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Personal growth.

So I’m slowly getting to that point in my life where I’m starting to get past a few of the larger stressors- coursework, exams, other school-related stress -and I can finally work through old pain. Without getting into anything in the past, some experiences have left me unable to enjoy a lot of things I use to be very interested in, and I have really come to regret the loss of focus on those things. But I’ve been able to remove a few of the tags I had filtered, I can see the content on my dash and smile about it instead of falling into memories that I had pushed into places I can’t reach. This is growth, I am slowly getting better, this is the first step in the direction of recovery. I’m proud of myself.

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Close up:

A little bit diva, self titled queen, always laughing. Always looking so strong, so confident. But always been sensitive, with way too much love to give.

Too emotionnal, too impulsive. Got dumped many times for it, hurt too easily.

But what can i say?

I am whole. I am me, and i am far away from being perfect, but i am my own kind of perfection.

Today is my birthday, it is not how i expected it so far, not what was planned.

But isn’t it the most beautiful gift on earth to be twenty three, and to be alive?

I am proud to be me, and i know i am incredible and unique, and writing my first book is the most incredible thing about me at twenty three. And i am so proud of all of this, so fucking proud of me.


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They will mock us and call us names, and murder our sisters, they will rape us, they will pretend we’re collectively overreacting, they will parody us, call us feminazi, man hating lesbians, terfs, bitches with daddy issues, SJWs, they will take pictures of us as we walk by and make fun of us with each other, they will try to control us. But ultimately no matter how hard they try to bring us down and belittle us, we’re gonna be cherishing each other, heal with other women, grow old with other women, and love each other. We’re going to be okay

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Hi my friends!

I posted a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Video as well as a ritual. The energies of these cosmic events are still strong even up to 4 days after the event so this ritual can still be done and these energies can still be harnessed. Check it out!

✨sending you so much love and light

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My Motivational Quote

Love yourself like your favorite song, love yourself like your favorite book, love yourself like your favorite game, love yourself like your favorite movie, love yourself like your favorite TV show, love yourself like your favorite time of day, love yourself like your favorite foods, love yourself like your favorite holiday, love yourself like your favorite hobby, love yourself like your favorite skill, and love yourself like your favorite season! Love yourself like all your favorite things that surround you in life! If you can “love” all these things, you can and you are able to have love for yourself too!😃😁😄😊🥰😍😎💗❤💓💕💞💘💖💝👏👍👏👍👏👍👏👍

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