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Anti-Blackness in the psychotic community

I’m not going to say much, in this post, but I’m opening this post up for Black psychotics to share their experiences.

I’m Caucasian. Periodically, I make posts about, supporting, or even just using stock image picture of Black psychotics. Every. Single. Time. I do this, I lose followers. My therapist is an African-American woman, and when I brought to her attention her response was a sarcastic, “tell me about it”.

I feel that we, the psychotic community, need to address the anti-Blackness that exists among us. I’m just not entirely certain how to do that. What do you all think?

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hi! i love your blog!! could you make one that says “the only wasted life is one you spend hating” with a meadow or a soft nature background? thank you so much!!

I love doing these so much not only because my followers like them, but sometimes they say exactly what I need to hear. Thank you so, so much for sending me this today 💕💕

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Minimal Effort

Yesterday I celebrated Earth Day by cleaning up a stretch of highway ditches near my home and then flying the new shark kite Chris and I rescued (another story for another day). I know sometimes it might seem like you are just one, small person who can’t make a difference, but even just putting in a minimal amount of effort helps a bad situation be better. The area around my home is that much more beautiful and clean now because of a small amount of effort I put in. This can apply to many aspects of life, especially for those dealing with depression and other mental illness. The smallest amount of effort is still better than doing nothing. Please try and hold onto that thought - it’s something I remind myself of every day and will continue to talk about on this blog.

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speak it into existence. i will recover, i will meet new people, i will recover, i will fall in love, i will recover, i will achieve my dreams, i will recover. i will be happy again. i will recover.

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Still trying to make #WIPPositive Tuesdays a thing lol.

THIS week I want to know five things about your WIP that you enjoy!! I’ll start:

  1. Family relationships! They’re everywhere in Dark Lightning! You thought Cloudless Rain had a focus on family? Dark Lightning takes it up to 11.
  2. Getting to see Baltan from Eureka’s perspective, and seeing firsthand how Eureka thinks of/feels about him. (Turns out he thinks Baltan’s dry, sarcastic remarks are hilarious.)
  3. Azzie! Growing up! Having teen angst! But not too much!
  4. Camping! I love camping and now my characters get to go camping, kind of! I mean, they have a lot more stakes in their camping trip since, y’know, plot… but camping!
  5. Azzie and Andi’s relationship is just so adorable. I love how they feel like they’re being soooo sneaky when they *gasp* hold hands when they’re alone together.
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(@wolvesofarcadia) 🍌🍎🥝!!

Thank you for the ask @wolvesofarcadia!! ❤️

🍌 I want to pick your brain about your creative process

🍎 Your world-building is incredible

🥝 I want to see your story made into a movie or TV series

Aww thank you so much Kayla!! This was really sweet of you, and you are always welcome to message me if you ever want to talk about writing (or about anything, really)! 

Fruit Ask Game

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