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Someone messaged me and asked if this account was a ‘satire’. Can someone please tell me what that means? I’m really scared.

Hashtag international RABIOSEXUAL🦠🥺👍🏼

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So, we adopted another rat from Craigslist, this one was a surrender for financial reasons. He is five months old and was living alone which… unfortunately means he’s now terrified of other rats. Integrations and intros have ended in minor blood wounds that we had to patch but he’s incredibly friendly to humans. 

For now Guillermo is living in the travel cage. We’re going to order his own cage since it looks like he might be living alone longer, which was not the hope I had but at least he has access to our exotics vet now, good food with a balance of fruits and veg, and mental stimuli every day. He’s such a happy excited boy. 

Rat count:
Five happy good boys living in a double critter nation. One was rescued from a snake food bin because of how highly friendly he was. Two adoptees off of craigslist, one breeder rat, one was a pet store rat. Raz, Z, Possum, Nico, Varney
One foster boy with hormonal aggression whose cagemate died just before surrender. Treated for lice and doing rehab work but who still bites humans and refuses contact. Richard, was named before he came here.
One good boy not acclimated to other rattos. Loves humans, very curious. Was named Rin before he came here, is Guillermo now.

Sorry about the flash, Guillermo.

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