
taste me ‘til death, i’ll break the vow ‘till i suffer

// intro //

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chasing rainbows.

“Some days I’m orange

And others,


But sometimes I’m even a very light shade of blue.

Periwinkle perhaps.

There’s a fluffy pink cloud with rain the color of the gleaming sun.

A shimmery gold.

but only there is something special about this cloud.

When the droplets fall and hit your skin

it feels magical.

like hope. and serenity.

A sprinkle that fills you with everything you wish to feel.

Eternal happiness.


There is always another side.

There is a pitch black air that sweeps in.

You can’t escape it.

And this darkness is like no other I say.

When it surrounds you, you cannot see.

You cannot feel.

And you cannot breathe.

You are consumed by a toxic void of confusion



You start to question.

you don’t know where to go.

Your memories

Your thoughts

Your existence

Piece by piece

It dissipates Into thin air.


You are gone.”


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I love your work

she said

upholding the tradition

you see’er of visions

treading the poets path

way of connecting

the world without

to what lies within

& like any slinger of words

I was happy to be flattered

about what I put down

but this?

hints of something darker

you see things others don’t

hold fast to truths

others dare not name

sleep with me

whisper your words in the night

& I will give you the world

which I never did

so she didn’t do that either

but I do know

these latter days

she will give you

a cut-price tarot reading

if you are on a budget

neil benbow

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I was waiting on the corner

we were gonna go do things

& you were late

as ever

& I was early

as ever

being bored

I was cloud watching

listening to the birds

anything to stop clockwatching

cursing our behaviours

as this old fella

in his electric buggy

came toward me

he bounced off the corner

to cross the road

& I heard him mutter

fucking road

fucking dips & fucking bumps

fucking state of it

a man has enough to deal with

with life as it is

& as he passed out of hearing

I could hear the litany

of his path

to understand properly

the idea

the unexamined life

is not worth living

neil benbow

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Someone who

I need someone like me

Someone who cheers me up

Someone who hugs me

Someonen who does not hurt me

Someone who never let me down

Someone who listen me

Someone who really wants me

Someone who really see me, feels me

Somelne who really care

Someone who will not make me cry

Someone who know how to handle

Someone who really want to talk to me

Someone who see me even i am hurt

Someone who cuddle me

Someone who can share feelings emotions

With me

Someone who is soft not to feel scared share it

Someone who really want to help, support me

Someone who can be really with me

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