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Quakes wake between crevices

Standing staring at the spiral staircase

About to journey up

Two minutes - three


Hesitant smiles within

With gusts of joy

Three minutes - four


I decide to stay

Nothing to do

Four minutes - five


The steps are spiral

I’d much prefer straight

Six minutes - much better to stare


So I take the straight

One minute to gate

Seven minutes - up


L. Dagger

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Audrey Hepburn
The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows, and the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.
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More generally, a society where “it would be hilarious if someone threw acid on my political opponents” gets you a highly paid job at the government broadcaster and “lol I pranked my girlfriend by teaching her dog to make a rude gesture” gets you tormented for years by law enforcement and the heights of the media is fundamentally on the wrong track.
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I don’t see the joke in Brand’s case. Seems to me she genuinely wants someone to throw acid at those right wingers she dislikes.

I would like her to be fired, and be deplatformed. Consistency is important, what is also important is even when consistency is lacking to at least get a weak form of rules for me (left), much fewer rules for you (right).

If one side gets to deplatform and fire people over nothing, and another openly defends and claims to throw battery acid, that is beyond just inconsistency, into very dangerous territory of totalitarianism. The anti right wing bigotry among parts of the left is actually not only very unethical and disgusting but the hysteria is dangerous.

Even in my ideal world, there would be some negative consequences for this kind of rhetoric. Saying that people should throw battery acid at your political enemies is extremely asinine. There should be large tolerance for discussion of all sorts of controversial issues, but that is pretty over the line.

The right wing should milk this incident, and talk about correctly, the crisis of bigotry and totalitarianism and anti right wing viewpoints among the left, and brand Joe Brand as an evil extremist. Anti right wing bigot or a word to be synonym should become used commonly enough to enter common recognition. Instead of weakly whining about the left, the right could try to learn from the tactics used by certain groups just as Jewish diaspora, or even the left, to successfully make hatred be painted as illegitimate and evil. Generally, my take on all of this is that it actually is sensible to paint hatred and bigotry agaisnt you as bad, but as the SJW’s have done, it can be turned into stiffling or even supremacist territory. But at current trajectory of how things stand it is morally necessary to reduce the ammounts of anti right wing bigotry.

Generally, the right wing and center are very pathetic (but I find a healthy prescence of both is good, I just want non pathetic versions). When someone threatens to harm them, they should be treating him as leftwing or Jewish organisations are treating neonazis. Another thing that they should do, is to prefferably have neutral, applying consistent principles people capture institutions or control them. This is a win win prefferable. But where it isn’t possible, having some right wing biased media might help. In fact having both left wing, centrist with consistent, right wing, and even partisan ones having some shared inklings, is probably ideal.

Overall, I think the culture war works best when different sides recognise the other’s powers and have a healthy respect for how things could worsen, and choose not to escalate. And you also have enough people in power that are commited in more neutral, fairness, consistency ideals. One side dominating ends badly.

One might need to be flexible and at times where left wingers (or insert ethnic group) are getting out of control attacking other group side with underdog, at other times side with different group at circumstances change. The rigidity of permanently oppressor or oppressed groups are wrong, but it doesn’t change the fact that at certain circumstances you do need to oppose some hating assholes. However once the problem subsides, there is a necessity to recognize victory and turn down the heat, and stop treating people as enemies where they are not.

So, currently the right wingers (and even some who are somewhat centrist ish) should be more obsessed and making much more noise about Brand and similiars and using terms like totalitarianism, making comparisons with communist and bringing up thier mass murders and so on. Bringing up the case that this is neonazi rhetoric might also be useful. I recommend repeatedly saying things like extreme anti right wing bigotry is evil, unacceptable or needs to be condemned. Have blacklists of people who acted like this, and constantly bring up this behavior. And calling for Brand to be fired. Calling those comedians out, but in a more consistent way where even apolitic normies are able to get the message “this is not ok. Behaving like this is going to get you a lot of negative attention”.

While the heat of the culture wars (or of any war) is annoying, and you shouldn’t be starting fights, once a war is ongoing, you should be seeking at least a mutually acceptable and respectable peace. Sometimes it is better to fight than surrender to get there. Because surrender can at times bring destruction, and encourage bad behavior, and end at a worse equilibrium.
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@everydayfix, “Miss you here, today and everyday.”
Stop, let go.
When letting go, stop.

Remember that time you took me to the mall
and I lost my favorite stuffed elephant
somewhere between god knows where and a spiral of stores that looked exactly the same and not at all?

Sprinting one way only to second guess and sharp turn into the next,
fresh waves of panic starting before the last wave even had a chance to stop.

Start, stop, pivot, backwards, forward, not this way, maybe that way.

Finally spotting something short of a miracle in the parking lot
a little squished, a lot of wet and filled with the kind of experiences that can’t be repeated.

Relief spreading across your face,
tears barely a blink away waiting to race down my face.

This is how I remember you.
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David Freeman
Some people attempt to suppress any thoughts of their family and avoid seeing them for years at a time. However, they fill the vacuum by looking for replacements. They try to construct a new family based on what was not finished within the old family. When their new relationships begin to feel like and/or remind them of the old issues, they quickly revert to the behavioral patterns that were played out when they were still in contact with their family.
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Being around confident, positive people whom you respect gives you permission to believe there is abundance available to you too. No matter how impossible a situation may seem, a super-confident person who believes in something without a doubt is a force of nature that can inspire you to reach great heights.

You are a BADASS (Jen Sincero)

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The Caterpillar from “Alice in Wonderland” is real. When he told Alice that she in fact is not the real Alice, he meant she is still her ego. She hasn’t dropped it yet. She hadn’t become her authentic self. She failed to expand her mind & accept truth. I know this to be so because I’ve met the Caterpillar & he told me the same.

- 6.15.19

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