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#prince au

genre: fluff at some point, a little funny??, prince au

word count: 2470

warnings: blood, gun violence (one shot fired), (it’s not very detailed but it’s there), mentions of sex

a/n: for some reason everytime i write for jihoon it’s super long jzhgdzjhg


● jihoon wished you would shut up

● which you’d understand if you were blabbing like prince soonyoung

● but your job made it kinda hard NOT to talk to jihoon

● you were the daughter of a high government official

● and you were following in the footsteps of your mom, by overseeing laws made by the royal family

● and also by advising the crown of laws they could make to improve the life of the kingdom

● and since prince jihoon was getting ready to be crowned king, he was already given the responsibility of making laws

● you’d seen first hand what some of the people were going through

● although crimes weren’t that big of a problem (your mom and the king had passed enough laws for the people to think twice about committing any crime)

● poverty was one that broke families apart and even started to take a toll on the economy of the kingdom

● and you had so many ideas to try and improve their lives

● the downside was that you had to talk to jihoon so he’d provide insight and actually submit the laws

● and prince jihoon hated it so much

● jihoon likes to be alone

● all the time

● so he avoided his staff as much as he could

● and jihoon loves to sleep

● and he’s also a terrible morning person

● but as future king, there’s no such thing as sleeping in

● the entire staff dreaded waking him up

● pls save them

● they thought it was a literal chore

● “rock, paper, scissors, the loser wakes up prince jihoon”

● so when you started barging into his room at 7am while the staff was deciding who would go in and wake the prince up, they felt so relieved

● so now you woke up jihoon on a daily basis

● “okay so i was thinking…”

● and the prince is irritated to no end

● one day you came to your mother’s office to review a few law requests

● and there was one from jihoon !!!

● (he rarely submits any)

● “y/n cannot speak nor approach prince jihoon for five to twenty minutes of his choosing each day”

● you laughed, albeit bitterly

● but boy almost hates you as much as soonyoung

● which is funny because soonyoung is a good friend of yours as you’ve helped his kingdom for a few months

● he has so much trouble trying to get rid of other princes

● for some reason??? they think jihoon’s kingdom is a good place to chill

● received a snap from prince seungcheol, from just outside the palace at the window

● creepy mf

● has once locked you in the dungeon

● the staff was so confused but so conflicted because your mom scares them but jihoon is the prince and his parents are the king and queen

● but you found it funny

● because you once locked jihoon in the dungeon too

● no one even noticed because he hides so much from the staff that they assumed he was hiding again

● has also locked you and prince soonyoung in the dungeon at the same time


● “for annoying people like YOU”

● worst decision he ever made

● because that’s when soonyoung became your best friend

● (you also befriended soonyoung’s future wife who had so much trouble keeping him in his own kingdom)

● soonyoung now texts jihoon privately too

● he mostly told him to listen to you

● another reason jihoon wanted to lock you in the dungeon:

● you always kept finding him????

● how????

● not even the staff could find him

● at some point (none of you notice) he stops being irritated when you come see him

● he still wouldn’t talk to you but at least he wouldn’t grumble and groan at everything you said

● sometimes he’d smile !!!!

● and if you pointed it out he’d scowl and go back to being expressionless

● while all of this occurs

● tension grew between the wealthy class and the poor class

● so jihoon had to listen to you now

● and so one day you were walking the public royal garden with jihoon

● (which now seems like it was a terrible idea but the people knew who you were so being seen with jihoon was a good move when public relations had purposely spread rumors of the crown working on laws to improve the life of the lower class)

● suddenly someone in the garden screamed at the two of you

● they were clearly angry and they were talking about laws to help people like him

● and before the guards accompanying you could react, the man fired a weapon in your direction

● which was originally aimed at jihoon

● but hit you instead

● the bullet hit you in the arm near the shoulder, went right through

● panic spread so fast that it took them a second to realize it was you who’d been shot

● the screams from everyone had kinda drowned yours

● jihoon was the first to hear you and he almost flipped

● just as a guard laid eyes on you (and all the blood dripping down your arm)

● (finally)

● so they rushed you to the nearest hospital

● whatever went through jihoon’s mind, his entire demeanor changed

● you think you blacked out because you can’t really remember anything from after being shot

● like it was so surreal to you

● so now you’re in a hospital bed, your arm hurt as fuck and you still don’t understand how tf this happened

● jihoon was sitting next to your bed when you woke up, on his phone trying to calm down all the princes who had seen the news

● “you look like someone died”

● (for a second prince jihoon imagined his life without you in it, and not only was it boring but it was also lonely)

● “you almost did”

● “but i didn’t”

● “but you almost did”

● “but i didn’t”

● he wanted to kill you for a hot second

● “yeah well you still got shot

● and it’s so obvious that it bothered and affected jihoon

● but before you could say anything else, prince soonyoung barged in

● a nurse tried to stop him because “prince soonyoung you can’t risk startling a patient”

● but soonyoung barely heard the poor nurse


● he hugged you but it hurt you so he apologized

● and then he started hitting jihoon????

● lightly hitting because well soonyoung doesn’t really have a death wish

● still very brave of him to even touch prince jihoon

● the prince’s patience was running so thin


● to get him off jihoon’s case, you pretended your arm hurt more

● and it worked lmaoo

● because soonyoung immediately came to dote on you and make sure you were okay

● jihoon didn’t know and even he glanced at you worriedly before seeing your face

● your “i’m up to something” face

● and then you have like five princes in your room

● two of them being soonyoung and jihoon

● and the others were princes you’d advised on some laws

● prince minghao, prince wonwoo and prince chan

● you made one joke about being shot and everyone scolded you

● “who do we kill”

● “i need a name and a description”

● “i have royal hitmen on speed dial”

● “i already ordered his execution”

● jihoon said it so calmly?????

● it’s when he said it that you realized you were looking at him and him at you

● all the princes turned to him

● because

● that’s not really how it works here and even they know that

● the shooter would definitely be charged, but there was a protocol to follow

● and by ordering the man’s death, prince jihoon completely overlooked that

● (cough he did it for you cough)

● the princes tried to tell him

● but all jihoon replied was “he’s lucky i’m not the one executing him”

● and well it’s jihoon so would he ever admit he did it because he was angry because he almost lost you

● well surprise !!!! because he did admit to it

● the man was long found and killed 

● you had joked about prince jihoon killing to avenge/protect his people

● and he had muttered that it was just you and that he’d do it again

● which shouldn’t have been such a big surprise to you since you’d seen the look in his eyes when he had said he had ordered the execution

● oh and jihoon’s parents were pissed like seriously pissed

● a struck of luck would have it that the shooter’s actions had been so dangerous (not just for the crown and the royal court but also the people) that public relations released an immediate statement about executing the shooter as soon as he was found

● anyway so like “it’s just you though, and i’d do it again for you”

● !!!!!!!!!

● he then submitted a law that stated you should never be allowed outside of the palace’s premises without at least two royal bodyguards

● which your mother approved of, but not as a law lmaoo

● but it touched you that he cared enough to give you big men to protect you

● you teased him so much for hinting at him liking you

● and he tried to submit another law that said you weren’t allowed to talk about his feelings for you

● which !!!! actually proved to you that he did have feelings

● “you do realize my mother’s office deals with important laws right?”

● and you had the request for the law in your hand, neatly written, with the prince’s seal at the bottom

● he sat at his desk, nose buried in paperwork

● and you had a shit-eating grin on your face, leaning against his desk

● “i’m glad you’re admitting you like me though”

● the prince blushed madly and you tore up the official paper

● jihoon was almost offended as he watched the pieces dropping on his desk

● but that was okay

● because you then leaned across his desk and pecked his cheek

● it was funny because while your mother was very wary of the relationship you two began to share, the king and queen actually supported it

● your family was well respected across many kingdoms

● and it would be a plus for them to have you stay as your mother moved on to another kingdom

● it’s when the queen started pressing you and jihoon into making an announcement about getting engaged that jihoon thought

● ‘i do wanna marry her’ and that no one could be a better future queen than you

● so he did what he thought would make you both laugh at how ridiculous it was but also make you happy

● he submitted a law stating that he was to marry you at the date and location of your choice

● the squeal you let out scared tf out of your mom lol

● and she was even more confused when you ran out of the room but you’d tell her later

● it was morning

● and prince jihoon did not expect you to be reading it so early in the morning

● so when you barged into his room at like 7am he just groaned and told you to go away

● “prince jihoon, prince jihoon, prince jihoon, prince jihoon, prince jihoon”

● “let me sleep or i’ll call the guards on you”

● to be fair, you were extra annoying on purpose, bouncing on his bed and everything haha

● “jihoon~”

● he groaned again and covered his head with his covers

● which you found adorable

● your grumpy prince

● “come back in five hours”

● so unreasonable

● so you got up to leave and you were about to

● but who would you be if you didn’t tease him more? haha

● “hm i don’t know if i’ll still want to marry you in five hours, but suit yourself”

● and of course you were out of his room before he had time to process your words

● you greeted the staff on your way back to the office

● behind you people gasped and you could hear running?

● (i mean the staff hadn’t seen the prince running since he was a kid and some had never seen him run at all)

● so your words did have an impact

● although you did not expect the prince to trap you into his arms in the middle of the hallway

● “nevermind the five hours, please marry me”

● you were going to tease him a bit more

● but hearing the words coming out of his mouth rather than being written on paper kinda did things to you

● honestly you almost squealed again

● but you kept your cool and told him you’d marry him right now if he wanted to

● which he almost took to heart because he said let’s go

● you stopped him because there was no way the two of you would be getting married right now

● so he invited you to breakfast

● you had already eaten

● but you said yes regardless

● on your way to breakfast, you stopped by your mom’s office, leaving prince jihoon outside for a second


● jihoon totally heard you and so did the staff walking past the prince

● he was so red lmaoo

● it was a tiny bit worth it

● you talked less and he hid less

● well at least he hid less from you

● the staff still struggled to find him, and he usually was with you

● as for you talking his ear off, it started to become a telltale sign for your nervousness and stress

● e.g when your work was stressing you out

● when you were trying to make surprises for him (birthdays were Not surprises rip)

● or when you got pregnant

● which is how he found out

● you had started advising him more than usual about laws

● just nervous blabbing about the future of children

● most of them were about protecting children, laws for orphans, laws for school

● and he kinda just put two and two together

● jihoon’s parents found it so funny that you got pregnant before the two of you were even king and queen

● parenthood had its ups and downs and both you and jihoon were relieved that you could raise your little one before being crowned

● jihoon didn’t think he could handle being a king and raising a baby

● by the time you were crowned your little prince was almost 10 years old and the two of you tried to avoid making a second one lol

● at the end of the day, if you were to be pregnant again, jihoon would be happy regardless

● around his third or fourth year of being king, jihoon developed baby fever

● him and his son both being only sons played a huge part in wanting to have another kid

● (he literally brought it up when you were having sex)

● “wouldn’t the gap be too wide between the two?”

● “let’s have two more then”

● you grumbled about being the one carrying the children for nine months

● but you ended up having two children anyways lmao



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genre: fluff, tiny bit of angst, prince au

word count: 1762

warnings: none that I can think of???

a/n: HI GUYS i’m so sorry for posting and leaving for 8567 days and then posting again and repeating the cycle ejfhejkrh, i have stuff prepared and series planned but i usually like to finished them before starting to post, but then i post anyway and have to make you wait bc i don’t have the inspiration to write

BUT ANYWAYS enjoy seungkwan’s au hehe


● “NO GIRLS ARE DIRTY” - prince seungkwan at 6 years old

● his parents were already tired

● seungkwan was a good boy, the best boy even

● except when it came to talks of marriage and spending his life married to a girl

● it was a mistake on his parents’ part to have told him when he was a kid

● but lots of kings and queens from neighboring kingdoms had done it and it had gone well

● but not for seungkwan

● he refused to spend time with his wife to be and even went as far as to drench the poor girl in milk

● growing up, seungkwan refrained from doing stuff like this (because he was a grown man now)

● but he never stopped fighting his parents on the matter

● his parents ended up giving up on setting him up with this girl he never even called by name

● he was a bit harsh

● but he hated the idea of having his life set out for him and not having a say in it

● moreover he didn’t even wanna get married, not until he was at least 30 years old and his mom scolded him saying he’d be too old by then

● and so without having ever announced that seungkwan would get engaged to the daughter of a king of another country, the poor girl left the palace

● and for a while he thought that his parents had abandoned all together

● boy was he wrong

● here you come

● brought in by his parents

● they thought your calm personality would help soothe seungkwan’s, they found you so polite and nice

● seungkwan, a grown man, 20 years of age, suddenly went back to his childish ways in an instant

● stomping his foot and everything

● looks mad mad

● when you witnessed this, you thought ‘oh great’ what did the Boos had gotten you into

● and you disliked the way he talked to his parents so much

● so when the introductions were done, his mother thanks you for being patient with his tantrum

● seungkwan really thought he could get away with it because the moment you yelled at him to catch his attention

● he got scared, like for his life scared, but only for a second

● because you don’t really look intimidating

● until you opened your mouth to yell at him some more


● and then he got scared again

● because why were you yelling at him??

● and when he raised his voice at you to say he didn’t want to get married

● hmmm, big mistake


● and he was so appalled by the way you talked to him

● to him, a prince

● when the door opened and a staff came in he was shocked

● “did you not hear that?”

● and the staff got flustered because what was he supposed to hear

● his mother came in and he asked the same question


● his mother gave him a look and turned to you too but you smiled and waved your hand

● seungkwan appalled times 73273

● “WOAH”

● can’t believe what happened

● it went on for way too long

● seungkwan tried to find ways to sabotage the announcement (which happened the day you came to the palace)

● and he kept throwing tantrums

● there was no way you would take his shit ever

● no one would believe him when he’d say you yelled at him and you found it so funny

● threatened to record or film you

● always forgot to do it

● his parents were preparing the engagement party and really wanted your input and your personal taste to make it your engagement party

● so you were about to hold a meeting for it

● but suddenly an emergency came up and it turned out that seungkwan had let guard dogs on the loose inside of the palace

● as well as two horses, who were panicking

● meeting cancelled

● seungkwan happy

● but you knew it was him

● as soon as you were alone you yelled at him again about being a brat and sabotaging days of hard work

● he just stared at you, the usual look gone from his eyes

● and he realized that fuck you’re kinda hot when you yell at him

● he blurted it out loud and you hit him so hard he screamed

● you tried so very hard to find him redeeming qualities

● which wasn’t hard at all because for every dumb thing he did he had two qualities to make up for it

● you watched him take umbrellas to all of the staff working outside

● you watched him helping the kitchen staff with carrying stuff

● you watched him be a good son to his parents

● things actually started to change

● you didn’t really notice it because seungkwan was still annoying and he didn’t because he still tried to be annoying

● but the staff did

● he didn’t throw tantrums anymore

● an actual first

● he still fought his parents about marriage but his arguments lacked something

● he was doing it out of habit

● i mean he had fought against it for his entire life since he’d learned he was going to marry someone

● he started teasing you, poking at your sides during dinners and trying to embarrass you (just a little)

● you started nagging him for messing with you and everyone thought it was cute

● they still had no idea you how much you yelled at him for being a pain in the ass

● that’s when you started to feel uneasy

● why were you even here when he clearly didn’t want this

● (that’s when it all goes downhill and his parents are stressed as hell)

● you had yet another meeting but you didn’t feel like going because well, you knew seungkwan would sabotage it again

● truth is you didn’t have the heart to handle any more of his childish rants

● you didn’t have the heart to get rejected so blatantly again

● so when seungkwan found you almost hiding from staff and told you about the meeting

● he laughed

● “i can’t believe the roles switched, you know we have to be at this meeting y/n”

● and it ticked you off

● so bad


● cue seungkwan was shocked

● you had yelled at him before (many many times) but why did this feel different somehow?

● you cut him off before he could align two words (that scared him a little) and yelled again

● he did think it was odd

● his (nth) mistake was to believe you needed some time off because you were just in a bad mood

● “just release a statement saying we broke off the engagement”

● hmm, big mistake part 876

● because when seungkwan came back from the meeting, he couldn’t find you

● was very calm about it until he found out your room was empty

● you were gone gone and you would not be coming back

● you told your family you were only here for a few days, not telling them the truth and hoping seungkwan would release that damn statement so you could be free and start to move on

● you forgot your phone still had notifications on for Breaking News from the palace (which everyone in the kingdom was supposed to have on)

● after two days or so, you got a notification from seungkwan’s kingdom (finally reminding you it was still on)

● the notification barely let you know what it was about and it was about your so called engagement to the prince

● you swiped it off your screen

● you didn’t get out of the palace for days

● your parents didn’t mention the news because they thought it was just a way to publicly and officially announce the engagement

● because to them it was official the minute they sent you to his kingdom

● on seungkwan’s end

● haha

● boy

● after 5 days he still thought you were gonna come back

● most of his prince friends told him (seungcheol first)

● tried to break it down to him gently on the 3rd day but prince seungkwan wouldn’t listen

● “it’s been 5 days, i don’t think she’s gonna call”

● “it’s y/n, she always has something to say about what i do”

● so they shrugged it off

● you opened the breaking news article on the 7th day after its release

● (you got seungkwan anxious now)

● you rolled your eyes because why the hell did he go and announce it himself publicly when he could have gotten the press to release a handwritten royal announcement

● but that’s seungkwan we’re talking about

● and the video was just seungkwan in the press conference room, with no reporters in front of him

● so ?????

● but boom

● there it is

● a proposal video

● after literally 5 seconds into the video the prince is on one knee and officially asks for your hand in marriage, because he’ll be damned if you’re not the person who completes him and the only person he’d cave in for

● and the entire kingdom is holding their breath for the announce of your official engagement announcement

● after a week prince seungkwan does think he messed up bad

● so when you showed up two days later, he felt so confused and relieved at the same time

● worst feeling ever

● “i hate you so much i hope you know that”

● “i kinda hate me too”

● “you sabotaged days of hard work and probably hurt feelings”

● “yeah that was childish”

● “i know it was an arranged marriage but you hurt my feelings”

● “i’m so sorry y/n”

● “you actually recorded a proposal video to release it as breaking news”

● “ah, that was a bit much, wasn’t it?”

● “i can’t believe i’m here to say yes”

● “yeah i- wAIT WHAT”

● your wedding was set for the year of prince seungkwan’s 25th birthday

● you had the wedding organizers get back the ideas for the engagement party and chose themes that fit the two of you better

● the two of you didn’t try for children until it felt necessary

● although seungkwan loved children, he didn’t think he was ready for such responsibilities

● so you only did it to have an heir

● it took so little time for the two of you to fall in love with the little princess you had created that you even forgot having children was never part of your plan

● you also got to find out that prince seungkwan wasn’t just whipped for you, but also for his little girl

● but that’s okay because so were you

● (she was spoiled)



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Cielinny Prince x Peasant Au.


Ignore that typo lmao, but I ended up drawing this Au from a rp I’m doing and ugh it gives me life. Finnian is the prince of his country and the only son to the king. Ciel here is a peasant and living through poverty. The day has come for the prince to find a wife and his father ask to post flyers for a suitor for his son. Ciel finds these and makes the hard decision to dress as a girl and try to win the position to win over the Prince heart.


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Except it’s way more than six sentences! A conversation between Prince Hizashi and his royal guard/royal bodyguard Sekijiro Kan! There are going to be two languages in the fic: Yoicish and Arasurese. Because of this, Yoicish is in brackets. Kan does NOT trust Shouta!

It didn’t take Kan long to catch up with Prince Hizashi. “[I’m sorry for my behaviour,]” the guard instantly said as he fell into step beside him, “[but I don’t trust that man.]”

“[Well, we have to tolerate him ‘til the engagement is cancelled, and then I’m sure we’ll see very little of him.]”

“[Something isn’t right,]” Vlad pressed on. “[If you had died as well as your parents, then the Aizawa Prince - your fiance - would’ve been a prime candidate for your throne. The Aizawas have too much to gain from your death, especially if it happens before your engagement is renounced.]”

“[If that were true, then Shouta wouldn’t’ve agreed to cancel it,]” he said as he reached his room and headed inside to find himself some new clothes for after his bath. “[If he really wanted my throne, he would’ve made me marry him and then he would’ve killed me after the wedding. That’d be logical, yo!]”

“[We have three weeks until it’s officially renounced; what if, at the last minute, he suddenly changes his mind and you have to start the waiting period all over again? Or maybe he’ll trick you into falling for him, so when you marry and then suddenly die, it’s seen as a tragedy rather than an assassination? This is an Aizawa we’re talking about.]”

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The little mermaid au where Prince Lee finds a certain kazekage that washes up on shore.

Make this a part two of my last disney au for Lee!

I love them🥺💞

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I did one entry for Klance month last month. And I did it before December ended. And it was the only one I did. This was the Royalty AU. Pretty much, Lance is a prince and holding hands with his service boy, Keith, in a locked room while signing policies. 

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⋮ a jung wooyoung fanfiction ⋮


𝒸 𝓇 𝑜 𝓌 𝓃 𝑒 𝒹

— ❝ the kingdom’s rules are what stand between the prince and the dressmaker. it has been like that for three years. that is, until the prince’s life is about to make a permanent 180º turn and he decides that he’s had enough. if we can’t be together here, let’s run away 

c h a p t e r s

chapter i — don’t tell a soul

chapter ii — all i have is you

chapter iii — not destined

chapter iv — anyone but you

chapter v — whatever it takes

↬ epilogue — ladybugs and oreos

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Finally finished these three for the EraserMic Princes AU, as well as introduced the names of the two kingdoms: Yoice and Arasure!

Kan - Royal Guard of Yoice - Was once Hizashi’s personal bodyguard. Young, but already the head of the guard thanks to his strength. He’s suspicious of the Aizawa family and especially of Shouta and plans to keep Hizashi safe from him.

Nemuri - Royal Advisor of Arasure - She’s been raised to be Shouta’s personal advisor since she was a kid and is actually around the same age as him. She believes uniting their kingdoms would be favourable, but can’t openly go against Shouta’s mother’s wishes.

Toshinori - Royal Advisor of Yoice - He has to wear oversized clothes in case he needs to use his muscles. With the death of Hizashi’s parents, he’s become the voice of reason for the prince (but Hizashi doesn’t always listen). He also wants to unite the kingdoms, but this is one of those times Hizashi doesn’t wanna listen. (his book says ‘How to Convince Princes to Unite Kingdoms’)

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Fluffuary — 8 💛💙

Characters: Logan, Deceit, Roman, Remus

Ships: Loceit

Universe: Prince AU (Prince! Logan, Bandit! Deceit)

I’ve been excited for this one :D


Celebrations such as parties or festivals had never been appealing to Logan. That didn’t stop him from attending them. It made his mother happy, and if he didn’t go, who else would make sure that the twins stayed out of trouble?

Prince Logan’s younger brothers had helped him to get ready for this particular ball, though Logan didn’t really understand their reasoning. It was going to be a big event, so it made sense to dress up, but their insistence to pick out what he wore was exhausting.

Roman and Remus made their brother try on several outfits, before settling on the one thing that Logan was hoping he would not have to wear. Remus had found it, kept in the very back of Logan’s closet, and immediately gave it to his brother to try on. Logan said no, they said yes, and now here they were, overlooking the ballroom from their balcony, Logan trying to pretend that people weren’t staring at him and his outfit.

Roman and Remus had worn matching but distinctly different suits, black with coloured accents and faint flower designs in the vests. Remus’ braided hair was tied back into a bun, and Roman’ hair was tied into a single braid on his shoulder. Logan was standing between his younger brothers, wearing a bright blue ballgown.

Really, Logan had nothing against dresses, but he hated how impractical the dress’s large skirt was, and the odd textures of the branches and leaf designs that spread down to the bottom of the skirt. The sleeves were long, and it wasn’t as revealing as some of the dresses Roman wore, so it really could have been worse. And, Logan wasn’t a fashion expert, but even he knew how much this shade of blue suited him.

Logan stayed behind his brothers as they headed down the stairs into the ballroom, trying to keep his eyes down so that he could pretend that people weren’t looking at him. He was used to being looked at, he was a prince and had to do things like this all the time, but it didn’t take him long to realize that the stares he was getting were for different reasons. Well, it definitely helped when Remus pointed it out.

“Lo, everyone in here want to bone you.” His youngest brother snickered, moving to the side to avoid Roman’s smack at his arm.

“He means, you look really good, Logan.” Roman reached up, brushing some of Logan’s curly hair out of his face. “Don’t worry, we’ll keep all of the creepy guys way too busy to bother you. Don’t worry about it.”

Logan opened his mouth to answer, then paused as he came to a realization. “Roman, Remus, did you make me dress up like this in order to help me… find a date?”

The twins looked at each other, before turning away and linking arms. “Of course not!” Roman waved a hand, unable to stifle a laugh. “We’ll talk to you later!”

Logan huffed and the twins scurried off into the crowd of people, staying near the bottom of the stairs as he took a look around, adjusting his glasses and smoothing out his dress to keep his hands occupied.

A few people approached him to say hello, but for the most part, people were keeping their distance. Logan was grateful for that, unsure of what he would do if the twins were right and people started hitting on him. He hoped that the lower class people at this ball were intimidated by him, and he wouldn’t be bothered much for the rest of the night.

Logan made his way across the room, staying near the wall where he would have to pass by less people. He made his way towards one corner of the room, where he could see the twins talking to a group of older nobles—

The prince’s train of thought was lost as an unknown force bumped into him from behind, causing him to stumble forward, careening towards the glossy floor.

Swift arms grabbed him and wrapped around his waist, just nearly saving him from crashing down and making a fool of himself. The glasses perched on his nose weren’t so lucky, dropping to the ground in front of him, hopefully unharmed. Logan blinked, taking a deep breath as the person behind him chuckled and slowly helped the prince to stand straight up.

“I’m so sorry, you must forgive me, your majesty.” The smooth, assumed sounding voice laughed, before removing their hands from Logan’s abdomen.

Logan turned, squinting down at the much shorter person in front of him. Without his glasses, he couldn’t make out much other than their white hair, brown skin, and all-black clothing. Before he could say anything else, the person was leaning up on toes, placing his glasses back onto his face. When had they picked those up?

Deep brown eyes met mismatched blue ones as Logan’s sight was restored, and he was able to take in the appearance of this stranger. Fluffy, snow-white hair, a face and body covered in dark freckles, and a heavily scarred left half of their face. One eye was a pale blue, the other milky white. The person smiled, a gloved hand settling on Logan’s arm.

“Are you alright, your majesty? That was quite a slip. I can be ever so clumsy sometimes.”

Logan opened his mouth to speak, at a loss for words. Then he shook his head, holding up a hand. “It’s quite alright, it was an accident. How about you, are you alright?”

“Yes, of course. Thank you for asking.”

“I don’t believe we’ve met before. I would have remembered you. What is your name?”

Dee’s eyebrows raised at the subtle flirt. “Ah, you’re right, how rude of me. You may call me Dee, it’s such a pleasure to finally meet you. I absolutely adore your dress. It suits you.”

“Ah, no need for flattery.” Logan chuckled, and Dee rolled their eyes, leaning in closer.

“That’s going to be tough for me, but I’ll try my best for you. Would you like to dance with me? Or maybe… some other fun activity? I’d like to get to know you, and maybe make up for almost sending you to the floor.” Logan felt another one of Dee’s gloved hands on his arm, and he also felt like the room was getting hotter for some reason.

“I’ve never been much of a dancer, but…” Logan hesitated, glancing over to where the twins were. They seemed plenty busy, having moved onto another group to chat with. “If it’s your first time to the castle, would you allow me to show you around.”

Dee’s eyes widened. They let go of Logan’s arm, moving to stand by his side and slither their arm around his. “That sounds wonderful, I would love that. Parties have never been my forte, anyway.”

It’s never a great idea to give a complete stranger a tour of your home, especially when you live in a palace, are alone with them, and didn’t tell a soul where the two of you were going. But strangely enough, Logan, the eldest and wisest of the princes, hadn’t even considered the danger.

He walked his new acquaintance through hallways as the two of them got to know each other. Dee didn’t say much about theirself, but still managed to talk Logan’s ear off about literature and sword fighting, along with some pretty clear flirting. Logan considered taking them to the gardens out back, but was too nervous they wouldn’t have the time.

Logan eventually stopped when the two of the reached his bedroom. As he shut the door behind them, the faint noise of the party downstairs was gone, and Logan breathed a sigh of relief. Dee had gone over to the window, taking a look out at Logan’s very of the nearby forest.

Logan slowly walked over to him, stepping to the side and biting down on his lip. “Dee?”

Dee turned to face him, smiling and holding onto his arms again. “Yes?”

“How come I’ve never seen you before? Really.” Logan whispered, his hands settling on their hips.

Dee smiled, beckoning for Logan to lean closer, which he did. “Mm, wouldn’t that kill my mysterious, sexy aesthetic, though?”

Logan choked out a laugh. “Maybe you’ll tell me next time we meet?”

“Oh? You’re planning on a next time?”

“Of course, I could never stay away from you.”

“Smooth. Kiss me.” Dee grinned. And Logan did. And when Logan rejoined the party, over an hour later and alone, he lied to his younger brothers and told them that he’d felt unwell and gone to his room to rest. He couldn’t bring himself to feel bad about it— not with the memories of Dee, and their promise to see him again soon.

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⚜ S O L A R I S ⚜
You didn’t mean to fall in love with the crown prince, it just… all happened.
But if you had a choice, you’d do it all over again.


pairing: prince!tae x reader
genre: social media, romance, crack humor (really bad crack humor i suck), eventual smut, angst
status: ongoing
update schedule: Fridays and Sundays, Philippine Time (spontaneous, delayed and advanced updates will be announced uwu)

a/n: Hi guys this is my first au :(( bls love me



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the au formerly (and currently) known as prince

part 54

Life at the palace resumed its normal course. The prince continued attending his lessons, despite finding most of them dull, he continued courting the last remaining candidates, and he saw a lot of Sir Calvin and Sir Calvin got his ears full of the prince’s complaining. On top of that, the days kept getting shorter, the weather dropped with every passing day and the prince was in less of a mood to leave the warmth and comfort of his bedchambers. There no longer was a point going out for a stroll, if it meant shivering and the chance of freezing to one’s death.

The majority of the castle’s occupants were far too used to the prince’s displeasure of the cold, but the one person who was quite surprised by the prince’s reaction to what wasn’t even “real cold”, was prince Edward, whose own land was plagued with cold weather for longer stretches of times than these parts were. (The prince’s face when he found out about frost in the month of August, was – well, quite endearing, to say the least.) Still, Edward thought the prince was being quite melodramatic about the weather. It wasn’t even that bad, really, the snows hadn’t even started to fall – which made him think of his potential journey back home. It wouldn’t be long now, before the roads would be covered with ice and snow and any chance of smooth travel would be lost. Not only that, but he wasn’t exactly hoping he would be going back anytime soon – especially with the way things were with his brother…

He was lost in his own thoughts, one morning, thinking about the weather and the roads and his brother and his own potential death, when all of that was interrupted by the prince himself, walking towards him, muttering about the cold and dampness – and overall in a general bad mood. “Étienne?” He called out and the prince looked up for a moment, scowl changing into a pleasant smile, before a shiver ran down his body, “Come now, you can’t honestly find this weather to be that cold, it’s nice and comfortable out here,” He teased gently, knowing it would rile up the young prince.

Indeed, Étienne glared at him and rubbed at his arms, whether to prove his point or out of actual cold, “Some of us were actually born in spring and can appreciate the feeling of not freezing, Edward.” He replied, his tone sharp and Edward couldn’t help but laugh, “Well, dressed as you are, I’m not surprised you feel the chill – those are summer clothes, and as much as they suit you nicely, they won’t do much to keep the chill off your body.” Étienne huffed, annoyed, but Edward ignored him, “If I may, perhaps a cloak made of wool would help,” And before the prince could say anything, Edward removed his own and draped it over Étienne’s shoulders, “There, this should help a little.”




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