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#quentin beck

Pairing: Quentin Beck x reader

Warnings: none??




Quentin sat back in his chair, fiddling with the pen in his hand as he attempted to focus on his work, but from the corner of his eye, he could see you dancing around to ‘Proud Mary’ by Tina Turner - it caused a hint of a smile to tug at the corner of his lips, but he soon frowned again as he looked down at the papers that lay before him, smudged ink from scribbled out words and numbers making it look horribly scruffy. It was a first draft, but he wanted it to be perfect. 

When ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ by REO Speedwagon came on, you walked over, grinning. 

“Please?” You asked, offering Quentin your hand. 

He shook his head. “I have work to do, honey.” 

You frowned, sighing and looking utterly miserable. “Please?” 

“I can’t,” Quentin told you, cold and icy as ever. 

You turned away, acting like a puppy that had just been kicked in the teeth, and stopped the music. “Fine…” 

Feeling the worst possible bit of remorse, Quentin slammed his pen down, causing it to nearly bounce off of his desk as he pushed his chair back and stood up, stretching his aching muscles - he hadn’t noticed nor cared that his legs and shoulders had grown stiff and painful from where he had been at his desk so much. “Alright, honey, you win.” 

“You mean that?” You asked, turning back around with a grin. 

“I think I’ve changed my mind,” he chuckled. 

Turning on the music, you changed it to a different song - ‘Love Of My Life’ by Queen; you were still grinning so brilliantly. “C’mon, just one dance?” 

Quentin rolled his eyes, taking your hand in his own and letting you place your free one on his shoulder. “Just one, honey.” 

You rested your head against his chest, seemingly unable to tell that he melted in the way you let him sway you to the music, the way that you let him wrap his free arm around your waist to keep you close - he wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but dancing with you was something Quentin always adored. 

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Made up fic titles: "Back in Black" "Hells Bells" "Long Days Night"

(I see what you did there.)

Under the cut, because I have a feeling this’ll get long.

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☁️Underneath the shattered Sky ☁️

Part 2 Quentin Pov

○ ○ ○ ○

When Quentin was a kid he always wanted to help people in some way , but didn’t know how . His father was diagnosed with cancer when he was 10 years old , the news had hit pretty hard to his family . He wanted to be strong for his mother , although he knew his mother could see through him . He felt useless knowing his father was slowly dying , his mother falling apart and he couldn’t do anything . He wanted to understand more , find a way to help . So he turned to his study , he would spend his time researching on his father illness .  When the doctors would talk about his father health he felt proud to explain to his mother what she couldn’t understand . His mother was proud of him even if she couldn’t show it at the moment . It was small progress .

Few weeks later when he had turn 13 , his father had passed away . He knew it would happen even though he would tell his mother otherwise . So it was no surprise when it had happened , the funeral was the same as others he has been to . Many would come up to him pay their regards , he would act he couldn’t hear the whispers “ poor kid already sheltering to himself “ . They moved away to another city it was to many memories for his mother . It was the best decision they had made , met many great people , fell in love , and was granted many great opportunities.

Once He had taken upon studying , he knew what he wanted to do . It was known Quentin was a intelligent ever since he was a kid . He took his study seriously and made it his first priority . Main reason why every relationship he has had ended for the same reason . Finishing college he was offered many positions as interns in many industries .  He took the offer from the industry that not only helped people in one but infinite ways . He was proud he worked his way up to an intern to well known doctor., Becoming a doctor and having successful outcomes to saving life’s was something he felt with pride .

He was introduced to a file . It started when Quentin overheard a conversation from a group that he worked with. What caught his interest was how many doctors had given up on the patient .  When he was given the file of the patient he was surprised . He had taken it home , Quentin couldn’t understand the interest he had with this patient . He did everything he could to be on the kids case . He couldn’t explain why , but something was telling him to do so . Thank God he had listen , Quentin wouldn’t know what he would do if he’d never met the kid . He introduced himself to Peter , although he was shy and would just stare at Quentin with those puppy eyes . He knew he would do anything in his reach to help him .

The journey he had gone through  every heartbreaking  , disaster , beautiful memories he’s made . Quentin wouldn’t change not a single moment , from being lost when his father had passed away ; Finding hope in the empty ; achieving his career and most importantly meeting the love of his life . Funny how he would think his career was enough for him , it wasn’t . Not until he met peter , he learned the value of life . Took years to cure Peter , it was worth it . He wanted to enjoy every second with Quentin  , the love that they had for each other …  is something he would be internally grateful for. How ironic at the age 0f 24 Peter would  experience life differently  , the same age he was introduced to the person that would be his everything , the love of his life , The person he  shared his last moments with . He wished he had more time , to avoid the pain he would leave behind . But Quentin knew in his heart since the first day he met Peter , He was strong underneath the shattered sky .

sidenote: Title from the song find you by ruelle . As you could tell is the second part from my doctor au . I’m really sorry for the bad writing I tried my best

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I’m so excited, I’ve just hit 500! I know I don’t talk much on this blog but I would like to thank you all for sticking around with me and share my obsession for Jake G. ❤️


So, I decided to celebrate this with blurbs about Jake and his characters. Feel free to send me requests and I will also write some that I’ve been thinking about. Yes, smut requests are great too 😚.

List of people I will take requests (mostly because I’ve seen these films):

- Jake Gyllenhaal

- Donnie Darko (Donnie Darko)

- Sam Hall (The Day After Tomorrow)

- Robert Graysmith (Zodiac)

- Jamie Randall (Love And Other Drugs)

- Steven Colter (Source Code)

- Detective Loki (Prisoners)

- Adam Bell/Anthony Claire (Enemy)

- Louis Bloom (Nightcrawler)

- Billy Hope (Southpaw)

- Davis Mitchell (Demolition)

- Edward Sheffield/Tony Hastings (Nocturnal Animals)

- David Jordan (Life)

- Morf Vandewalt (Velvet Buzzsaw)

- Quentin Beck (Spider-Man: Far From Home)

* bold means they’re my favorite 😉

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Updated list of characters I ship OCs with:

  1. Obi-Wan Kenobi (from Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III) - defunct relationship
  2. Kylo Ren / Ben Solo (from Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII, and soon IX) - defunct relationship
  3. Genesis Rhapsodos (from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII)
  4. Angeal Hewley (from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII)
  5. Yuri (from Doki Doki Literature Club!)
  6. Vladimir Makarov (from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 3)
  7. Yuri (from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3)
  8. Quentin Beck / Mysterio (from Spider-Man: Far From Home and possibly other MCU movies) - only a really happy relationship if it’s pre-Civil War Quentin
  9. Monika (from Doki Doki Literature Club!)

Total: 9

Happy relationships: 7 or 6

Defunct relationships: 2 or 3

Psst, message me if you’d like to hear more about any of these ships!

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☁️ Underneath The Shattered Sky ☁️

Doctor Quentin x Patient Peter AU

🌫🌫 🌫🌫 🌫🌫

Ever since peter can remember the hospital has been a second home to him . Always in and out of the clinic . Diagnosed from a pretty young age  with a unknown disease that was apparently passed on from genes . His parents had passed away but not from the disease , it  seemed to skip a generation .

Once they had checked peter into the hospital , decided  to go back home collect what they needed and head back to the hospital . unfortunately they didn’t make it back to their child . May and Ben stepped in and became Peters guardians . If any one thought his life couldn’t get worse , Uncle Ben had passed away . As bills were raising , medecine , exams , and surgery  , uncle ben had gotten multiple jobs to pay the bills . 

 The incident had happened in the same day peter was going under surgery . They couldn’t save his uncle ben , and it seemed they couldn’t save Peters life either . Every time they were one step close to recovery it would come all tumbling down . As if you could tell by now , Peter didn’t have the quite same childhood as other childrens did . Although he did made friends with two other kids ; Ned and MJ.  but couldn’t exactly spend to much time with them , he would feel he was slowing them down with his illness .

 It all changed when he was 10 years old . You would think he’s finally cured , no more headaches,  sudden weakness , high fevers , etc , well not exactly . But he was given hope and an emotion he couldn’t quite explain until in a few years . Doctors would come and go , always made broken promises and would give up on him .They all gave the same response to aunt may “ I’m sorry mam , but there’s nothing we can do . soon the disease will take over we suggest spend the time he has left . ”

You wouldn’t believe how many times he had heard  the same explanation . Peter knew he wouldn’t last long  , all the hope he had were thrown out the window long ago . There was no need to keep fighting for the inevitable  , he knew deep down he was  hurting aunt may . you couldn’t really blame him for wanting to give up .

Aunt may had mentioned a new doctor was coming by . Peter wondered how long will this one last . Peter didn’t know how wrong He was .He would always remember that day he met him . He was different than the others , he would look at him  but not with pity like everyone did . Had a beautiful smile that was reserved for him till this day . He had interest of knowing him , not to just cure his illness .  Even after all these years , hes been by his side .

Never once he had given up on him . Time would go by , changes would be made , Feelings would grow . He wouldn’t mind going through it all , if It meant falling in love with him   and experiencing the emotions he couldn’t believe that existed .  He couldn’t believe how long it had been , it was like yesterday when he had walked in the room and changed his whole life . It all started  with a greeting .

“ I’m Dr. Beck , but you can call me Quentin ..”

  • Sidenote : Had help with this one from a friend . He helped alot , always gave me a refill of inspo , gave me the idea . also there would 2nd short part quentin pov
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