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I thank everyone for their support and I will very soon have a pricing post for any and all commissions that anyone may want. However, I have one last thing in my stock, before my new shells come in. 


These beautiful Ice Blue Joy Cons. They need a loving and caring home. They come in either default grey buttons. 


or in the colored buttons.


The Switch itself is not included in the purchase. One thing to note is that the color seems to change in different lighting and shading. These Joy Cons do come with their reprogrammed colors however. 


These very cool Joy Cons can be yours for $110. 

Straps included in purchase, Switch is not. Get them before it’s too late. 

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Im still finding time to doodle the rest :3

I have more but slowly trying to get through them


Someone suggested milo milk and i…i couldnt

I think @dreepydrabbles anon’s found me and wanted me to contribute but i cant lewd milo that far

Im sorry 🥺

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So I know that tumblr isn’t that into competitive Pokemon but I wanted to share something that I thought was super cool. For those who don’t know this past weekend the Pokemon Oceania International was taking place. Basically one of the bigger tournaments in the Pokemon pro circuit. The winners get direct invites to the World Championships (this year in London). So it’s a pretty big deal to win one of these tournaments. The winner of the Junior division this year is this girl.


Simone Lim won this major tournament beating out Justin Miranda-Radbord, who was the #1 seed and overall favorite to win the tournament, at the age of 7. Not only was her opponent the favorite he was also older than her by quite a bit (I’ve seen people claim that he’s twice her age but since they’re both in Juniors Justin is at most 11, but still an impressive feat). Adding to the ever stacked odds against her, Justin wasn’t just the best in the tournament up until the finals, he is a 20X regionals champ, a 4X international champion and on top of all those achievements was the defending champion for the Oceania title. Simone Lim was a literal Pokemon protagonist, coming as the young underdog and managing to beat Justin in a very tough fifty-fifty decision. Her win was very well deserved and I wanted to get her the recognition she deserves for it. Congratulations to Simone Lim, the Oceania Internationals Junior Champion!

Here’s a link to her finals match. Give it a watch!

Here’s an actual professional player’s thoughts and summary on why Simone Lim is great.

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look i have a trainersona

- extra info -
- full real name is Katelyn H. Mai
- comes from a hidden, polluted city in the Hoenn region but didn’t catch pokemon until her parents moved to Kalos when she was 9
- still used to wearing a gas mask outside
- parents travel a lot, but she finally got to stay in Galar by choice

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Hhhhh w a i t I’ve got something. Piers with a s/o who is the psychic gym leader who most people can get spooked of because like,,,, they’re prolly dressed as a whole clown, lets be honest here and just. Comfort with Piers or something ??

I loved this….so much…….thank u, sweet anon

-; ✧˖*°࿐

Making friends was never your agenda. Since becoming the newest Psychic gym-leader, things were difficult. Your appearance was something that others  struggled with, especially considering you were the psychic gym-leader. Most people would’ve considered some splashes of pink or teal or even purple…but your outfit?


Thick, platform, combat boots were a necessity, as were the black fishnets that hid beneath them. You often wore a dark skirt that fell to your mid-thigh, and usually you’d wear some sort of graphic tee with a jacket, but as of late, leather has become your newest preference.

And no one could understand it; no one could understand you. But, truth be told, it was never something that really bothered you. All you needed were your companions and you were happy; and boy were you happy.

When you were younger, let’s say around fourteen, you met a boy with short, black and white hair, and a nervous smile. He was one of the only contestants in the gym challenge that actually approached you.

“Y'look so cool…" 

You never thought you’d end up dating said nervous boy, nor did you ever think you’d both share similar tastes in clothes, but here you lay, in his bed, curled into his chest. His arms hold you close, the fingers of one hand dancing along the curve of your waist, while the other lazily strokes through the lilac of your dozing Espeon. There is nothing but tranquility here—tranquility and love. 

People were never your strong suit, nor did you like to interact with them, but Piers was an exception. From that first compliment, your heart soared. Whenever you saw him you’d catch yourself staring, but only when he’d catch your line of sight and offer you a hesitant smile.

Even back then he was cute. 

Now your nose nestles in the crook of his neck and you breathe slowly, deeply, relishing in the warmth his body supplies you with.

"Remember when we first met?” You find yourself mumbling.

“Hmm… yeah, I think so.”

“You think?” Looking up, you rest your chin on his chest. “What d'you mean?”

You notice the way he hesitates, notice the way his eyes leave yours and a soft pink plays at the pale of his cheek.

“Well… I dunno. I saw ya plenty of times before I actually approached ya, y'know?”

You blink. “Nah. I didn’t know.”

“S-Stop teasin’ me like that!” he groans, soon fading into a soft laugh. 

“Why weren’t you scared of me?" 

Tipping your head to the side, your fingertip slowly extends to trace the outline of his upper lip. He smiles a little. 

"Nah… wasn’t scared at all, actually. Ya have this look, y'know? It’s like… Marnie actually showed me the meme, hold up.”

Your eyes widen a little. A meme? He knew what memes were? Unbelievable. How could you not have known? Honestly, you felt a little betrayed… 

It didn’t take Piers long to fish his phone from his pocket, nor did it take him long to bring up said meme. Your expression was blank as you read the text, but soon your face warmed.

“Ya can’t tell me it’s not true! It’s like… when ya on ya own, y'face is like…” He mimics the left-hand picture rather well; stoic, eyes narrowed, looking somewhat vexed. “And then when ya with y'little mons…” That’s when he mimics the right image, smiling softly, sweetly… Oh, how your heart throbs. “And I noticed that as soon as I met ya.”

“So embarrassing,” you fizzle, dropping your face into his chest. He can probably feel the warmth radiating from your cheeks right now… you hate it.

He laughs, carding a hand through your hair. “Babe, it’s cute. Don’t stress, yeah? You’re so cute.” Once his hand resides at your nap, you peek up at him through thick lashes, cheeks still dusted red. He’s smiling again. “And I love every side of you, y'should know that by now, dummy." 

A soft laugh leaves you when he books your nose. Craning your neck, you lean up and press a lingering kiss to his cheek, humming.

"I guess… but I’m glad, cause it’d be awkward if you didn’t love me back." 

-; ✧˖*°࿐

Ps this is the meme i was referring to and i can’t stop laughing because this is me irl……me before vs after seeing my friends..


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