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Zondag 02-02-2020 is het Consumenten Inspiratiedag en is ETC Design Center Europe toegankelijk voor alle bezoekers. Aansluitend zijn de Experience beurs dagen alleen toegankelijk voor branche gerelateerden. Wil je naar dit interieurplatform met 90 exposanten stuur dan een PM voor gratis toegangsbewijzen.

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Hi! Im opening up my commissions again after a very long time of focusing solely on improving my art itself and my style! If you can’t commission me reblogging and boosting this helps a whole lot! I’m saving up to get myself a laptop and a few other things before i start college in the fall.

Basic Info: I only accept payment through paypal, you can contact me for commissions through dms here, dms on instagram(noctej) and my email ( I accept payment in advance before I start your commission.


$10 - Busts

$15 - Half Body

$20 - Full Body

Full Color

$25 - Busts

$35 - Half Body

$45 - Full Body

(For both kinds if you want a second character add half of the original price(two sketch busts are $15) for full body double the price)

What I WILL do:

Real people, Ocs, nudity and lighter explicit stuff

What I WONT do:

Furries, mechas, anything SUPER overtly explicit, super detailed backgrounds.

Again! Thank you so much for any support you give me it means so very much to me! -meg

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Hello! Everything is fine, don’t worry, thanks~

The break was long and difficult, partly forced, mainly due to a small but unpleasant personal crisis. Meanwhile, returning to work is always a pleasure.

I had difficulties with the development of style, which somewhat overshadowed my view of past works. I try to pull myself together, slightly change direction. Fortunately, I was able to improve the quality of my line and anatomy (it seems to me), and now I am considering other color solutions and issues of coloring work. In fact, now I feel good.

This character is my OС, which is the personification of the mage card. Most often, he appears to me as a personal impetus to work, so it seemed to me correct to redraw it again. The magician has always been a harbinger (or result) of important points in my work, therefore it is warm and pleasant to work with him. He is wonderful, and as a rule, I can always be proud of him. Although it does not attract much attention, it is of great importance to me personally. This work is part of the rest of the chain - you can look at my pencil drawing of the Magician card, as well as my first work in digital. At the moment, I have several projects related to him, including plan to make several sketches, working on a full-length drawing with clothing design. Secondarily, I also need to perform anatomical exercises, which, perhaps, I can also show in the future ;)

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Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans… back in the day folks loved comparing these two however they had different vibes. I remember a passage from Faith’s book where she talks about how she was marketed during her first album. If you remember Faith had the big suites on with the short/mid length blond hair, like Mary. Mary came out first so it looked as though Faith was copying her even though that wasn’t the intent. Later you notice Faith’s image change, and I’m glad it did. Musically i always thought Faith was a better singer but Mary brought on a new kind of r&b with a hip hop edge. Since Mary was the first to do this i feel she was recognized more, which is fine but i don’t like comparing the two. For me Faith is straight up r&b through and through and she’s got vocals for days.

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