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You didn’t put a character so mmmmmm Mr. Bloom time :}

♥ - family headcanon

He doesn’t fully remember her, especially not her name, but he only ever knew his mother. His father was nonexistent in his life, especially after his mother brought him to America. He genuinely cannot remember much else about her except that she died when he was young.

☮ - friendship headcanon

Mr. Bloom is a solitary, reclusive, and openly hostile individual. It doesn’t help that he wholly despises the human race and is a first class misanthrope. The only individual he “tolerates” is Rag Doll.

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I STILL can't get over how cute you make everything! I despise Pyg, I dont know who Flamingo is, but holy shit they are cute as hell. I adore your style! 馃挄 Also I'm curious as to if you had drawn Black Mask with his mask? I feel like I've seen your version of him before without it, but I really don't remember (haven't looked on here for a while, sorry).

Roman: I’ve been here for a bit.

//thank you so much!! I like making characters who I like the concept of but don’t like the rest of them cute//

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