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Kind of disappointed that Pokemon home doesn’t seem to give any recognition to a completed national pokedex. I have all 890 Pokemon registered as well as most of the alternate forms, but nothing is happening. I would think it would at least give a special sticker, as silly as they are. I havn’t received the Magearna everyone’s been talking about either.

Am I missing something? It is 890 isn’t it?

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C’mon down to my Discord server (again– I’m advertising this AGAIN-) and maybe get a special role for yourself!! It’s mainly Pokemon related, but we do other silly shenanigans as well. It’s not very strict and is pretty flexible all around as well. Here’s the link:

My role is Leon for obvious reasons (once you get to know me lmao)-

Roles are based on characters mostly, yes- :D

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I’ve been looking at @crowned-grimmsnarl blog for a while now, and I absolutely fell in love with the idea of these modified pokemon subtypes. Eventually, I was struck with a wonderful Idea, and got the approval from them to make it! So meet Soft-Serve Alcremie!!

She was a joy to make, and I really hope you all like her! I might make an askblog for her if I ever have free time.

You can see the Chocolate and Strawberry forms too below!

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I would really like a shiny galarian zigzagoon and a shiny toxel, also looking for a shiny jangmo-o

I am offering the following shinies: wartortle, magikarp, mudbray, gengar, snorlax, gourgeist, eevee, drampa, abomasnow, krabby, manectric, quagsire, or araquanid

I also have a whole bunch of gmax Pokémon and meltan

Pls pls message me if interested !!!!!! 🥰

(I’m desperate pls 😭😩)

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