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#realistic cat drawing

pencil drawings

  • 1 pet (size DIN 4A / 21x30cm) 50 €
  • additional pet (in the same drawing) + 18 €
  • 10% discount when more than one drawing is requested
  • prices for different sizes as well as prices for portraits of people can be discussed individually
  • all prices include worldwide shipping of the original
  • upfront payment via Paypal

To commission me message me here on Tumblr or on my art Instagram @maikes_art (there you can also see more of my work)


I’d be very happy if you could help sharing this, thank you ♡

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I have always wanted to visit New Jersey for the incredible landscape. Since becoming a professional Pet Portrait Artist I have had many clients from the US in multiple states such as Florida, Alabama, Indiana, California, New Mexico, Texas and many more. This has allowed me to gain experience for drawing a wide range of cat and dog breeds.

‘Ash’ Cat Portrait- New Jersey, USA

This was the most unique portrait I have completed so far. it was commissioned for a small locket so I had to get the measurements exactly right.

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Welcome to my blog. I’m Sema and from my little cottage in Wales I have created this series of blog posts to help other artists on their journey of becoming great! I specialise in colour pencil as a medium and have created many pet portraits for customers all over the world. You can read more about my journey by clicking the button below.

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