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Fair Game parallels

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White Rose:


Clover and Weiss are both from Atlas, trained that being attached to others in their team and members of the public. To focus on Atlas, their own image and their reputation. Trained to not make mistakes. 

And their partner is this cape-wearing, clumsy idiot who somehow made it into their life in nontraditional ways (stealing a ship or being moved up two years), paired up together by their superior, with one parties reluctance due to not wanting to mess things up or get hurt. (Qrow/Weiss)

One party (Clover/Ruby) clearly shows off to the other party in their combat skills/semblance. 

(Weiss/Qrow) They see exactly what they’ve always wanted to be the other, strong, confident, able to be around their family and not feel the over hanging sense of dread. They only have a good relationship with very few other family members (Qrow = Ruby/Yang, Weiss = Winter)

(I forgot where i saw this posted) Weiss and Ruby became team mates once they made eye contact with each other for the first time. Qrow and Clover are the first to make eye contact with each other after they were tied up.

(Weiss/Qrow) secretly feel like no one wants them around, and they constantly need to prove themselves. While (Ruby/Clover) want them around just for being them and don’t expect them to prove themselves for them (Weiss/Qrow) are AWARE of their down falls, and for some time chose to prove themselves to someone in their life (Jacques, Winter, Beacon teachers/Ozpin, Ironwood, Raven, Tai, Hell even RWBY and ORNJ) 


and this





We didn’t think they would get along, much like Glynda not thinking Ren and Nora would get along in Season 1 and yet

Qrow and Clover were also the last team, to be paired up in V7:E3

(Jaune/Qrow) Not wanting to partner up, whether it’s due to other interests or  at first but they come to enjoy each other’s company.
(Jaune/Qrow) feel like they don’t belong, where they are and don’t deserve what they have  (Pyrrha/Clover) try to convince them otherwise

MISC/Smaller ships:
Right hand man to the head master of an academy.
Always teamed up together (even if it’s forced)
Ruby and Jaune’s talk on vol 1, about being failures at leading their team. It’s close to Qrow’ and Clover’s talk about him taking care of the kids

ARM BAND [See this post]  The arm band matches Qrow’s over all aesthetic + Aura colour


I mean. do i have to say anything? 


Please reply/rb this anything else you can think off, I’ll be adding to this as I think of anything!!


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this isn’t gonna be a huge, in-depth analysis, but just a quick note i wanted to share because Ohhhhh My God.

listen, i don’t dislike volume 4 in general. but remember when jaune went on a long monologue about ruby’s struggles rather than having ruby herself talk about it and giving her some actual character development that we only really saw in later volumes?


that they literally just made jaune say “RUBY WAS REALLY HURT BY THE FALL OF BEACON” near the end instead of just. yknow. exploring it in that volume?? and then more than half of ruby’s dialogue throughout the ENTIRE volume was a letter she wrote to yang in the finale?????

well can i just say i love how much rwby’s writing has improved since that!! we got a pretty similar scene in volume 7, albeit with different characters, but the principle is the same yet it makes SOOO MUCH MORE SENSE in context and the execution was way better.


here we have qrow, ALSO a depressed and traumatized individual who’s way too aware of his problems, and feels like he’s doing everything wrong. what’s the one difference that makes jaune and ruby’s talk in v4 so cheap, and clover and qrow’s talk in v7 so meaningful?

it’s the huge contrast in pacing and buildup, and lack thereof.

the first time ruby showed hints at being affected by the fall of beacon in volume 4, was when nora mentioned the sdc and ruby glanced down quietly. that WAS  nice touch! but everything after that, which wasn’t much, felt rushed and poorly executed. i think maybe they tried when ruby spied on jaune training to the recording of pyrrha, but that scene was just so much more jaune-oriented.

until jaune’s unnecessary ted talk, v4 never gave ruby much time to clearly reflect on herself, which is a HUGE shame considering how it painted itself as a ruby-focused volume.

HOWEVER. when it comes to QROW, not only has volume 7 already given qrow a lot of time to shine, but THE VOLUME RIGHT BEFORE THAT, VOLUME 6, had a MASSIVE focus on qrow’s downwards slope, him rightfully getting called out on it, and then coming to terms with himself so he could start becoming a better person. and so far, volume 7 has done an amazing job SHOWING THAT GROWTH.

and this scene where clover confronts him on his self-deprecation and then compliments him? this scene was so NECESSARY for qrow as a character, unlike the other scene that barely did ruby justice. because this is something they’ve actually taken time in the show to build up, and it’s also something qrow just desperately needed to hear!

i know i’m making a very long post out of such a minor thing, but to be honest? i don’t think i’m overexaggerating or thinking too deeply of it. this is clear proof of where rwby’s writing quality is now, and i feel like it needs to be said.

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Qrow: “Ooh, look at me! I’m Clover and I fold my clothes before putting them away!” I bet you chew your food before you swallow it too.

Clover: Well, yeah…

Qrow: Pathetic.

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The first time that Clover and Qrow kiss it just keeps going cause neither of them will pull away. The rest of the Ace Ops and RWBYJNPR stand there awkwardly for the first minute and then have to try and pull them apart cause it just won’t end

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Qrow: Sometimes, I don’t realise an event was traumatic until I tell it as a funny story and notice everyone is looking at me weird.

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Qrow: Papa didn’t raise no quitter

Qrow: well, actually, Papa didn’t really raise me at all

Qrow, slamming down a letter of resignation in front of Ozpin: which is why I’m quitting

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Qrow never made a habit out of eating breakfast until he met Clover. Usually, he was fine with just a cup or two of coffee, but Clover often invited him to breakfast. 

It was a kind of sly maneuver on Clover’s part – disguise his efforts to help Qrow eat more as restaurant recommendations and dishes that Qrow “just had to try.”  

“Qrow, tell me what you think of this omelette!”

“Qrow, I’m too full to finish this. Want some?”

“I seem to have a few crumbs on my lips. Want to help me clean them up?” 

Who knew Clover could be so persuasive?

Clover. Clover knew.

Sure enough, one morning, without Clover even needing to say anything, Qrow ordered himself a plate of eggs and toast.

It’s not until a few years later when Qrow discovers the truth. He and Clover and exchanging banter about how persuasive they are in comparison to the other and casually, Clover brings it up. Qrow stumbles on his words as a blush crawls up his face while he tries to deny what is now so clearly the truth.

But in that same truth, Qrow appreciates the gesture. It’s just one more way that Clover’s helped Qrow grow into his own lucky charm.

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These are the current ships that have gained enough interest to be a part of the Ship Wrecked Fanzine!

Cloqwork/OzQrow (QrowxOzpin)
Fair Game/Lucky Charms (QrowxClover)
Flown North/Hummingbird (QrowxSummer)
IronQrow (IronwoodxQrow)
Magpie (RomanxQrow)/ Cloqwork Orange (RomanOzQrow)
Snowbird/Qrowin (QrowxWinter)
TaiQrow (TaiyangxQrow)

We are still accepting contributors and submissions are due on January 31st. Please see the guidelines for more information and message if you’re interested! Samples will be requested.

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If Fair Game ended up canon, I imagine Clover first kisses Qrow by the group is preparing to leave Atlas for Vacuo or someplace else, Clover teases Qrow about being able to convince him to stay, Qrow teases back, and Clover just grabs his collar, pulling him into the kiss and when it’s over he just winks and goes “maybe that can convince you to come back and visit then”

Ruby and Yang are absolutely teasing Qrow the entire time afterwards as Qrow’s face is just red blushing for the rest of the day

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Ok so, for this Saturday’s RWBY episode

We have two (2) ways Qrow spent his night off.

1. With Clover at Mantle. Maybe going on something like a “date” but it actually isn’t.

2. With James at Atlas. Just talking about stuff just like old times, you know? (I hope this one bc I really enjoy soft talks)


Because he is gay and has two hands for his two boyfriends.

I just want to see Qrow happy.

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Thank you everyone for your patience! Things have been pretty busy, and I am happy to say that the response in contributors has been amazing for such a short amount of time! Here is our general schedule for what you can expect (subject to change, and if so, we will let everyone know):

  • Dec 29th - First Check-In
  • January 17th - Second Check-in
  • January 31st: Submissions Due
  • Around the beginning to about the middle of February - After all submissions gathered, contributors are asked to put up previews of their work on their tumblr/AO3/twitter, etc.
  • The zine is scheduled to be published mid-end of February!

If you are interested in being a part of our fanzine, please contact me for the submission email. Samples will be requested. We accept fanart, fanfic, and extras (puzzles, games, scavenger hunts, edits, etc.). We look forward to providing a zine that everyone can enjoy!

-Ship Wrecked Fanzine
       A free digital fan magazine made by fans for fans showcasing different ships with Qrow

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I keep thinking about Ruby coming to realize that Blake and Yang are becoming something of a “thing” and being happy for them, but also having some questions that she can’t shake. She wonders about how it might affect their team dynamic, especially if at any point they broke up. And even beyond that, given that Yang is her sister, how this might affect both her relationship with Yang and Yang herself.

Would she start seeing those two around less outside of “team” occasions? Would Yang change at all? She knows Yang and Blake wouldn’t mean to do any of that, but since Yang hasn’t had a serious girlfriend before, this is a new experience for them both.

So, she goes to Qrow for another 1-to-1 chat. Not only because they were already so close and she could tell him just about anything, but because he had lived it when he was their age. After all, all of his teammates had been romantically involved to some degree.

Qrow reassures her that everything will be fine, and that Blake and Yang wouldn’t leave her or Weiss in the dust; and Ruby knows it, but it’s comforting to hear someone else confirm it. He reminisces a bit about how his own team used to be, back when they were her age, back when they were at their closest. And advises that if she has concerns, she should go speak with Yang and Blake about it too.

But that doesn’t keep him from silently thinking about how far removed STRQ was now from what it used to be; how much they all changed. Doesn’t keep him from looking on as Ruby left the room with a nostalgic, if a bit saddened, look on his face.

He hoped dearly that team RWBY would be less fractured than his own team as time went on. Or at the very least, that they would have less on their plate to worry about.

But the latter was seeming less and less likely.

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