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How many animals do you have?

Two cats and three dogs

My baby beans I’ve had since rescued kittens, Temmie and Kahlua, American short haired/ Maine Coons

Maxwell my lil sis’ service dog (now for all our mental breakdowns and such lol) he’s a Pomchi, Pomeranian Chihuahua

Josie is a puppy mill mum of 8+ years and has finally come around to learning those toys AREN’T actual babies and she can play with them and enjoys grass very much (she’s a near solid dark chocolate Dachshund so was over bred to get that nice perfect dark black Doxie breed, look up Arkansas puppy mill raid 2016ish-2018, the lady plead insanity and got a slap on the hand for what she did)

Then we have Sassy, or as I call her, Potato, Baked Potato, she’s my grandmums Australian Shepherd, an old lady with a happy wiggly butt instead of a tail ❤️

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Puppy Report!

(Rudolph wanted his food NOW! Or so help him hes gonna eat through the kennel to get it)

Number of total dogs: 150

Number of puppies hanfled: about 60

Best name of the night: King and Kong (2 brothers)

Random things said: “Stop putting your foot in my pocket”

“Please dont stick your paw in my mouth again, thats gross”

“Thank god for wieners”

Overall: it was a busy night with not much adventure or noteworthy activities.

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Meet Lenny! Lenny isn’t ours, but since it’s apparently paralysis week at The Pipsqueakery he’s staying here for a short time while his family figures out how to handle his new disability.

Lenny was brought to our vet today with no movement or response in his hind limbs, and a complete inability to empty his own bladder. His owners were understandably nervous about managing this major change in his condition especially over a weekend when veterinary help is not easily available.

So, we’re watching Lenny for the time being to help establish a schedule for emptying his bladder manually and figuring out what he can still do on his own (for example he isn’t really eating and drinking well on his own right now). He also may have dental disease based on our vet’s observations, the sound I hear him making when he chews, and his runny eye.

Whatever happens next we will be here for Lenny’s humans to help them figure out the best thing for Lenny! #rabbit #netherlanddwarf #rescue #sanctuary #love

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Finally managed to finish this little one. Though I feel sorry for Alan, I fix him up only to whump him again. 

The prompts used: hard, yesterday and “I’m trying!”


The aftershock dissipated as Virgil ran into the building. People were trapped on the fourth floor and he had been assigned to rescue them. Virgil jumped up the stairs, the Jaws of Life making the leaps effortlessly. He was on the fourth floor in no time and looked around. They were trapped in a meeting room with only one exit. Virgil took a left only to jump back. There was a hole in the floor, a steel re-enforcement beam had fallen through and take out the floor. Virgil was perplexed. This isn’t the sort of thing that should happen. His knowledge of building structures was incredible thanks to the many rescues, and he had kept the knowledge fresh as it came in handy too often. He knew this shouldn’t happen. Though whatever the cause, the beam was blocking a door. Virgil eyed up the other side. It should hold. He took a few steps back and took a running leap at the gap. He landed it perfectly. Virgil carefully headed to the door and knocked.

“Hello? International Rescue.”

“Hello! We’re in here!” A muffled voice replied, “Help us!”

“I’m going to get you out of here. Stand back from the door. I’m going to remove the blockage.”

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Today Steve has learned that he can hop over the baby gate keeping him in his room. By hop, I mean sorta gracefully flop over the baby gate, but either way, Steve has learned to escape. He figured it out last night for the first time and apparently did it again today because he wanted to go sniff all the other animals at The Pipsqueakery.

Luckily, we can contain him with 2 baby gates stacked on top of each other, but when we are home with him we like him to be able to peek over the top of the gate. I guess this could be considered progress though since by hopping the baby gate Steve is actively moving towards us. Alas, I worry this “progress” is the first step to waking up with a capybara in our bed one morning.
Steve apparently needs more space though so I guess I should ask you all to check out our fundraisers for the rescue center at, You can also donate through Venmo to @thepipsqueakery, or through PayPal to! #capybara #escape #sanctuary #rescue #capy #cantaloupe

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Tomorrow 🗡⛓🔗
@halfwayhomeanimalrescueteam ’s #selfdefense #fundraisingevent this #saturday !! ❤️🐾 Tickets on #eventbrite , their #facebook page and 👱🏻‍♀️🤜💥🩸
#halfwayhomeanimalrescueteam #karate #animal #charity #fundraiser #supportlocalrescues #helpanimals #animalcharity #animalrescue #rescue #animals #rescueanimals #animallove #animallover #animallovers #instaanimals #charityevent #fundraising #saveanimals #savealife #defendyourself
#gif from #taylorswift ’s #badblood #musicvideo 🩸🗡

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Diabetic kitty rescue!

Vera came into Hamilton Animal Services when her owner was evicted. After a short time at the shelter, staff noticed that Vera was drinking an excessive amount of water. A blood test showed that she was diabetic. Staff started her on insulin and kept her blood levels regulated over the weeks she spent in their care.

We were lucky enough to secure a foster home who has experience with diabetic cats, and got Vera out of the shelter. On her rescue day, Vera had a visit with Dr. Camilleri at @villagecatclinic for a check-up and a more comprehensive blood test to check for any other health issues. She did great during her visit, and purred up a storm for Dr. Camilleri. Such a sweet girl!

Vera is now settling in at her foster home. She’ll continue on insulin and special food, and her foster family will be reporting her blood levels to the vet clinic over the next week to be sure we’re on the right path. Hopefully all will stay well!

We’ll keep you updated on how Vera is doing.

Welcome to Ladybird, Vera! We’re thrilled you’re here!

Visit our website to see the many ways you can help Vera, and all the other animals in our care:

#ladybirdanimalsanctuary #lookwhatlovecando #hamont #hamilton #animalrescue #rescue #rescued #rescuedanimals #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #foster #fostering #fosterpet #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #catstagram #rescuecat #rescuedcats #rescuedcatsofinstagram #diabetic #diabeticcat #diabeticcats #diabeticcatsofinstagram

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Morgens halb 6 in Deutschland 😉… wo ist mein Knoppers

#retten #rettungsdienst #rescue #112 #diejohanniter #asb #brk #drk #malteser #rkt #dlrg #rettungsdienst_bayern #feuerwehr #notfall #retterherz #rettungssanitäter #retterfit #photooftheday #photography #photographer #photo #beautiful #einsatz #doctor #arzt #krankenhaus #hospital (hier: Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.v. Bevölkerungsschutz Nürnberg)

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Take Care 

by winterhill M, 5k

Summary:  The three of them are travelling together, and Wei Wuxian still hasn’t worked out how madly in love Lan Wangji is with him. Wen Ning can’t think of the right way to tell him (especially because he accidentally saw Lan Wangji taking care of some of his frustrations).

Maybe they’ll work it out for themselves?

My comment:  lol

Excerpt:  Wei Ying sighed, his laughter falling away as quickly as it had come on. “Wen Ning, Wen Ning. He wants to keep me where he can see me. But I can’t work out what he thinks I’m going to do.”

Wen Ning was not a matchmaker, to go between his oblivious master and the obviously interested Hanguang-Jun. But he couldn’t let Wei Wuxian continue thinking that he was unloved.

“I believe it is more than that,” he said, and then added, “Young Master,” for good measure.

“What else could he want me for?” asked Wei Wuxian. He wobbled a bit, unsteady.

Wen Ning, who had an excellent grasp of what Lan Wangji wanted Wei Wuxian for, thanks to the show the night before, had no idea what to say. Mercifully, he was saved by Lan Wangji returning to their rooms and casting him a baleful glare.

cynophobia, fear of dogs, drunkenness, oblivious wei wuxian, accidental voyeurism, pining, rescue, loyalty, canon divergence, humor

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