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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Part 6 - Anti | The Outsider Girl
Please don’t text me later. Don’t leave your regret in a message, I won’t read it. Matter of fact, just forget me later. A newfound stranger isn’t someone I’ll pity.
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That’s the thing about almost or unrequited love, people do not understand the pain you’re feeling because they think you never had anything substantial. Because they think it never happened, so how can something that didn’t happen hurt you so much? Because they think if people can get over break ups, loss of loved ones, how can you not get over your unrequited love story? They belittle your pain by saying things like it’s about where you met or how the circumstances weren’t ideal. And the worst, ‘what else did you expect?’ I guess the only reason they don’t understand it is because they weren’t stuck in that limbo. That limbo where you were about to get what you wanted, where they almost loved you, they could’ve loved you only if. That only if does not rest till it eats away at your soul. And that’s the thing about mourning unrequited love, it hurts as bad if not worse as requited love not working out. But you’re made to feel as though it’s wrong for you to feel that pain.

— we almost dated, but I was in love

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I used to regret ever getting to know him, but now I’m forever grateful for the people that came in my life through him. Might’ve gotten a few more issues in my head, but I also got new amazing people I’m proud to call friends.

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And then I found someone. Someone who mysteriously managed to make me smile, even on the hardest of days. Someone who never left, even through the toughest of times. And someone who never gave up on me, and stuck by my side when nobody else would.

I need this to workout. I need this one person to not end up leaving like everybody else. I need this one person to stay. Please don’t let that be too much to ask for.

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