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#relationship quotes

Miss you so much when I’m lying in bed thinking about, you lying next to me. Neither i can tell you nor i can forget you, it’s just getting deeper and deeper by the days are passing. I know i can bear this much because i believe in me and you. Moving on is not possible that’s why I’m here anticipating and waiting. I’m here and leaving without you is meaningless.

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“Show me the location of where your line between stability and instability lies in your mind, and I’ll show you that I couldn’t care less about how steadily you stand straight; as long as you’re standing by me.”

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You asked me, “how is your art so beautiful?”

My love,

I pour my love for you into each brushstroke,

I weave the words with the sound of our heartbeats,

I paint the skies with the warmth of the colors you make me feel,

I see you in all the wonderful blues and daunting reds, I paint my dreams with you

And in every piece of my art, there’s me and there’s you.

~YK, Loving And Losing You

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My heart absolves to just “ love you ” all my life

It is hight of my faith in you , my prayer .

cyyrusdd dar , no one else will do .

author writer & owner of - whisperinghopeswithpoetry / poet’s figurativ

All copyrights reserved. My Originals .


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I don’t need you anymore,

Because I don’t see the stars in your eyes anymore,

Because it doesn’t hurt when you don’t look my way

Because I’ve learned that I belong to me first

-YK, Loving and Losing you

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This man.

This man right here is the reason I am so open to the world today. He is the reason I believe that men can be good people again. He showed me that, even after I’ve made a collection of poor choices, I am lovable. Trustable. Respectable.

He’s given me endless support and guidance on my journey to love, trust, & respect myself for the first time ever.

  • Never have I reached out my hand for him to not grasp it (figuratively & literally).❤
  • Never have I cried alone, I never had to.
  • Never have I wondered where he was, what he was doing, or if he was being loyal & respectful of me.❤

I love you I love you I love you. Thank you for showing me what love is. For creating an endlessly exciting and expansive relationship with me. Thank you for reminding me to stay humble but also complementing me and lifting up to the skies every single day.❤

You are #1. You are my partner in life & love.❤ I hope one day you can see your wonderful self just how I see you. ❤

Thank you for loving me as deeply as I love you. ❤

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