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#positive memes

Ive seen quite a few people getting really mad about @positive-memes lately. I’m not sure if people are aware if they did something else, but I’ve mostly seen people angry that it posts screenshots of tumblr posts. If you are aware then please ignore this, but you guys know that @positive-memes is a bot, right? It takes the top posts from r/possitivememes and shares them here. When you see screenshots of tumblr posts, it’s actually because somebody posted it on that subreddit because it made them feel better, it got a lot of upvotes due to making more people feel better, and then the bot posted it here because it was one of the top posts. Popular posts from other sites are shared on tumblr a lot (for example, twitter posts), this bot just does the process automatically.

While I have you, here are some other tumblrs that just repost from reddit

  • Any that say shower thoughts, such as @showerthoughtsofficial
  • Most of the fact tumblrs, like @wtf-fun-factss and @did-you-know. The wording on these blogs is often awkward because, on the subreddit the posts come from, every post is supposed to start with “today I learned” or “today I learned that”
  • I cant remember the blog name but there’s a really popular life back blog that’s a bot. It’s the one with the solid color background and the number at the top
  • @shitty-car-mods-daily
  • A bunch of the writing prompt blogs
  • A bunch of others. You can tell because they only post one type of thing, they usually don’t respond to asks or comments, and they don’t (usually) post submissions

Please note: some of these might be actual people who are making the posts and not bots, but the concept is still the same. They take the top posts on a specific subreddit and post it here. The only difference is that they are more likely to respond to asks or comments/post submissions.

This is very important to know, imo, since this answers a lot of the top complaints I see about these blogs. They post the same things multiple times with slightly different wording because popular subreddits have an issue where people will do just that to get high-upvoted posts. The reason that they “steal” posts is because the post was shared to reddit and then shared back to tumblr. The reason the same blog often has two posts with two completely different points of view is because the posts were written by different reddit users.

I’m definitely not saying these blog types are bad, and I’m definitely not saying that you can’t be critical of what these blogs post. It’s just important to know what exactly you are interacting with.

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are you mentally unstable, have an unused notebook laying around and want to be actually be productive?

well i have a solution for you!

- write down something you’re proud you did today

- write down something you’re grateful of

- write down something you’re not happy about today

- write down a bad habit you want to change for yourself

- write down your schedule and what you want to improve

- write down your strengths

- write down your weaknesses

- write down something you want to achieve on a time stamp

- write and break down important parts in your life and how to maintain each of them

- write how you feel, into a poem, a song or a short story

- write memories you never want to forget

- write your favorite current things and quotes

- write a letter to your future self

- write a letter to your and past self

- write a “thank you” letter to people who helped you

- write a “sorry” letter to people you hurt

- write your goals when you grow older

- write an imortant reminder for yourself

this is one small way to organize your life a bit and help your mental health. you can see where your progress is and how to keep going. later on, you can reread every thing you wrote and see how far you’ve gone!

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