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I was tagged by @hanhan156 so I shall answer

1.      Do you ever make your bed?

NEVER. What a waste of time. Plus it is unhealthy! Person sweats a lot during sleep, if you tightly make your bed after every night the moisture traps in and your bed will be all gross. Let it breath! 

2.      What’s your favorite number?

Always been 4. Maybe cos it’s the number of death in Asia? IDK hahah

3.      What’s your job?

Right now, secretary in hospital. I am constantly studying something else though so maybe in the future I’ll be doing other stuff but I actually enjoy my job a lot. I learn so much from it. 

4. If you could go back to school, would you?

Yes, and hopefully I can do that next spring. I missed the change to enroll by few weeks now. 

5.      Can you parallel park?

With a lot of struggle, I guess. I never drive. I have a license but I don’t own a car and last time I drove was like 8 years ago. So I wouldn’t trust it.

6.      A job you had that would surprise people?

Worked in an envelope factory. 

7. Do you believe aliens are real?

We are aliens, aren’t we? The Earth was formed from the dust after an explosion. Our planet is formed in space. The first bacteria might have developed in Earth or it might have flown in from the space with an asteroid. I believe there is life out there, the space is huge, we don’t have the tech to explore it. 

8. Can you drive a manual car?

Yes, they don’t really even let you do a driver’s license with an automatic here. Although, after getting my license I’ve only drove automatic cars. 

9. What’s your guilty pleasure?

80s electrowave, 90s eurodance and reading/writing homosexual stories

10. Tattoos?

No. There was a time when I wanted one but now everyone has one so I want to be different and not have any. 

11. Favorite color?

Black and different hues of green

12. Things people do that piss you off?

Being ignorant, being stupid, believing in whatever they see on social media without questioning it. 

13. Any phobias?

Heights but only if I’m not like standing on a cliff or a roof etc. Then I’m fine but getting up there with a condola etc is hell.

14. Favorite childhood sport?

Football/soccer all the way.

15. Do you ever talk to yourself?

Always, with the 10 side personas I have

16. What movie do you adore?

Boring answer but Star Wars original trilogy. I’ve seen it maybe 100 times and it’s still not enough.

17. Do you like doing puzzles?


18. What’s your favorite kind of music?

Folk metal, industrial metal, 90s eurodance and unsurprisingly kpop (that sounds like 90s eurodance)

19. Tea or coffee?

Coffee black, please

20. First thing you remember wanting to be when you grow up?

Rally driver! 

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カプリティオラジオ #02 「続・カプリティオ結成!」

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•Got tagged by @dani-9993 for this, thank ya!•


•Are you named after anyone? - Yes my grandfather, I’m the 3rd.

•Last time you cried? - can’t remember when honestly.

•Do you have kids? - Negative.

•Do you use sarcasm a lot? - Not at all.

•What’s the first thing you notice about people? - their demeanor and hair lol.

•What’s your eye color? - Dark brown.

•Scary movie or happy endings? - Scary movie.

•Any special talents? - Not really, I can solve some trig and calculus equations in my head…not sure if that’s much of a special talent though hahaha.

•Where were you born? - Cali.

•What are your hobbies? - Guitars, cigars and coffee, Gaming, and lifting weights.

•Do you have a pet? - Not at the moment.

•How tall are you? - 5’9".

•Dream job? - To work for NASA or SpaceX.

•Favorite subject in middle school? - Math.


•Tagging: @popes-ov-hell @wonderlandstragedy @darkdestroyer-15 @lisaluxe @comehitthis @im-so-gravestoned @valley-of-sacrifice @spacebabepeach @not100purrcentadick @azja-forever @mordivs-xiii @terr0rheart0ut @mastersofdisassters

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San si parece un panda XD solo le falta unas manchitas blancas

Pffff XDD

Si fuera un panda, el cabello seria blanco con rayas negras XD


Hellosassy: Sab it looks like a panda just lacks white spots XD

Sabastion: NO!

My response: Pfff XDD

 If he were a panda, his hair would be white with black streaks XD

Ask him! X> (Mainly Valentines Day asks, please!)

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What kind of little are you ?


Answer each question and at the end see which letter you got the most 😊!! If you got 2 or more of the same letter then thats your result😀 I made this for fun so please dont take it serious😅 and sorry for any spelling errors lol im doing this at 2am when i should be sleep 😂 have fun and let me know what you got or if you liked the quiz and would like more.

1. What do you like most ?

A. Being nurtured 🙂

B. Being put in time out 😮

C. Being guided ☺

D. Being praised 😌

E. Getting Attention 😄

F. Being given affection 😊

2. Which words best describe you ?

A. Sensitive Creative Emotional Introvert

B. Cheeky Funny Feisty Extrovert

C. Nervous Dependent kind Introvert

D. Polite Sweet Positive Honest

E. Hyper Dramatic Moody

F. Caring Selfless Compassionate

3. When is your bed time ?

A. Sometime after I’ve cried myself to sleep…😢

B. Duhh whenever i wanna go to sleep and you cant make me 😜

C. ….😶…..

D. 7pm of course, thats the time my caregiver says 😌

E. Whattt ??😣 Bed time already !! Imp dont wanna !!

F. *holds stuffie close to heart already asleep* 😴

4. I want my caregiver to… ?

A. Give me lots of reassurance ^~^

B. Do what i want !!! 😈

C. Hold my hand when we cross the street 🙂

D. To think I’m the best little ever 😄

E. Spend lots of time with me !! 😁

F. Cuddle me while we watch disney movies 🤗

5. *throws a stuffie at you*

A. Oww…😟 why’d you do that ? *sniffle*

B. *throws it right back* its on !!😎

D. That wasn’t very nice 😐I’m telling my caregiver.

C. *hides behind caregiver*

E. Hehehehe 😁

F. *worries if the stuffie is okay and picks them up for a hug* 🤗

6. Which emojis do you choose ?

A. 😭💔🙁

B. 😜😁😡

C. 😅😳🙈

D. 😇☺🥇

E. 😣😢🔊

F. ❤🤗😙

7. If you were a moive you’d be a ?

A. Sad or Heart touching one *gets the tissues*

B. Action or Horror *pops the popcorn*

C. Suspenseful one with plot twists *bites nails*

D. Inspirational or motivating movie that makes you feel positive.

E. Movie that demands your attention until the very end !!

F. Romance/Rom com *cuddle time*


Results !!

If you got (A) the most: Crybaby Little

You’re very sensitive, and your feelings are easily hurt. You don’t like confrontations, or anything scary. You sleep with a stuffie. You’re a sweetheart that loves animals, coloring, and your favorite snackies. You may try to hide your emotions from others, but you long for support and hugs. You cry a lot, but that’s only cause you have a big heart and deep feelings. Don’t be ashamed of crying little one.


If you got (B) the most: Bratty Little

You’re quite the handfull !! You’re mischievous but in a good way, you love to laugh and make other laugh too. You’re a lot of fun !! You have a rebellious streak and are a bit spoiled. You’re charming and show your love in a taunting way. Playing tag or with race cars is a lot of fun for you. You love sweets before dinner. You’re a sassy, bold and smart lil tiger !!


If you got © the most: Shy Little

You’re a cutie pie that gets easily flustered under pressure. You don’t like attention and prefer to be quite most of time. You get confused often and like for someone to help you with daily tasks. You have a lot of thoughts but don’t share them easily, its hard for you to trust. When you do trust, you open up and can be yourself more. You want to feel safe and cared for. You’re a soft baby that enjoys sipping their juice from their sippy cup in a quiet and soft blanket.


If you got (D) the most: Good Noodle Little

You’re such a pleasant little princess/prince !! You have the best manners, respect and follow rules, and are very helpful. You’re nice and treat others the way you want to be treated. Making your favorite little foods all by yourself makes you feel proud of yourself. You never have to be told to make the bed, or feed the puppy. You’re excellent at getting your chores or homework done. You aim for A’s and like to make people happy. Just make sure you know that as long as you’re doing your best that’s enough little princess and prince.


If you got (E) the most: Needy Little

Me me me !! You’re always trying to get attention, why ? Because why not ? You’re adorable, quirky, and endearing. All syou want is to be reassured that you’re loved and you sometimes feel misunderstood and clingy. You may fear abandonment or rejection. Its important to you that you’re not annyoing. You can be hyper and loud, you love to play with toys and sing. Try to communicate how you feel when you’re feeling lonely, its okay to be a needy baby.


If you got (F) the most: Loving Little

Hugs and kisses and heart emojis and cuddles and lots of love. You’re a very giving and kind little. You love to share your food with your stuffies and give them and the people in your life lots of love. You crave affection and want to feel adored. You love watching your favorite disney movies with a yummie snack. You love cute things and feeling cozy. You’re a good listener and a very lovable little indeed.


First time making a Quiz on here lol so again if you liked this or didn’t xD It was just for fun 💖

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Sabastian tengo curiosidad sobre tu pasado, nos podrías contar un poco de el como tu infancia o así por el estilo, no se creo que así podría comprenderte aún más ndeah. «🐉»

Su padre se salio con la suya con muchas cosas, Sab queria ser como el mientras crecia…

Sabastion beso a Cameron cuando era mayor, antes de conocer a Samantha, no te preocupes! X’>


Ese es Cameron, uff!


Anon: Sabastian I’m curious about your past, you could tell us a little about him as your childhood or so, I don’t think I could understand you even more. «🐉»

Sabastion: Well, my parents were very abusive to me, my father was an alcoholic who was always drunk while my carrier complained…I kissed a boy too, his name is Cameron…I hate him with passion now, he is a horrible man who shamed and humiliated me!

His father got away with many things, Sab wanted to be like him growing up…

Sabastion kissed Cameron when he was older, before he met Samantha, don’t worry! X’>


That’s Cameron, uff!

Ask him! X> (Mainly Valentines Day asks, please!)

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クイズ作家ならウミガメのスープ即答できる? Part.11

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