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#rdj ellen

Oh dude, this is… Why? WHY? I don’t care if this was scripted, it was just wrong and I am disappointed. It’s 2020 and that “taylor write songs about men” joke is old. Every artist write songs about their life, but they only come for women. It is not funny, it is disrespectful and the fact that robert said it, it makes me sad. I would love an apologise. This is wrong and disappointing coming from a men that I thought was not in that place and was smarter than that.


Fair edit: Have to add, I know this is not entirely his fault. I know he didn’t write this. But I also know that the hosts read what they have to say before recording to avoid any problem while reading it live. And I am not only calling out robert for agreeing on saying it, I am calling out the writers of this show. And it makes me sick to think that this show belongs to a WOMAN who claims to be friends with taylor, yet she allow her writers do this. This is misogyny. This is sexism. This is being against women and making fun of them with no reason at all, on a show that has so many viewers around the world. This sucks and should stop already.

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I didn’t think it was true but RDJ really DID spend 5 minutes talking about animal genitalia why is he like this 

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