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Submitted December 11, 2019 at 08:27AM by sexgodalphamale
(Via reddit

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Parents Discovered that I’m an Atheist and now they’re kicking me out.

I come from an extremely Christian household. We go to church every Sunday, pray before every meal, and read The Bible as a family, the whole works. I am an atheist, but I put up with doing all of their ridiculous bullshit when I visit to avoid drama. I am 28M and between jobs at the moment so I’ve been staying at my parents’ house for the past few months. That is… until today.

Earlier today I was in my room watching Christopher Hitchens (RIP) montages on my computer while I was waiting to leave for an interview. When I got back from the interview, I was greeted at the door by my mother, who was furious at what she saw on my computer. She called me names like “evil,” “arrogant,” and “idiot.” She even said that she “suspected I was an atheist” because I’m “such a loser.”

This is where I messed up. The interview went poorly, so I was already in a bad mood which is probably why I responded this way. She asked me, “How could you deny the intelligence of the Creator?” “Shut the fuck up, bitch” I angrily replied “How could you force me to worship a deity made up by 3000 year old ignorant farmers whose teachings have led to the death and destruction of countless individuals?” She was not happy. Not. One. Bit. She exploded into tears and anger, I was scared she would hit me. Long story short she kicked me out of the house and my dad helped me pack everything into my truck where I’m typing this from.

Ironic huh? The Bible teaches love and peace but my parents wont let me live in their basement while I find a job. It just goes to show that deep down Christians are bad people.

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