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Any Piers HC's for the hungry?

Piers Headcanons (A general assortment):

  • He raised Marnie from being a teen. Their parents weren’t often around Spikemuth, having to travel for work among other things, so Piers quickly took up the role of her caregiver.
  • Due to this he is actually a rather good cook and very good with children. Though he never tends to cook unless his Gym Trainers beg him or Marnie is home. Even then he’s usually exhausted after a days work or gigs that he’s put on.
  • Generally he gets lazy after a long run of gigs and concerts, so food is basically whatever he can easily acquire unless his Trainers get him to eat properly with their own attempts at cooking.
  • A natural insomniac whenever he has inspiration. His head never meets the pillow when hes got an idea or flow in his head and he’ll stay up all night playing soft chords and singing until he has the song down to perfection.
  • Otherwise he tends to be pale from the lack of sunlight in Spikemuth. It’s basically an indoor city and when outside, it’s on the coast and basically just rains. A bit of a hermit unless Raihan comes to drag him from his hole.
  • Enjoys sweets. He and Marnie are sweet FIENDS and will find where you stashed the Mago Berry Cupcakes. Make sure you have a good hiding place for anything you really want to eat. He likes the Alcreamie Whipped Cream Biscuits brand if you want something to have with cups of tea.
  • Children either think hes terrifying or adore his Obstagoon. There is no in between.
  • Always makes sure to sign stuff for fans. He remembers being a young kid, bright eyed, and in awe of the gym leaders. He wants to be that for everyone else despite how he likes to bad mouth his own gym and city.
  • Obstagoon likes to mess with his guitars often and steals them to hoard in its nest. Piers has to rescue them FREQUENTLY but still adores the Pokemon and gives it a good head pat every time.
  • Catch him being disgruntled by Dynamax whenever someone uses it.
  • “Who knows ‘ow bad it is for the region?”
  • A giant but never next to Raihan. Raihan makes him feel VERY small.

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Nsfw headcanons for Raihan with a virgin s/o? Thank you!!

Omg I’m so hyped for this- I’m sorry this took me so long to respond to.

-Raihan is really a gentle soul on the inside. I feel like most people take him to be some crazed feral boy who constantly wants to give you back breaking sex, but I feel like the boy craves more than that.

-When first hearing that you have never gotten intimate to the point of losing your virginity before, Raihan instantly would get nervous. Raihan most like has had sex before, and most of the people he fucked had fucked before. So this was while new territory to him.

-Raihan would prepare himself hastily the night before he planned to act. He would text you a bunch, making sure you were really prepared to take part in such an affectionate act with him.

-He was slightly worried since he well, isn’t small in those areas. You were most likely smaller than him, meaning that it would be quite a stretch to attempt to fit into you without a little bit- a lot bit- of preparation.

-Raihan is what you’d call a freak in the streets and a softie in the sheets (when he feels the need to be.) He takes his sweet time in preparing your hole, making sure that he has proper lubrication before entering himself. Slowly, of course.

-He starts off quite slow, allowing you to tell him whether to go faster or slower by tapping once or twice on his arm. He begins by fucking you with only half of his length, not knowing if you were ready to take all of it yet.

-I see a lot of headcanons where he starts going in hard immediately, and I don’t take him for that kind of person. He’s a sweet soul, especially to you, considering that you’ve been together for awhile now.

-Since this is your first time, you orgasm rather quickly with the mans help. Him assisting your release by rubbing your clit and massaging your breasts lightly.

-Even if the boy did occasionally lose himself in the moment, he would correct himself quickly and apologize. In all honesty, this dork is just a concerned boyfriend who wants the best for you.

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