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Character Development For Tex

A young boy, no older than twelve, sleeps. He is alone.

He tosses and turns, face contorting into several different emotions, none of which are positive.

He awakens, gasping for air.

It’s always dark in Spikemuth. He didn’t fear the dark itself, but what lurked in it. Fighting off tears, he shuffles out of his apartment, and dashes to the pokemon center. They’re always open. It’s not dark there- He’s not scared. Settling down in a booth, he whimpers.

“Oh, Tex… Again? Honey…”

Nurse Joy walks over to him, gently caressing his head. Tex simply nods and sniffles. His sudden visits at unholy hours have become a norm. Nurse Joy was the only parental figure he could rely on. He had no parents. Only Nurse Joy.

“How about you come on back and keep some pokemon company?”

The young boy blinks for a beat.


“What if they don’t like me..?”

Tex whimpers, shielding his face with his messy hair. He knows some pokemon are dangerous.

“Tex, don’t worry. I promise these ones won’t hurt you,” Nurse Joy coos.

Tex hesitantly takes her hand, and they walk back to the care center. Leading him to one of the rooms, Nurse Joy smiles warmly.

“I’m sure you’ll both get along just fine.”

Tex looks through the windows.

“It looks like… An egg? But…” He looks at Nurse Joy “It’s not a pokemon yet.”

The nurse only giggles, and points back to the pokemon.

“Look closer.”

Tex squints. He forgot his glasses at home.

“Hmm… Ah-! It has… feet!”

He smiles happily and giggles, quietly padding into the room.


Tex gently cradles the pokemon. He smiles.

“Hello, baby…”

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Could i make a request or headcanons for bede confessing their crush to a gender neutral reader??

Awww hunny!! In this house we love and Stan the fluffy fairy boy💕 I really hope you enjoy the head cannons!

Bede x Reader Confession Head cannons: Love at first…. play?






~ We all know Bede is low-key a tsundere, so when he goes to Opal to ask for some advice, she was taken back.

~She told him to give her a couple days, and she would get back to him. And that’s exactly what happened. We all know how her gym is like… a theater? Well, she got her other gym trainers to help rehearse.

~At first he HATED the idea, but as she explained it, he slowly began to like it more and more. So for the next week or two, he rehearsed. Opal would hear him early in the morning practicing with his Pokémon, he knew the script like the whole Ballonlea Woods.

~So the day came, Opal told the trainer to come to her gym, and wait outside her gym. So the trainer complied, and waited outside with their Pokémon.

~Their Phantump laying on their lap, as their Sylveon played with their starter, Intelleon. Centiskorch towered over the trainer, looking at the Chinchou in the trees. Kommo-o lay around the trainer, taking a nice nap. Or trying to, the fairies surrounding the dragon might it quite hard to. Toxtricity sat beside the trainer, playing with the cords on its chest.

~ Bede eventually walked out the doors of the Fairy Gym, only to the the trainer waving a little poke-toy at the stump Pokémon. He smiled softly, the trainer was just so kind and was just genuinely kind and caring.

“Hey (Y/N), I didn’t think you’d come..” he said, crouching down next to his best friend. “Oh! Hey Bede, what’s up?” They asked, grabbing their Phantump as they stood up, or tried to, Kommo-o’s tail preventing them from doing so. “Kommo-o sweetie, can you please let me get up?” The trainer cooed, petting the dragons forehead. The Scaly Pokemon huffed, and got up standing beside the trainer. Phantump still in their arms, the trainer asked “So what can I do for you today?” With an upbeat voice, bouncing on their heels. Bede’s face flushed, and tugged at the collar of his shirt.

“O-oh… I just needed you to help me with something in the gym, that’s all..” he stammered, looking down slightly, most likely to cover his blush. “Well let’s get to it then, shall we?” The Pokémon tamer asked, taking the creamy white haired males hand and rushing into Fairy Gym.

This was going to be harder than he thought…

“Why hello there (Y/N)~!” Opal greeted, walking up to hug the young trainer. “Hello Opal, it’s been a while hasn’t it?” (Y/N) said, hugger the old lady with one arm, since the other arm was pre-occupied by her new Eviolite holding Pokémon, Phantump. “So what’s this thing I need to help with?” (Y/N) asked. “You’ll see sweetheart..” Opal said, devilishly.

~ As you got your clothes on, you couldn’t believe you were tricked into a play! Why would she do this to you?! Although you can’t complain much… you got to be the one who got kissed by the main character of the play! Hopefully they’re hot… this is gonna be your first kiss after all! Might as well make it count!

~ As you waited back stage, you couldn’t help hit get butterflies in your stomach. That’s when your Toxtricity came up to you.

“Tooooooxx!!” (Don’t worry (Y/N), you got this!)

“I know Toxy! I’m just scared… what if I mess up?”

“Toxieeeehh!!!!” (Nonsense, you got this in the Repeat Ball!)

“Oh…- if you say so..”

“Tox!” (Go get em’!)

~You got your cue to get on stage, and as soon as you did you were swooped up on some rather masculine arms.

“(Y/N) (L/N), my dear, I hope you forgive me for tricking you into this, especially since it’s me, buuuuut…-“ he said,

“I’d love it if you’d bring me the life I need just like how fairy types do with the forest.”

“So please, be mine?”

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Information: For requests and everything else on this blog.

Hello everyone! So, this is just a list for you all to see what I write and what you can request. So enough from from me and on to the rules.

What I Write

  • Headcanons
  • Scenarios
  • OneShots
  • Canon Character x Canon Character
  • Oc x Canon Character

Sidenote: For Oc x Canon I will, most of the time, be writing for my Oc. If you want me to write for your Oc and their love interest, DM me their information after you make the request. Thank you!

Request Rules

Headcanons: These will be limited to four per request. These don’t need to be too detailed when requesting but make sure you specify whether you want to characters in couples or polygamous relationships.

Scenarios and OneShots: These will be limited to one or two per request and will be longer than the headcanons. Since when I write I sometimes get a little descriptive and seem to be longer than I first intended. Please make these requests as detailed as you can because I sometimes struggle to write from the top of my head.

Canon Character x Canon Character: I will write any combination of characters, whether that be Raihan x Leon, Sonia x Nessa or Sonia x Leon. I’m fine with any ship, so long as it’s not an underage character with a clearly older character. An example would be, Sword (Female Protagonists) x Leon. I will not write anything like that. Please keep requests to, two to three characters per request.

Oc x Canon Character: As mentioned before, this will be mostly to my Oc. However if you would like me to write for your Oc and their love interest; please send me their information by DM.

NSFW: I will not be writing any NSFW requests because of the following reasons. One: I am a minor. Two: I just don’t like writing anything sexual. If you’re looking for anything like that, please go and look somewhere else because you won’t find it here. But I don’t mind writing things like kisses, so long as they don’t get too heated.

Trigger Warnings: At the top of posts and in the tags there will be warnings for anything that might make people uncomfortable. If a post makes you uncomfortable and I didn’t tag it, please DM me and I will sort that out. As long as it’s within reason.

Who I Write For


  • Sword (Female Protagonists)
  • Shield (Male Protagonists)

Gym Leaders + Champion

  • Milo
  • Nessa
  • Kabu
  • Bea/Allister
  • Opal
  • Gordie
  • Piers
  • Raihan
  • Leon


  • Bede
  • Marine
  • Hop

My Oc and her love interest

My Oc is called Christina “Christa” and is the seventh gym leader of Garla. Christina is shipped woth Marnie. And I will make her bio at a later date for you all to see.

Final Words

Here are some final things from me. If you want to request anonymously that is fine, I will just DM you when your request is up. And I don’t tolorate any hate to those who request anonymously so please don’t go hating on anyone. You can request whatever you like so long as it fits within the rules I have made. So don’t be shy.

Happy Requesting Everyone!

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