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VERY important life tip: Find Good Friends

In highschool I considered a group of girl’s as my best friends. They never made time for me, excluded me a lot and only planned on what they wanted to do. After graduation I told them I didn’t want to see them anymore. Our friendship lasted four years.

In college I had a group of friends who depended on me for rides, had me pay, and only occasionally checked up on me. I told myself “it’s better than before.” Our friendship lasted two years.

Present day, I have a small group of friends who check up on me often. We eat after work, get each other’s bills, always keep everyone involved, and always consider each other. Just a couple days ago they came over with flowers and pizza because I was sick. We had known each other for 8 months.

Again, make good friends. Don’t settle for less. It’s very important to be around people who love you.

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Throwback to @ADTR at the #houseofblues the night before I asked @frankiskene to marry me. Easily one of, if not, the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Had such an amazing time with two of my most favorite people in this entire galaxy. I’m so unbelievably blessed #love #happy #adtr #concert #orlando #thanksgiving #drunk #af #adaytoremember #monument #positivity #pma #pushingforward #everythingistemporary #enjoyitwhileitlasts #lovethelifeyoulive #livethelifeyoulove #blessed #tooblessedtobestressed (at House of Blues Orlando)

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It’s fine to like Red/Blue/Green/Yellow

It’s fine to like Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

It’s fine to like Black/White

It’s fine to like X/Y/Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

It’s even fine to like Sword/Shield

It’s fine if your favorite type is Fire, it’s fine if your favorite type is Dragon, it’s fine if your favorite type is Fairy, it’s fine if your favorite type is Ice/Rock/Bug.

It’s fine if your favorite pokemon is Charizard/Mewtwo/Pikachu, and it’s fine if your favorite pokemon is Diggersby/Masquerain/Liepard

It’s fine if you play for fun, it’s fine if you play weird challenge runs, it’s fine if you play competitive, it’s fine if you play to 100% the game or complete the dex, and it’s fine to play for the side-content like contests and musicals.

It’s fine if you play all the games, it’s fine if you only play main series, it’s fine if you’ve only played one spinoff game, and it’s fine if you’ve only watched the anime.

And for goodness sakes it’s fine no matter what version of the generation you pick or what boxart legendary you prefer.

We don’t have to be enemies over what you like in Pokemon, what matters is that we can all have fun and discuss what we like about the series. We don’t have to be elitist about such affairs when, really, we can just be friends.

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To all the guys who get made fun of for being short,

It doesn’t matter that you’re a short stack of pancakes. You’re still a stack of pancakes and are delicious and beautiful and handsome as such.

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Just wanted to say, thank you so much for your support. You have no idea how much you’re all helping, even with a simple message. So thank you x

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Have a great day today everyone!!! I believe in you, today is gonna be great!!! Sending good luck to anyone who needs it- you got this!! Make today yours!!

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