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#put your head on my shoulder
jaune, do you ever worry too much about angel? or do you think she can handle herself just fine in a fight?

To be honest, it’s kind of a 50/50. She’s told me she’s got some fighting experience from the past and I don’t doubt her, but sometimes I just… I just can’t help but think “What if that’s not enough to save her?” I know, I know that’s really not a good thing to think about but I just really care about her! A lot!

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Wow I didn’t expect that Put Your Head On My Shoulder would have so many great moments.

The male lead realized he knew the pattern to unlock the female leads phone and caught himself doing it absentmindedly and stopped himself right away. He then brought the phone to her and was like “I know the pattern to unlock this so you should change it.” I stan a respectful and truthful king.

Also, the female lead just rejected the second male lead and was completely honest with him about it. Even when he tried to make her into the bad guy saying “you acted like you were going to be by my side forever and now just like that you’re going to leave me?” She was like “no, you treated me and my feelings like shit. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt so many times but I finally realized that I deserved better than this and when that happened my feelings for you faded.” I love how she stood up for herself in front of someone who she loved for years and I’m also happy that she realized that she deserved someone who was going to give her the same love and attention that she gives them.

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