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Okay so I had like two past life dreams so far

I think

I hope

I don’t really know tho it’s just a gut feeling

One is where I’m a dad and I’m on these islands and I’m trying to look for my son and also I don’t like being colonized

And just today I was a species of fruit I have never seen before and I was probably a very young soul and I met my current crush for the first time I think? (I knew there was something special about our connection!!)

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Have you run across the book 'Dress in the Age of Jane Austen, Regency Fashion' by Hilary Davidson? I received it for Christmas and would def recommend!

I have not seen that one - but I think there might be some space for it in my Regency reference collection…

Thanks for the pointer!

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Building a Hügelkultur: A First Attempt Guide

Spring is coming, I can feel it in my bones, which means it’s a good time to prepare my raised beds! Hence my impulse driven project of chopping up my Christmas tree and building a hügelkultur as dusk started to fall.

For those who don’t know, a hügelkultur is a German permaculture-esque practice of burying logs and branches with compost to create a raised bed. As the wood decomposes, it releases water and nutrients that the plants can easily access, meaning you don’t have to fertilize or water as often. Sustainability rocks!


Step 1: Dig a big hole. I’m doing this in raised bed boxes, but you can do it anywhere.

Step 2: Lay a bed of logs and branches, logs on the bottom, branches on top. Make sure you have a decent layer, branches like to spring but the woody material is what holds all the good stuff. I’m only using the branches, since the trunk of the tree is going to be firewood, but this has been done with full trees. Like, full maples. Big ass trees.


Step 3: Organic material! Kitchen scraps, partially decomposed compost, garden cuttings. I have a camellia that drops it’s flowers all over my pathway, so I was able to use those and do a bit of witchcraft while building this thing.


Step 4: Brown material! All those dried leaves, the soggy mess from your gutters, all of it. Plop on top.


Step 5: Cover it all up with a layer of fully composted material and the soil you dug out when you made that big hole.

This raised bed will be decomposing for several years, and as it decomposes, the soil will get richer and richer. As it is, it’s a really soft and springy bed, great for root systems.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this guide!

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[Character Reference]

Name:Lunamoon Moonlight








Shimmer(lil bro), Violence (second lil bro),Aurora(third lil bro),Gaster(Dad),Gunster(uncle)


Shooting stars(only during night time)

Moon Staff

Shadow Claw

Shadow Ball


He’s a good person. He shows mercy to people who needs it only. The first guardian. Guardian of the Moon/Dark


-sour food

-his own brothers

-Sour plum lemon


-Dark edgy place(like nightmare’s castle)


-too bright places(maybe)

-sweet food

-Coffee seeds(it’s drugs)

-Coffee(alcohol. Other coffees are fine)

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Stop falling in love with unobtainable straight guys. Fall in love with unobtainable gay guys instead. I mean I’m right here. I’m barely a concept. Unobtain me

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I have been looking for information on the internet on how comics can be written and drawn faster. This video has been given me a tutorial on how to do faster drawings.

As I’ve been working on my graphic novel, I felt like I’m drawing to slow, as if my own comics were to be published in every year instead of every month or week. I can see that I normally get 3 or 4 pages done each week. In my future, I want to learn how to get comics done faster so that I can publish my stories every week or month instead of every year.

I understand that some comics are written and drawn by groups, but currently I am not in any group. I hope from this reference video, I can learn to keep working and find ways to draw faster.

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