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What makes a bad person? What makes a shitty person? What makes a person, someone you despise?

Why do we feel constantly attacked, under some sort of danger? Like we always have to keep a straight face, our actions and words in perfect order, otherwise we’re deeply judged and left behind?

What’s in our power to let go of these thoughts, people and situations?

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Guilt isn’t too far from regret. I usually tend to replay situations and evaluate myself carefully. Surely, a very dangerous and distructuve practice. 

I think about how I relate to others: how I can be a better friend, how I think I may have taking advantage of others. Always feeling deep guilt and discomfort. 

There’s no real benefit to replaying those situations, to make yourself feel bad about things you did in the past. Granted, it’s important to pay attention, so that you don’t repeat your poor practices in the future, but letting go of both past and future, after all that greef or uneasyness, is incredibly important.

Maintaining that conversation and those feelings in your mind is simply unneccesary. Instead, try approaching those situations with grace, openness and gratitude. Whatever happened, occured to you for a reason: to teach you something. 

So letting the mind unwind and run loose, can sometimes be a simple solution.

Live in the present, cause that’s all there is. And don’t be too hard on yourself… forgive yourself! I am sure there’s a lot of good deep within. 

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Я не настолько бесстыден, чтобы браться лечить своих собратьев, когда я сам болею. Однако я обсуждаю с вами проблемы, которые касаются нас обоих, и делюсь с вами способами лечения, как если бы мы болели в одной больнице.

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One thing I’ve been recently wondering about is how aromanticism works. What IS romantic love, exactly? At what point does a friendship change into a romantic relationship, and how? How do deep friendships differ from romantic relationships and why does it seem to be so inherently difficult, if not impossible, to explain? 

What makes the love you feel toward a friend different from the love you feel toward a significant other? 

For the most part it seems to come down to a lack of any concrete romantic drive. It’s a difficult subject to research because it’s entirely dependent on feelings, and platonic attraction sounds like romantic attraction on paper until you account for a complete absence of a need or want to be romantically involved with the person you are platonically attracted to.

… What does it mean to be romantically involved with someone, anyway?

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