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#positive thoughts

Remember my loves!

Remember to drink some water!

Have you eaten yet? Please remember to eat.

Don’t forget about that tea you made.

Remember to fill your well, do something that makes you happy and brings you joy.

Take a break and relax, it’s not selfish is absolutely necessary!

So many times I give readings of gods reminding many of you to either rest, eat, drink, fill your well and the like. So this is my gentle reminder that you are loved, cherished and extremely precious to the Universe and the Stars above. Every god and goddess and those betwix wish for your highest happiness and love you with all their hearts.

I send you much love and relaxing, dreamy energy!


Originally posted by moontiara-stardust

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Sometimes you persevere, you are determined, you continue hoping for the best and you remain positive but things are not always as one would like. Read, still read, always read to try to understand each other, to never fall into the negative, not to give up, not to remain isolated, to find the courage to go to others, not to say that one is bad, that it is not you the problem but it is part of the life. Any small or big difficulties that are part of the life learning I am trying to learn to be a better person.

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As pretty as a flower, will I ever get to see you blatantly? A ray of sunshine hitting your soul, I can see your true beauty. Universe of flaws but I’ll still dive in to your galaxy. You’re something that I want to study, loving you would be a privilege to learn. You are my biggest worry and my smallest bean of loss.

You’re not to be possess, you belong to your own self. Show the world your beauty, princess. I swear, the world deserves someone like you.

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But there’s a scream inside that we all try to hide

We hold on so tight, we cannot deny

Eats us alive, oh it eats us alive, oh

Yes, there’s a scream inside that we all try to hide

We hold on so tight, but I don’t wanna die, no

I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die, yeah

And I don’t care if I sing off key

I find myself in my melodies

I sing for love, I sing for me

I shout it out like a

bird set free

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i am patient like the water that shapes the beach glass, and i am brave as the beach glass that is being shaped under such immense influences. this means, i am both the most adaptable and massive force on earth, and one hella soft and funky treasure that someone finds on a sunny day at the beach

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Never wanna distance myself from you but falling for something you can’t have is a pain of its own category so you’ll see me less but I’m always there if you need me. Never letting my emotions get in the way of being your friend first. Happiness is all I want for you in every meaning of the word. I see the passion you put into everything you touch and even though I’m not benefitting from it, I appreciate you every scar every tear and every sleepless night. Wishing I could be the one to match those efforts and show you the appreciation you deserve but it’s ok I’ll continue to admire your hard work and beauty from a far. Kiss your hand and forehead to show you I care even if it’s a distance. You’ll continue to invade my dreams and bring me smile even if the reality will never be as sweet. I’ll be ok as long as the one you desire realizes what I do and brings you true joy.

Always your friend whenever you need, Carrington

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Working hard

Despite my computer being broken, I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes.

  • So much new stuff coming to the Etsy shop!
  • New payment options!
  • Tarot readings coming soon!
  • Wallpapers for your phone, for FREE!

And a few other surprises I want to keep secret. So make sure you are following, you’re not going to want to miss a single thing!

Thanks for the support!

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