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100 days of productivity: day 1

Classes start again tomorrow! Already feeling slightly overwhelmed with how much I have going on this semester. To combat this, I am going to be posting a picture of myself working everyday for 100 days to hold myself accountable. My goal for this semester is to really stay on top of my work.

Anyone wanna join me?

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So this week has been really productive. I have made 3 Playbills, transcribed a script and actually had a session of DND.


Originally posted by abasketofgifs

However this week is going to be a struggle. You see I work five 11 hour days in a row, followed by a eight hour day and my “day off” has a mandatory all store meeting. I’m going to struggle.

So next week all self care, almost no chores. Goals:

At least 8 servings of non caffeinated beverage everyday

Eat or drink at least one serving of vegetables

Sleep for 7-8 hours

Spend 15 minutes without screens or phone

Sketch, draw or color

No more than 2 energy drinks a day

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Hi! I was wondering if I could get a sigil so that I can be more motivated and productive or one so that I am more comfortable with myself? I could use both of those but I am fine with just one. By the way I love your blog馃挌


“I Am Energetic For My Priorities”  Insta: @ tarotpunkguidance  Become a Patron on Patreon!  

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Believing is Manifesting

what is manifesting? Think of it as creating something. 

how do you manifest? With the law of attraction you can manifest in many ways.

  • repeat the reality you would like to create
  • write the things you want to manifest (write in the present tense) for example “I am so grateful for my good grades”
  • be specific, instead of saying you want good grades say “I am so grateful for getting a 93 on my Spanish test”

Why you should use the Law of Attraction for school

It is not super common in the law of attraction community to use it for school. 

Here are some things you can attract:

  • grades
  • admission into your dream college/university
  • friendships with people at school
  • for the teacher/professor who doesn’t like you to like you
  • to get housing in the dorm of your choice
  • the perfect roommate
  • etc.

common things that the law of attraction community likes to manifest:

  • attention from a love interest
  • material things- cars, phones, houses, etc
  • a “perfect” body
  • all of these things are perfectly valid things to want and manifest!

Here are some things you can write and repeat to manifest things related to school:


  • I have the best grades
  • I am so grateful that I got a 100% on *specific assignment*
  • My gpa is 4.0
  • I am so grateful that all of my finals goals were achieved

College/University Admission

  • I am so grateful that I got into *this college*
  • I am so grateful that *this university* saw my potential as a unique applicant
  • *this college* is the perfect fit for me
  • I got into a university that is my perfect fit

Some things you can physically do to achieve these goals

  • wear/sleep in a t-shirt of the college/university you want admission to
  • walk around that college/university like you are a student there, and if they allow it, sit in on a lecture!
  • make yourself a fake report card with the grades you want to achieve and put it somewhere where you can see it every day
  • write your goals on a white board; keep it in a visible place

Some extra tips:

  • if you don’t see results right away, do not resort to negativity, that will bring down your vibration to the point where you will never see results
  • don’t lose hope
  • research the law of attraction!

Here are some Law of Attraction resources!:

my favorite law of attraction YouTuber:

great videos: 

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Hi!! My name is Kobi, I’m 19 years old and i attend Blinn College and will possibly transfer to University of Houston. I’ve had a tumblr account since 2012 but I think I’ve only had this one since 2014-ish. I’m a psych major right now but I have realized it’s not really for me and am changing it to a business degree with a track in human resource management. 

I’m turning this into a studyblr because i wanna hold myself accountable!! I am LACKING lately and i think this is a great idea!! Plus I love looking at everyone’s planners/journals/notes it’s really all i do haha


  • US History II
  • General Psychology
  • Public Speaking
  • Nutrition and Diet Therapy


  • anything related to one direction (including solo careers)
  • astrology!!
  • music in general
  • reading
  • gilmore girls
  • softball
  • mgk
  • coffee

Like this if you’re a studyblr, or your blog is about any of my interests and I’ll follow you!!!

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Friday | 20.02.21

A sunny moment from this past Friday morning when I was setting up my weekly spread and drinking a cup of sencha.

Bonus plants because they just looked so happy! It was cloudy/rainy all last week, but the sun finally came out on Friday and Saturday. Love the rain, but sometimes you just need to see the sun!

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my studyblr/langblr/personal blog introduction!

Hello!! My name is Connor, and welcome to my studyblr/langblr/personal blog!! I’m a longtime lurker of the studyblr/langblr community, and I (finally) decided to start my own blog to stay motivated and record my journey as I transition to a new stage in my life!

About Me:

  • Pronouns: he/him/his :)
  • I’m a college senior (!!!) soon to be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a double major in East Asian Studies
  • I’m doing an honors thesis *cries*
  • I’m pre-med (shhhhh, I know, I know), but I’m taking a couple gap years (ask me about it!) 
  • I’ve been studying Korean for four years, and I’ve studied abroad in South Korea
  • I’m also learning Japanese and getting back into my French from high school
  • I bullet journal semi-regularly (I will be better about this!!)
  • I’m an INFJ, plant parent, coffee and tea addict, and the dad of all my friend groups


  • classical literature (get the reference? hehe) 
  • language learning
  • houseplants
  • baking
  • yoga
  • calligraphy
  • volunteering
  • painting
  • obscure YouTube channels 
  • coffee & tea
  • music (from pure pop all the way to Japanese R&B, I don’t even know) 

What to expect from this blog? 

In terms of content, this blog will be a mix of a studyblr/langblr and a personal blog. I plan on sharing both my own experiences as a life-long learner as well as the big and small moments in my life that bring me joy. :) Expect content related to (almost) anything listed above!!

Overall, I just want to create a mindful, intentional, and compassionate space where I can encourage myself and others to seek knowledge while prioritizing well-being! 

A few of my favorites:

While I am just starting out, I do have a few blogs that have inspired me!

@rinkodesu // @stillstudies // @studykorean101 // @studyign // @sleepy-minimalist // @scandireader // @idiotacademia // @anglostudy // @koreanstudytips // @thomastudies // @studydiaryofamedstudent 

I am also looking for new blogs to follow, so please give a like or reblog if you post content related to anything above! Also feel free to ask me anything about my journey to now and where I plan on going!

Aaaaaand enough procrastinating, back to my thesis skflsdkfjlsskdflj

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(it’s technically #7 but I missed the last one so…)

Today, I did laundry, wrote for my own pleasure and finished reading Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five.

Here are the thoughts I’ve had in mind for the past two-three weeks:

1 - I’m taking a break between the undergrad and grad school. The reason why I went back to school is because I wanted to. If I pursue to the Masters right after these three years, it won’t be out of desire but out of personal pressure. I still do want to teach. But I’m going to take my damn time to reach that point. I won’t burn myself out just to earn a certain position in society. Having an undergrad diploma is already a BIG step for me, and it’s going to open up enough doors for me to find a good job, pay my student debt, save some money, and eventually (maybe) go back to Uni. I say maybe because maybe the world will burn out before I do, and I’m okay if it happens.

2 - Taking a break won’t mean I’ll go idle. I want to write. I want to read. I want to keep educating myself even if I’m not at school. Hone my essay writing skills. I want to learn another language, most probably Chinese. I want to enjoy myself, and try that “one month on - one month off” education technique. I want to see how it would go. 

3 - I’ve accepted that I won’t be productive every single day for 100 days. I mean, let’s look at the meaning of the word “productivity”. It implies “production”, therefore “product”. On a day-to-day basis, for whatever I do for school, there is no product to be found. There is knowledge, yes, but knowledge is an abstract concept. I could spend all day reading and not knowing anything new but read a little tweet leading to a peer reviewed article, and boom, in less than 30 minutes, I got new knowledge. One could say the product is the diploma. But even then, 1 - it’s so far away, and 2 - what does it even means? Is the diploma a product? Or does the diploma make me the product? In that context, does productivity means I am shaping myself as a product to be consumed? Is the only reason why I am being productive is so I can be edible and digestible for society’s needs? There is, of course, a measure of productivity that is meant to feel good for me. I do enjoy coming home to a clean apartment. I enjoy wearing clean clothes. I really like learning new things, and I do love how school schedules my week. But the line between doing something for myself and doing it because I think I need to is not as visible as I think. And, more often than not, both of these overlap.

I have so many questions still, most of them just shapeless blobs of thoughts that are pouring out of my fingers whenever I try to grasp them. I mean, I’ve had these thoughts in the past too, but University is giving me another perspective on this whole thing. 

Once my thoughts are clearer, I’ll share them here. 

P.S. I was wondering this week if there was such a thing as an alternative university. I know about alternative high schools, but… if I am to teach, I want to teach at an alternative university. Perhaps that alternative is right here, online… I’ll figure it out in time. 

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1 of 100 days of productivity

I decided to jump on the bandwagon because I seriously need to stop my terrible habit of perpetual procrastination. So 👏 today I:

  • Rewrote my lecture notes (which takes so damn long because of my very particular method (still totally worth it, makes college much easier in the long run))
  • Vacuumed the flat (did a really good job of it, too)
  • Did grammar homework for Friday
  • Read through next week’s word-formation chapter for the seminar

I did really bad diet wise, and let’s not even talk about sleep - it’s already 11:37 pm and yet here I am. I’ll try to smooth out these little mishaps as I go along.

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Originally posted by warmhealer

This was actually the topic of my writer’s group a week ago. I honestly think this is why I keep a writing log. I may not write a TON per se, but I’m trying to write often and every day that I actually sit down and write helps.

For me, that’s a perfect example of how small accomplishments help me write. They keep me on target, and my ultimate goal for the year is to stay on track and keep writing. The writing in itself is my reward. The more I write, the easier it is to keep writing.

Aside from my writing log, I’m focusing on writing a new short story each quarter. Writing a short story from beginning to end is an easy way to accomplish something and actually create something whole for readers to, you know, read. I’d recommend trying this if you feel stuck in your current WIP or just want the sensation of finishing something. Believe me, actually finishing something is a huge motivator.

And it’s always lovely to look back on your year and say, wow. I may not have finished my WIP, but I wrote 4 short stories and 200 pages of my WIP. That in and of itself, is HUGE.

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due to some personal reasons i actually never posted these back in october. nevertheless, as the winter term is officially over for me, i guess its time to reflect ;)

  • write and submit the book chapter (deadline December 2nd)
  • plan conference paper (for October 17th) didn’t fuck that one up too badly
  • write the term paper (deadline: September 30th)
  • study Korean!!! kind of?
  • plan conference paper (for September 26th) was fine & questions were great
  • read 2 books in Norwegian nope, downloaded, read 50 pages and that was it… the books were quite good tho, will get back to them for sure :)
  • try to draw & journal a bit literally eperienced the ultimate low of my creativity, maybe next time!
  • do my best in the class i’m teaching the feedback was really good, glad people enjoyed the seminar :))
  • write and submit the post-conference article (deadline: December 21st) done and actually printing now!!!
  • try to go back to eating normally i’m trying :/
  • thesis plan and outline changed the topic but still think it’ll be fine!
  • postgrad letters of motivation + scholarships
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