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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I can just picture RDJ doing an interview in the future where he jokes about the early reviews for Dolittle. He’ll probably say something like, “they said it was horrendous. But I was just making a kids movie!” Then he’ll laugh hysterically because he couldn’t care less. Probably doesn’t give two shit about it now, all hanging out in Berlin with his fancy actor friends.

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Back from Dolittle and I actually had a good time watching it. It was a little too simple, but fun and actually made me feel better for the day.

I definitely needed this after a hard week

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rdj deserved that nomination and i am so goddamn pissed.

tony went thru so many hoops and leaps and bounds and ups and downs throughout the ungodly emotional rollercoaster that is endgame and he portrayed them all excellently

this was a performance born out of 10 YEARS of playing a character he knew in his bones by the end

tony’s death was something that had to be NEGOTIATED because rdj didnt know if he could bring it in himself to reshoot the scene all over again JUST SO WE COULD GET THE NOW FOREVER IMMORTALIZED “I AM IRON MAN”

he was broken, he was vindictive, he was funny, he was kind, he was dying to his last breath, he was a good caring loving father, he was in tears of joy, he was frightful, he was brave, he was heroic, he was at peace, he was suave, he was TONY FREAKIN IRON MAN STARK in all of his glory all in one movie

he played the character on so many fucking levels and i just-

i’m not the type of person to get hung up on oscar snubs, but rdj’s farewell performance as tony stark not even being ACKNOWLEDGED is a goddamn travesty

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RDJ’s “Broken Heart” literally makes me cry every single time I hear it. Like not only does he have an excellent singing voice, the song encapsulates everything I love about him. Ah…so good.

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