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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#ref sheet

Made Five into a mer-shape thing, cuz I thought it was cute, based his designed off a betta fish. 

NicknamesPretty fishy (Used only by Opal and his lover,), Fancy-fin (Used by  his close servant and his brothers on rare occasions)


Kind and shy with a strong tail and fancy fins, Five is quite the desired fish. He’s the heir to the throne of his kingdom, and has four biological siblings plus Opal, a friend so close she basically became his sister. Five is very fond, if not attracted, to shiny or glowing objects and has a large collection of pearls, coins, bio-luminescent things and other trinkets. He’s nervous around almost all shapes unless he knows them really well, but no matter who he talks to, he always has a bit of a stutter to his voice. Five is also scared of the dark and usually finds himself in the deep dark parts of the ocean one way or another, usually chasing a trinket he dropped. He did find a light in the darkness on one of his trips, and fell for a certain angler fish- unfortunately not a lot of shape are fond of that…


~ He’s very small, most average or ‘small’ shapes have at least a couple inches of height difference on him.

~ Five hates being called nicknames by shapes he doesn’t know very well, but he won’t admit it.

~ He’s a gay smol bean, insult him and I’ll stab you.

~ Five loves small gifts, even if its just an hour of quality time with someone.

Five open for asks if you would like to interact with him~

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PJs Version with totally rad Pig Destroyer shirt:

New annual reference sheet for my Fursona, Lunch. This thing took me way longer to draw than I’d like to admit. (18 days). I really don’t like doing these but ya gotta do it! XD;;

Not what my Pig Destroyer shirt looks like but there’s no way I’m drawing Robojack every time. 

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Underwear version of my new ref sheet for Lunch. Better for seeing the patterns. These chonies are actually based on the boyshorts and bralettes from
MeUndies Only the finest MicroModal® for this butt XD

I think the canon narrative is Lunch definitely ordered these bad boys and DEFINITELY entered code “mybrother” at checkout

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lately i’ve been treating myself to making little ref sheets of all my ruedifaces

theyre all terriblle theyre all problematic

except the goat he can stay hes a good boy

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Finally- after a whole damn week of rearanging, sketching and drawing its finally done-

This is an extended Senemocija ref sheet, finally with some lore too

Everything is explained in the ref sheets, but if you have more questions please ask me before making one!

Thank you for everyone who made a senemocija so far, it means a lot to me to know so many people are interested! Thats why I will keep working on this passion project and I will keep updating it! Remember, you guys are the one making it happen

Reblogs are nice! :D

Anu, Brax and Max belong to @leftpancakes

Zelus belongs to @ariana39

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