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“Poets make pets of pretty, docile words: 

I love smooth words, like gold-enamelled fish 

Which circle slowly with a silken swish, 

And tender ones, like downy-feathered birds: 

Words shy and dappled, deep-eyed deer in herds, 

Come to my hand, and playful if I wish, 

Or purring softly at a silver dish, 

Blue Persian kittens, fed on cream and curds. 

I love bright words, words up and singing early; 

Words that are luminous in the dark, and sing; 

Warm lazy words, white cattle under trees; 

I love words opalescent, cool, and pearly, 

Like midsummer moths, and honied words like bees, 

Gilded and sticky, with a little sting.”

– Elinor Wylie, “Pretty Words”

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talk a little more

there is a world full of people

who’ve all gone through their own hardships,

who all have their past times,

who are all molded a way they are for good reason.

talk a little more

because with conversation

comes empathy



and understanding

of these different beings.

conversation eventually becomes


and you’ll wonder

how you ever felt so alone

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Langston Hughes

To fling my arms wide
In some place of the sun,
To whirl and to dance
Till the white day is done.
Then rest at cool evening
Beneath a tall tree
While night comes on gently,
   Dark like me—
That is my dream!

To fling my arms wide
In the face of the sun,
Dance!  Whirl!  Whirl!
Till the quick day is done.
Rest at pale evening …
A tall, slim tree …
Night coming tenderly
   Black like me.

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She is the heart that beats among the ghosts.
She is the star that lights abysmal skies.
She is the light of hope; the lantern’s post.
I saw the world collapse into her eyes.

With grace unmatched, she meets the moon’s lone light.
I am that which can only watch her there –
as, beaming face, she greets the black-winged night.
I am adrift – I watch her dance in air.

She is the face that I have seen in dreams,
as creeping shadows lurk amongst my mind.
She is the peace that only once I knew,
she is the solace I am urged to find.

And I have known her as the world was born.
She is the paradise to which I’ve sworn.

D.C Yost

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I once was told I’d go to hell for the people I associate with.

My response is Jesus hung out with the prostitutes and the tax collectors.

I am asked if I will join them.

Jesus never went into the brothel.

I don’t know how to pray.

My pastor says ask God.

Isn’t that a prayer?

How do I pray for a prayer to pray for myself?

I don’t understand.

The way I pray is not okay to man,

I pray with my Spirit but I’m supposed to in my flesh,

How do I pray for eternal things with flesh?

I pray with my Spirit I don’t know how to use my words

How do I pray at the dinner table?

Do I say bless this food to our body or say the Lord’s name on repeat,

I don’t understand.

The Lord speaks to me but I don’t speak to him like man,

So I can not tell you a thing I said.

He is my best friend,

But how do I address him, Lord, King, Father or friend?

I don’t know how to pray for others.

My pastor says ask Jesus!

Isn’t that praying?

How do I pray for a prayer to pray for myself?

How do I pray for a prayer to pray for others?

I just don’t understand.

I don’t pray with my words that are okay to the religious,

So I pray for the fleshly men

in Jesus name Amen

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Lenguhan itu semakin panjang, 
mengekor pada gigilmu yang menjelma 
suwung nan linglung: aku harus 
merasakanmu, melabas habis 
yang tersimpan di antara bibirmu 
hingga tak sadarkan diri

Ingin kukulum gemetar hebat di
tubuhmu. Menyeka bulir-bulir 
kecemasan yang luruh di antaranya: 
kau tak kan kurelakan sendiri. 


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I grabbed hold of it and my body absorbed the hopelessness like a sponge

Anxiety was just a side effect

My fear locked me away from the joy I wanted to feel.

Mom says I play victim

Yes that’s true

I am a victim to my own mind

But I won’t go crying for your help

I used to have depression

Does an addiction ever truly go away

I overcame it like a climber on mt everest

Slowly but it is the biggest accomplishment i’ve ever completed

My anxiety still knocks at my door like a joke

Laughing in my mind at my fears in time

My heart is a bottomless pit

Somehow it’s filled to the brim with love for everyone but myself

I’m still learning…

To fit self compassion in there

Will I ever run faster than my fears?


I will only run with them

So as they try to push me down I will somehow prove I am stronger

I can no longer hear the butterfly wings of my heart echoing off of my mind

My body is no longer hollow and still with time

I am no longer a mime trapped in an imaginary box of my thoughts

I broke free from a prison that never existed

Depression is addiction

And I’m still in the process of quitting

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What do we know of days of yore?
When clothed as lambs, did demons roam.
When gods and kings did wage their wars
under starlight’s celestial dome.

Above the thunder’s lonely groan,
did feet divine still walk each land?
Or was the face of God alone,
on winter’s snow and barren sand?

When it was said that God was seen
in wandering men and revelry -
out from the depths, a hopeful beam;
out from the stars, a gold city,

out from the clouds, a white-winged bird;
was then it known that truth was heard?

D.C Yost

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You’re going to fall in love again and that’s okay, you don’t owe him this loyalty for the zero effort he put in you.

And sometimes you’re going to be with your new lover and think of him. You’ll have a million memories rush to you. You’ll want to scream, you’ll want to cry. It’s okay if you go home, open the rusty box of polaroids you promised yourself you’ll get rid off. You’ll play a song that sounds of a heart being crushed into tiny little pieces, people will wonder why you listen to that tune when you’re happily in love and you’ll them you just like how it plays.

Sometimes you’d want to text your ex again. The boy who broke your heart over and over again. You’d want to go back, you’ll blame yourself for his mistakes. You’d think of him and casually slip him into conversations just to gather bits of what he’s been up to lately. You’d wonder what you two could’ve been. You’ll wonder if he too still thinks of you.

Sometimes you’ll look at your boyfriend, who you do love, undoubtedly but you won’t be satisfied because he’s not him, not the eyes you want to be lost in, not the arms that you want to be holding you.

You’re going to think of your ex again. You’re going to realise, again, that you won’t love another man the way you loved that boy, but you’ll be doing just fine without him. You’ll move on with life, but not completely from him, AND THAT IS OKAY.

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I was trying to be the better lover

prepared to give up everything I had

just to be with her

& looking back now it was madness

how subsumed I was losing myself in her

the femininity she held the new drug in play

had cracked open my head torn me apart

my mind lost in the storm of want & need

created around this half love

loser one way street

not understanding having failed to grasp

I was nothing but a side note on the meander path

to her true love


neil benbow

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Dropping books on the floor,

Chairs scraping into place

Clip your hair and mix it in

Peel off toenails, Rip out teeth

      Where we’re going, we won’t need beauty;

      We’ll need power.

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