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Insomniac Poetry

1:58 am

He breathes, evenly in and out, lying next to me tonight.

the rhythm of his heart soothes my soul, and things start to feel alright.

He puts his arm around me, and he kisses me on the head,

He helps me slay my demons, and he helps me fight the dread.

He shares my burdens with me, so I don’t carry them alone,

And if I need to call him, he’ll always pick up the phone

I love this man with all I am, I love this man with all I’ll be

I promise you, to love you too, and thanks for loving me.


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Nella notte, il silenzio

Mi aiuta e mi deprime

La luna mi accompagna, e mi deride

Si rispecchia nella mia iride

Lei silenziosa, mi implode dentro

Come fai tu, quando ti penso

Non la senti, ma forse se stai attento

La vedi al mio interno

Come le esplosioni nel firmamento


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Last Choice

I know I will always be chosen last

To be anybody’s friend

Because there are always better options.

There will always be groups,

But I’m outside them, unneeded,

And there will always be others,

Who are happier, more comforting, perfect,

Which I will never be.

So I will always be chosen last,

The unnecessary, unwanted friend…

If you can even call me that.

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That Flag

a poem


Men skulked in bushes on rainy nights,

Warring underneath the pale moonlight.

Some lost their brothers in those fights,

And raised up a new flag.


A new dawn lit their broken past,

The land was rescued from the dark.

Finding hope they dropped their arms

And looked upon that flag.


But as the sun rose through the day,

It scorched the earth and forced decay.

The solar noon increased their pain

And turned them from that flag.


They said the sun would never set,

But darkness soon found us again.

We lost our hope, we reached the end,

Ashamed of our own flag.

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i hate myself

if i could, i would take my skin

in between my two fingers

and slice it off.

i would cut and cut until all the fat just


maybe then i would feel beautiful

and maybe then i would be worthy;

but i can’t.

and so forever i must deal

with the fact i will always

completely and utterly

hate my body because all i see

is fat fat fat

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Parole di neo militante

Molti più ragazzi e ragazze iniziano ad informarsi e a non conformarsi in questa massa che vuole svendere la vera indennità europea.

Immigrazione, radical chic, lgbt ecc. Sono figurine in un mondo capitalista che divulgano una finta pace buonista in un mondo in fiamme.

Chiamate estremismo il nostro pensiero non conforme.

Ricordate che tra voi, intorno a voi ci sono vostri coetanei che non si sono arresi.

Siamo e saremo sempre figli di un disperato amore.

L'Europa ha sempre riscattato il suo onore e se tra 100 mesi o 100 anni, questo mondo cambierà, è bruceranno le vostre bandiere rosse e quelle arcobaleno, mentre forti nel vento si alzerà il tricolore e la bandiera nera.

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