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Just gonna dump some love on ya to help you feel better ❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟

Rena have I ever told you how much I appreciate you because if I didn’t I’m gonma fucKING DO IT NOW;;;;;;I APPRECIATE YOU FOR BEING A SWEETHEART CONSTANTLY AND I’M SO GLAD THAT I MET YOU

Imma send some love back to you now(and to anyone else who needs it today) ❤💙💓💚💛💙❤💚❤💚💕💗💜💙💛🧡

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2019 has been a true rollercoaster when it has come to my health, yet I have worked hard to keep positive and to work through this list I found recently. I have learned so much about myself with each 8 things that I have chosen to quit in my life period. Trying to please others was definitely the number 1 thing I was doing in my life. I wanted others to be happy because I thought it would make me happy. I was wrong. Yes I love to make others happy but I had to remember that I needed to be happy first. How could I do it for others when I couldn’t even do it for myself?! How could I please you when I wasn’t even listening to what I needed to please me?! That was a big question that I had to break down and analyze completely. I learned so much during the first few weeks of really breaking down why I wanted to please others more than myself. I didn’t want anyone to be upset if I couldn’t perform or do as they asked so I pushed myself on all levels to the limit, only to crash and burn. And where was those who I was trying to please so hard?! Not at my hospital bed at all. The biggest lesson I learned was why make myself convenient for those who wasn’t doing the same for me! I let go those people very quickly. It was a bit painful, yet it felt good to have what seemed like a heavy weight off my shoulders. I did fear change at one point in my life yet recently, I’ve learned to welcome the changes because it is shift to better days ahead even when I can’t see it just yet. Overthinking I can say I’m still working on and through. I’m in my head a lot especially with the health stuff as well as my mental health and relationships I have with others. I’m learning that when I see myself start to overthink, I go find a quiet place to meditate. Just taking 5 to 10 minutes to breath and clear my mind helps me instead of heavy analysis the situation, put it down and do something that will bring me peace. Once I feel that peace then if it is meant for me to tackle the situation then I have a more clearer head and heart to do so. If not, I totally leave it alone. Let it go and move forward on something else. I have always accepted the fact that I am different, but living with EDS really have you feel and live in a bubble because some days you are good and some days you can barely get out of bed or have to use a walker or wheelchair. Learning more about what my body can and can not tolerate has been getting through that fact that I’m different and I love me regardless how anyone else feels about me. I know I have a purpose just like you! I know it you may feel like what could my purpose be especially being chronically ill. Your purpose could be showing others that you are still living your best life even though your body may have other ideas. That despite your good days and your bad days you still share yourself with the world. Maybe sharing your health struggles could be helping someone learn that they maybe having the same difficulties and just haven’t found the name for it. You could be even saving a life! Know that you are good enough despite how this society might make you think you are not! You are here for a reason and make everyday as positive as you can. I hope that this blog helps those who needs it because it is sure helping me with sharing my emotions, thoughts, information, etc with you!! Keep fighting!!

Ana 🦓💖💪🏾🌈

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