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Somebody To Love (Part10- The Car Song)


Word count: 1,648

Warnings: None

A/N: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii



At the moment we were loading up the car to head off to where they will be recording the new album. “Bloody hell, why are you coming?” Paul asks as I put my bag in the boot with the others. “Oh piss off Paul. Believe me, I wanted to stay home for once. But Fred said I have to come too.” I slam the boot then get in the car between Roger and Deaky. “You actually wanted to stay home?” Roger asked me. “God yes, I miss my bed.” I say making the boys laugh. “I mean I understand where you’re coming from. Your bed is bloody comfortable.” Roger pokes my side nodding his head. “When did you sleep in her bed?” Brian asks from the other side of Deaky. “When I took care of him when he was sick.” I lean forward to look at Brian.


We finally make it to Rockfield Farm and we all step out of the car. “Recording studio?” Roger looks around at our surrounding as I walk up next to him. “Well, the idea was to get away from all distractions. Alice, get your bags.” Paul says walking pass us. “Whoa!” I turn around after getting my bags to see Roger back away from a rooster. “Roger! Leave him be and get your bags!” I shout at him holding my bags and we all make it inside. “Right, I know it’s not the Ritz. Not even close. "Roger, you’re in here. Freddie this is you. Biggest room. Brian, that’s you. John, you’re down stairs.” I hear Paul tell everyone where they were staying and I just waited at the bottom of the stairs. After Paul showed Deaky his room, he saw me just standing there. “Yeah, there’s nowhere for you to sleep… You can sleep in the barn.” He laughs leaving me alone.

I drop my bags and head upstairs to talk to Roger. “That bloody asshole told me I have to sleep in the barn.” I say walking into his room. “No bloody way, you have no where to sleep?” He asks opening his suitcase. “I’ll probably crash the sofa.” I say sitting on his bed. “No, I’ll just share my room with you. I’m sure sharing a bed with me again isn’t going to bother you. Plus it’s my turn, on tour Brain and Deaky got to share their room with you.” He says throwing one of his shirts at my face. “Fine then but you go get my bag from downstairs.” I laugh folding his shirt and he rushes out of the room.

“We you’re sharing Roger’s room.” Brian says in the door way. “Yeah, Paul was going to make me sleep in the bloody barn.” I laugh as he makes a face. “Just don’t let him get any ideas.” Brian points his finger at me. “Yeah right, Brian. I have a brain you know that right?” I laugh and he nods his head. “Just making sure.” He smiles before heads downstairs and Roger comes in. “Here you go my lady.” He puts my suitcase next to me. “Thank you Roger.” I pick it up and go through it.

Since it was the first day here on the farm, Freddie let us just relax for today. I was laying on Deaky’s bed while he was put his things up. “I forgot to mention… how come you didn’t tell us you and Veronica got married?” I sit up crossing my legs. “How do you know then?” He turns around to look at me. “We were talking about it over the phone. You boys forgot I’m friends with your girlfriends… Well just not Roger because he doesn’t have one.” I laugh standing up. “It’s just because I didn’t think it mattered to you all.” He says shrugging his shoulders. “Well I do! And I had to find out through her. And that also you two had a baby boy. I have to see him when we get back.” I hit him and he agrees. “Go bother your roommate!” He shoves me up the stairs.

Finally it was time to get some rest and I was freezing under the covers. Roger and the boys were still talking about the album downstairs. I should have packed trousers to sleep in. I shake in bed bringing my knees into my chest. “Goodnight Mates!” Roger tells opening the door. “I would like if you didn’t yell.” I say as he turned on his lap. “Sorry, I forgot. God it’s bloody cold in here.” He said getting his clothes to change into. “I know, I’ve been trying to fall asleep for the past 40 minutes freezing to death.” I say pulling the blankets up more. “I hate it here.” He says changing his clothes as I rolled over. “It’s nice outside at least.” I say as I feel him lay down next to me and I could feel the heat from his body.

“Come here, you’re freezing.” He pulls me into his side and I immediately wrap my arm and leg around him. “I’m sorry, you’re warm and I’m so cold.” I look up at him. “It’s alright, goodnight.” He kisses the top of my head and I fall asleep.


Day Three At Rockfield Farm:

I wake up before the rest of the band and I get out of bed getting dressed for the day. I make my way out of the building towards where the kitchen is to make breakfast for everyone. For the past two days the band has just been working on lyrics. While me on the other hand is either helping Deaky with lyrics, or I’m just reading and walking around the farm. When I was almost finished three walk in talking about songs. “Good morning boys!” I smile at them and their mouths drop. “You made breakfast!” Roger yells running around to hug me. “Well yeah, it’s finished so you guys can make your plates.” I smile at them and make my plate first listening to their conversation.

“So what were you three talking about when you enter?” I ask taking a seat. “Oh don’t get him started again.” Deaky takes a seat next to me. “We were talking about our songs we wrote.” Brian sits next to Deaky as they eat. “You know, I have only see Deaky’s song. What about you two.” I look at the other two. “I put my heart and soul into this song.” Roger said cutting food as the rest of us ate. Apparently Roger was and is mad that they don’t like his song that he thinks is great. “No one is disputing that.” Deaky tells him. “And you don’t like it because you want your songs on the album!” Roger starts to get worked up.

“It’s not that Roger.” Deaky says and Roger looks at him, “Then what is it?” He asks annoyed and I was curious since I didn’t know anything about Roger’s song. “I’m in love with my car.” Brian says and I bit my tongue while Roger glares at him. “Maybe it’s not strong enough?” Brian suggests. “What does that even mean, not strong enough?” He asks getting annoyed again. “I know I’m late. What did I miss?” Fred asks walking stopping next to me. “Discussing Roger’s car song.” I turn to look at him.

“Is it strong enough? That’s all I’m asking. If I’m on my own here, then I apologize.” Brian speaks up again and Roger speaks up, “How does your new song go then, hmm?” Roger takes Brian’s paper, “You call me sweet, like I’m some kind of cheese.” He says and I let out a small giggle. “It’s good.” Brian defense himself. “Wow.” Roger says. “When my hand’s on your grease gun… That’s very subtle, isn’t it?” Brian looks at Roger’s lyrics and I slightly giggle again. “It’s a metaphor, Brian.” He gets pissed. “It’s just a bit weird, Roger.” I speak up now and he looks at me.


“What exactly are you doing with that car?” Deaky asks the mad drummer. “Children please… we could all murder each other but then who would be left to record this album?” Fred now speaks to all of us. “Statistically speaking, most bands don’t fail, they break up.” Deaky tells Fred and Roger sighs. “Why the hell would you say something like that? Roger, there is only room in this band for one hysterical queen.” Freddie says looking back at Roger before grabbing his drink and leaves.

“You know why you’re angry, Roger?” Brian starts to talk again making me mentally scream at him. “Why?” Roger asks him. “Cause you know your song isn’t strong enough.” I watch as Roger walks towards the pan. “Not…” I speak but it was too late. “Is that strong enough?” He asks throwing the bacon at Brian and he doesn’t stop there. “What about that?!” He slides all the plates and drinks off but I slide mine away from him. He then goes to pick up the coffee machine, “Not the coffee machine!” The three of us yell at him with our hands up and he stops.


I get out of my seat and walk around to him taking the machine out of his hand putting it back where it belongs. “Hey, let’s go for a little walk.” I take his hand into mine and lead him outside. “What do you think about it?” He stops making me stop too. “Roger, just follow me and we can talk about it.” I look him in his eyes and he nods his head. I lead us more out into the field and I sit down in a hill. “The ground?” Roger looks down at me. “It’s not going to bite you.” I laugh as he sits next to me. “Now about your car song…” I turn smiling at him.

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Hello my darlings!! I’ve missed you so! New chapter in the works! (we’re getting there) in the meantime, here’s a teaser of Y/N singing to ????? (You could fill Brian, Roger, or Deaky in those five ?’s) up to you to guess who it is!! (By the way that’s me singing in the audio I just recorded that 5 mins ago lmk what you think it’s probably really bad lol) Love you all forever! Even though this fic hasn’t blown up yet (which is totally fine but I’d love to be writing to a bigger group of people!!) y’all in the CLGOL fan group are amazing and I love you all forever♥️-C

Taglist: @yourlocalmusicalprostitute , @bismillahnah , @deakysmisfire , @queer-heart-attack , @everything-you-dont-wanna-be , @mercurycrowley , @ikbenplant , @xcdelilahxc , @chekovs-davy-jones-wig , @laedymoon , @manicpixydreamgirl , @jaylikesguavass , @brianskindofcheese

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Hi! This is a whole two days late because of work + zero motivation! There was actually a lot more planned for this (including the ending scene, which I loved) but I’ve been staring at it for 2 ½ days and quite frankly I’m half a blink from deleting the whole thing. I might go back and finish it later on, but for now please take this and enjoy it while I furiously attempt to finish the last two prompts today!

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just learned apparently due to the chronology love of my life couldnt have been written about minns since they werent in a relationship and in no way couldve been about mary either seeing shes, well, mary. so idk it might have been for no one

it’s a gay song is all i care about – but also didnt he and david start dating the summer of 75, which was when they recorded the album and he must’ve known him before that like? could well be about david

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