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Desenfrendas Review: 1 - I want to get the f*** away

(Why are the titles in English? ☹️)

The cold start is A+ 👌 I hope Marcela is okay. (Also Rocío is cute.)

Love the intro. Kind of makes me think of old 80s/80s-themed movies.


Rocío! Neurosurgeon Barbi! 😍 I mean… those scrubs. I have never seen a more beautiful scrub-wearing person. I love her already.

Vera is… 😬 I hope the character will become sympathetic later on.

Carlota’s intro omg 😂 I think I love her already too.

Marcela 😟 what a complicated character already! I love her too


I can’t unsee Rocío from Barbi yet – seriously sometimes I can’t concentrate on the story because I’m just going 😍 at her. However, I also know that objectively she is a very interesting character. I mean, the dead sister, the mother who can’t let go of the other daughter, the father who expects so much of her, and that only-boyfriend-turned-fiancé. What an intense and complicated backstory. I hope we see more of her ghost/imagination-sister too. (Also, I want Juan Pablo to go away, to put it non-violently. I definitely covered the screen every time he kisses/tries to kiss Rocío. Disgusting man.)

The other character with the intense and complicated backstory is Marcela, but that was obvious from the trailers. I can’t wait to see the show explore more about her.

I did not expect this, but I love Carlota. She’s a great friend, she seemed the most woke, and she does poetry. Out of all of them, she’d probably be the person I’d be friends with.

Vera… 😬 I thought, from that trailer, that Vera getting passed over a promotion was some injustice. It wasn’t. It was totally fair. She’s a brat. I don’t know why Rocío and Carlota are friends with her.


Those are 4 women with very distinct but believable personalities and stories. That alone has me sold.

I loved how Rocío, Carlota, and brat Vera started singing to that really catchy song towards the end. (Shazam says it’s En El 2000.) I hope they do it every episode.

One other thing that I loved is how they did not shy away from showing women masturbating and peeing (or maybe she was doing #2?), and both scenes were presented in a very non-sexual way. A+++ on this one. I hope they continue showing women’s bodily functions (and bodies) in this way.


TLDR: Solid first episode. Great characters. I’d watch this even if Barbi wasn’t in it. I did not like all the hetero-kissing, but the singing made up for it.

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  • Started: February 10th, 2020
  • Finished: February 10th, 2020

While the first volume in the Runaways series shows the potential for the series to be good fun I found it bogged down in a lot of tropes and cliches and it overall felt a bit dated.

Runaways: Pride & Joy [Goodreads] follows six teens from mega-rich families in Malibu. Alex, Gertrude, Karolina, Nico, Molly, and Chase have known each other their whole lives and their parent have been business partners for just as long. During a dinner party of theirs, the kids decide to spy on their parents only to discover that their parents are seemingly a part of a villainous cabal called Pride.

Vaughan relied heavily on well-worn tropes and archetypes to quickly convey characters and relationships. I understand why this was necessary given the limited pages he had to work with, but doing this hurt my ability to connect with these characters. They all never went outside of the bounds of their rigid archetypes enough for me to really connect with them. I’m sure that more layers and depth will be added to the characters as the series continues and I’m willing to accept the basic nature of these characters for now.

The parents in this volume felt like caricatures rather than people. I find this a bigger problem than the teens being archetypes because they acted completely outside of the bounds of what I think is reasonable behavior for people in their position. I know, I know, it’s a comic book, but Vaughan really pushed my suspension of disbelief with this. These parents were ready and willing to throw hands with their own children rather than talking to them. It’s hard to believe that they’re these master manipulators who’ve kept their secret villainous ways from the public for over a decade would do something with such a high chance of failure rather than any other method of obfuscation.

While I know this is only the first volume in this series the pacing of this book felt a bit too rushed for my tastes. I felt we barely got to know the kids and their parents before the plot kicked into high gear. A lot of my problems with the characterization in this book could have been solved if we had just spent more time in the “normal'” world before the inciting incident. I would have gotten a better sense of these characters rather than having to unfold the tangle of character motivations in the middle of nonstop action.

I have mixed feelings with regard to the art style of this book. I’m not very fond of Adrian Alphona’s facial expressions from time to time. He pushes expression to ugly looking extremes occasionally to emphasize emotions and I found it a bit garish to look at when it was done often. Other than that I generally liked the art and coloring of the book. I would also highly recommend checking out Jo Chen’s covers for the single issues of this because they were absolutely gorgeous.


I think Runaways has the potential to really grow into something great. I think this fist volume is a bit too generic for my tastes but I’m willing to keep going through the series if only to see what the fuss is about. Vaughan laid down the foundations of something potentially interesting.

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Abominable… This is one of these movies I was really hyped for when I first saw the trailers, but then never went to see in cinemas when the controversy due to the Nine-Dash Line happened. But now that I got a chance to see it, I was still curious. Was the rest good? Bad? Just mediocre? Eh, why not have a look?

Plot summary:

Teenager Yi and her friends Peng and Jin live in the big cities, all busy with their own lives. Yi herself is even too busy to spend any reasonable amount of time with her mother and grandmother. Then, one day, she comes across an Yeti which escaped from the facility where it was being held. With it being hunted down by scientists and those wishing to prove the creature’s existence no matter the cost, Yi and her friends find themselves swept up into an adventure with the Yeti, whom they call Everest, in hopes of bringing him back to his home at the mountain of the same name.


The story was kind of basic, but it was executed pretty decently. It’s not How To Train Your Dragon in terms of taking something overdone and doing something brand new with it. That said, I still think it’s quite good! We’ve got this beautiful journey the characters embark on. It also has a very heartwarming connection to the late father of Yi, who (as it turns out) wanted to take her on the exact journey they ended up coincidentally going on to deliver Everest back home. Nothing groundbreaking I’d say, but still done properly.

The characters are quite good, too. We have Yi learning to accept things as they are after her father died and she never quite recovered from that. Peng and Jin grow as characters, too. Even one of the major villains turns out to have the capability to change for the better in the end. It’s just done very well. The only character I really found myself not getting into is the *sigh* twist villain. The movie sets up the old man who is a Yeti-hunter to be the main big bad with the scientist lady being the lesser evil, but in the end they pull the big ol’ switcharoony and it turns out she’s bad and he’s the one who does the right thing. Just didn’t care for her at all, even as a villain.

The animation is nothing short of beautiful. Dreamworks delivers once again with a breathtaking story, visually at the very least. Movements are good, smooth and realistic, and the fantastical elements really work as well! I honestly don’t have much to say on this front, it’s just really good.


As for the other visuals, they are mostly the same. The environments are really pretty, the colors are well-chosen and fit the scenes, you just want to explore these locations. The human character designs work really well, too! I did have a little trouble getting into Everest’s design at first, as I thought he kinda looked like a rejected soft Trollhunters character, but you grow to like his design throughout the film.

The humor was maybe a tad juvenile at times, but I overall had a good time watching this and thought it suited well enough to the tone of the movie. It’s decent.

The soundtrack was nice, too. The background music (mostly the violin parts) were beautiful and worked a lot. There are some instances where pop-like songs will be playing in the backgrounds, though, which did at times kind of take me out of the movie.

Finally, for the voice acting, it was good, too!


If you look past the controversy, I definitely think this has something good to offer! It may not be the most outstanding of Dreamworks’ features, but I did like what I saw.

Overall score:

★ 3.5/5 stars!

So, do I recommend you watch this? Depends. Maybe you can find a torrent or something, who knows. I won’t recommend seeing this in cinemas, however, due to the propaganda. But, again, that’s for you to figure out. If nothing I talked about here spoke to you, even disregarding the controversy, then don’t bother. But if you think there’s something here like I do, maybe check it out. 

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62/365 movies in 2020: House In Haunted Hill, 1959. AKA: Women Scream Gratingly Whilst Nothing Scary Happens. Quality 4/10 Entertainment 2/10. Not only is this not a good film, this is a genuinely *bad film. It joins my list of ‘remarkably bad films made by reasonably competent filmmakers ’ - alongside films like 'Fight Club’, and 'Thor’. Is it meant to be scary? Is it meant to be funny? By the standards of its genre maybe this is adequate, but by the standards of the industry as a whole it’s laughably bad. It’s remarkable only for its willingness to be maliciously unpleasant.

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i didn’t expect this book to be that good but it actually is. it’s a little confusing but the plot is exciting the sort of post apocalyptic world is haunting the protag is actually likeable(and he has the name of a guy i used to have a crush on haha)and there’s even an mlm char who can actually FIGHT

the Ghost Seekers by Devon Taylor. surprisingly amazing

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Okay, i just need to say, I finished Red, White, and Royal Blue and AHHHHHHH

This book was fucking amazing

The love story was beautiful, but it was even more than that, a freaking spectacular weaving of politics, history, fun and hilarity, with a fantastic message of hope, acceptance and just overall such a touching story. It blew me away and its definitely one of my all time favorite stories.

I thought it would be great, I was even extremely hooked with in the first 2 chapters, but I still hadnt expected to be so moved and deeply in love with this book.

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Selena Gomez - Rare (Review):

  • Rare - The opening and title track of the album isn’t as you may have expected it to be. The track starts of with a kick drum which carries on throughout. Her vocals are soft and airy, on the track and the gentle extending of the words ‘so’ and ‘rare’ add this dreamy nature to the track. Selena seems to be at a place of self love, she knows her worth and is looking for someone who will look at her and be able to recognise that she is rare. The positive prospective gives you a feeling of a fresh start, starting the album on a strong note.
  • Dance Again - This groovy track starts on a lighter note and the beat slowly builds. Although she sings about feeling so good to dance again, that however signifies her being at a place where she feels herself again and how that makes her feel. It’s a great track cleverly done as in its literal sense makes you want to dance to it, however it also has a deeper message that holds personal value to Selena elevating it from being just a fun track. You also seem to get lost in this infectious track and feel a sense of euphoria.
  • Look At Her Now - This track is one that you can really vibe to with its slick production. The songs lyrical focus is on her growth, and how her struggles have made her stronger. She’s confident enough in who she is that she knows that if she wanted love she’d be able to find it. The ‘mmmhmm’ provides the track with its most infectious moment which leaves it stuck in your mind. During the final moments of the track the backing vocals lift the track to a new height giving you a sense of euphoria. 
  • Lose You To Love Me - This piano driven ballad served as the lead single and is one of the most vulnerable and personal moment on the album. Here she lets you in on the relationship of topic in terms of all she went through and what she felt. She found that letting him go was what it took for her to feel free. A beautiful track that you totally get lost in and encapsulated by, particularly during the chorus when the choir of ‘to love, love….’ kicks in. The chorus gives you a feeling of vastness. In terms of its placement on the album it would have had a stronger transitional moment lyrics wise if it were to have been placed before ‘Look At Her Now’. 
  • Ring - Now we come to this sassy latin influenced track that has a groovy nature to it particularly in the chorus. On this track she seems to be the puppet master, singing about having someone wrapped around her finger like a ring. The track is a fun track that gets you moving your head to it. Certain production moments on the track give it a dreamy feel.
  • Vulnerable - This track immediately surrounds you with its dreamy feel elicited through the production both on the track and vocals, placing you in a euphoric state. This feeling is heightened when listening to it using headphones. On this track the lyrics really standout with her saying that if she had to chose between staying vulnerable or letting go she’d go with the first option. The build in the beat during the bridge has a tribal feel to it that you wouldn’t typically pair together with a track of this nature, yet it works so well. The tracks on point production elevates it to another level making it far from the typical and one of the strongest moment on the album.
  • People You Know - This track has a clean production that allows the vocals to be at the front of the beat, there is a sense of a build up occurring through the pace of her vocals and the beat change. However just as you get to the peak of the build, the moment the chorus hits you are taken by surprise. As the build makes you think that there is going to be something more hard hitting then what follows. You seem to get lost in the track during the chorus due to the repetitive lyrics and then during the the bridge. Near the end of the bridge when Selena sings ‘From people you know, to people you don’t’ you get a sense of urgency through her delivery. The song lyrically is about how people can change and those you once thought you knew, you no longer know. 
  • Let Me Get Me - The track starts of with a howl which is also featured during the chorus giving it a playful touch. It’s a funky track that has a hectic beat as its seems to have a lot going on, however it does make you want to move your body. Here it seems like she is on a high and doesn’t want anyone to bring her down. It’s a fun track.
  • Crowded Room (Ft. 6LACK) - This track is a really light feeling track that gives you a sense of intimacy through the production and how her vocals fit with the beat. However that feeling of intimacy is put forward through the lyrics where she sings ‘Even in a crowded room, baby its just me and you’. During the chorus the use of head voice takes you by surprise as we don’t hear Selena utilise it as much usually. The feature elevates the track with his dreamy and airy verse where you feel like you are floating. The track ends on an acoustic vibe.
  • Kinda Crazy - The track opens in a very similar way to ‘Look At Her Now’, on here her vocals are gentle and airy. Its a fun track that you seem to get lost in with its light but groovy feel. Here she sings about the guys behaviour being kinda crazy. Its a track that you will want to strut to and a great one to have on your playlist for when you go for a run or hit the treadmill. 
  • Fun - This track is exactly what the title states fun. Here she sings about this person being fun even if they may not end up being the one. This track will lift your mood and make you want to snap your fingers along to its snappy beat. Thats pretty much all that is to it, here all she wants to do is just be lost in the moment and enjoy life. It feels like it will fit well playing in the background during a cosy sleepover with friends.
  • Cut You Off - This track has a more moodier tone particularly through the beat, and her vocals seem a little more serious when comparing to those on the previous two tracks. This track has a groovy feel to it and the vocal builds during the chorus provide it with such a slick and dreamy feel. The ‘You-ooooh’ moments in the chorus give the track a cosy feel that you can get lost in. The guitar moment during the bridge gives the track a jazzy edge that you can slow dance to. She sings about letting go of something she toxic that she once mistook for love. 
  • A Sweeter Place (Ft. Kid Cudi) - This closing track is an interesting one with its spacey feeling chorus and interesting production. The moment in the chorus with what seems to be a distorted robotic vocal is a moment you can get lost in. Kid Cudi’s verse on the track fits really well with Selena’s vocals and the vibe of the track. It feels like she’s found a place where she feels comfortable and that brings the album to an end on great note. 

The album overall is a cohesive body of work especially due to the feel that runs through each track tying the album together. To me it feels like her most put together record yet. It is a personal record that depicts moments of highs and lows. Lyrically it showcase growth both as a person and an artist, where you can see she’s become stronger and more confident in herself. The album grows on you with each listen getting stronger and stronger. On top of that you pick up on things you might not have picked up on the first time around. The album isn’t as many would have expected it to be, however it is great release from Selena Gomez.

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Ghost Wife is a comic on Webtoon which has now finished, and it’s a weird ride.

When it first came out I was on high alert for sexist tropes due to other stuff in my life and it, uh, it had ‘em.

But then I was like, “Okay, but how does it treat those sexist tropes?” Is this guy predatory because he’s a bad guy? Is he presented as evil? Is this a story about someone getting used to the presence of a monster? That’s…an upsetting premise but - like Harley Quinn x Joker stories can reinforce, or subvert, or even directly combat tropes about abusive relationships - the way it’s handled determines whether it’s actually good or bad.

My assessment now, at the end, reminds me of Leela’s realization about Zapp Brannigan:
“Y'know, Zapp, once I thought you were a big, pompous buffoon. Then I realized that inside you were just a pitiful child. But now I realize that outside that child is a big, pompous buffoon!”

The male lead - the Ghost - is presented as a monster. Then, as the series goes on, you learn about that monster’s inner life, and his pain, the things he fears, the difficulty he has relating to mortals. And then as the series ends, you are reminded that he is a MONSTER.

I’d say that this is a series that tries to treat its main character - the titular Ghost Wife - well, but fails spectacularly at that, in the end.

If you are interested in a horror story that takes a weird jaunt into almost slice-of-life humor stuff, you could do a lot worse than Ghost Wife.
If you are interested in a really weird romance - and Ghost Wife is listed on Webtoon as a Romance, which sickens me - please, PLEASE read something else.
(This is very similar to the whole, “If you’re looking for wish fulfillment and wank material, 50 Shades of Gray is fine. If you want an entry point into BDSM…this ain’t it, and could give you some genuinely dangerous misconceptions.”)

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Camila Cabello - Romance (Review):

So Camila Cabello has now released her sophomore album and she definitely has delivered a stronger body of work than her debut. ‘Romance’ is a cohesive body of work from head to toe and it revolves around its title. She showcases different moments in a relationship and she does it in a sassy and fierce way. She kickstarts the album with one of the dual single releases ‘Shameless’ a slickly produced track that features her exploring the raspy side of her vocal which provides the track with a rocky feel and adds a sense of rawness. A promising start to the album on which she sings about her desire and how much she wants the guy of topic. 

Moving onto the second track on the album ‘Living Proof’ which starts with a sample of orphan children singing, features a guitar and drum driven beat on which Camila’s vocals standout particularly due to her prominent use of falsetto. The track revolves around her want to connect with her lover and the ‘like a choir singing hallelujah’ repetition gives it a gospel vibe. Camila brings the tempo down a notch on ‘Should’ve Said It’ where she lets the guy know that it is a little too late for him to be making his feelings for her apparent. The guitar featured gives the track a sense of sensuality. 

On ‘My Oh My’ the fourth track Camila seems to be vary of the person of topic due to his reputation. The moody vibe to the track is enhanced by the background repetition of ‘My Oh My’s’. DaBaby offers a decent sized verse that fits well with the rest of the track. ‘Senorita’ a track that at first wasn’t intended for the album follows, a sensual duet between her and her now boyfriend Shawn Mendes. The latin influenced track that gets your pulse racing showcases the strong chemistry between the two with their voices perfectly blending together.

Now we come to track number six ‘Liar’ the other dual single that was released to serve as an introduction to the era. Here Camila’s head seems to be all over the place, she isn’t in a steady mindset whilst with this guy. There is something chaotic about this track due to the chorus which through its vocal in particular gives off a reggae vibe. The saxophone driven outro carries through the latin influence on the album. ‘Bad Kind of Butterflies’ brings us to the half way point on the album. A darker track in its mood and scandalous lyrically as Camila admits to having feelings for someone else whilst still being in a relationship. She’s conflicted on this track that seems like it can fit on a movie soundtrack. The big moody chorus gives this track its standout moment on the album.

On the second half of the album we find Camila showcasing more vulnerability and more emotion driven tracks. ‘Easy’ has her singing about her lover making the aspect of loving her seem so easy with all that he does in the way he treats her. The track provides the album with one of its most stunning moments both vocally and lyrically. The chorus gives the track a sense of vastness in which you seem to get lost. Although her vocals during the verse do make you question whether she is being serious or sarcastic. It’s time to break someones heart on ‘Feel It Twice’ where she admits that she doesn’t feel the same way as the other person does. The admission isn’t easy for her as she states it hurts her to admit it and the pain of doing so is depicted through her vocal delivery on the track. The shift in the vocal from the verse to the chorus is interesting as it in a way depicts the difference in her emotions. As in the verses she sings to the person of topic and then in the chorus she is talking about her feelings. The track is gentle in nature with minimal production allowing the vocal and lyrics to be the focal points.

Dream Of You’ is as the title suggests about dreaming of someone and here that is all she seems to do. A beautiful track in which her vocals put forward all the emotions behind the lyrics so well, taking you on the journey with her. The bridge gives you a hint of vulnerability in which she wonders whether he dreams of her too. Again like the previous track the production doesn’t over power the vocal, keeping the vocal at the front. The next track takes an opposite turn from the previous. On ‘Cry For Me’ they’ve broken up and she wants him to feel pain after the heartache he caused her. Although to his face she wishes him well. Her vocals give of this feeling of resentment. On ‘This Love’ Camila wants certainty in this relationship, she doesn’t want to have to deal someone who is unsure of what they want. She’d rather be on her own then with someone who isn’t sure of their feelings for her. This track has a classical feel to it through the production.

Camila seems to be in a bit of a euphoric state on ‘Used To This’ where she sings about her feelings towards the person being discussed and that due to the strength of those feelings she is willing to compromise and get into the things he is into. The track has a slick production. To close the album we reach the conversational track ‘First Man’ in which lyrically its as if Camila is having a conversation with her father about the guy she is in love with and assuring him that her lover is the one. A beautiful heartfelt close to the record. Its like throughout the album she went through a phase of discovering and figuring out what a relationship means to her and what she wants from and in it. The final track is her certainty in what she has found and in the guy that she is now with. As introducing your partner to your parents mostly occurs when you know they are the one. 

Overall Camila Cabello delivers a strong follow up to her debut album with ‘Romance’. It showcases growth through its production, lyrics and vocals. One thing that Camila needs to take note on is the production on her vocals as on this record there are moments where its overly done, which can then distract from everything else and take away from the track. It is a cohesive record that fulfils what she intended it to do. Also she infuses latin influence throughout the album keeping her roots tied to her art.

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I love this Colgate® Zero Mouthwash Fresh Breath because it is very refreshing. What I love the most about this mouthwash is that it doesn’t leave my mouth dry unlike with other mouthwashes that I have used previously. I also like that it contains no alcohol. This mouthwash is also free from dyes and artificial flavors. It has a strong mint taste to it. It foams very well in and a little bit of it goes a long way. I like that the packaging is clear and it seems sustainable. I noticed that using this mouthwash even the first few times, slowed down plaque build up on my teeth. I’d definitely recommend this product to everyone. #ad #FreeSample

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that was cute! not bad at all! doesn’t do much for what newcomers there are, as it doesn’t do a good job of explaining who Team Rocket is, why Giovanni is such a big deal, or fleshing out the main trio (could have used actual toys instead of animation and there’d have been no difference). a lot of people might be familiar from Pokémon Go, where you do battle Team Rocket and eventually Giovanni, but they might be confused who the hell was in this movie.

it doesn’t add much in the way of Mewtwo or Pokémon lore, but I guess the point was more a direct remaster, not a remake. still, it would have been nice if they added more or tweaked some things, but overall, they did a nice job with what they had, and I did enjoy what smaller changes they did employ. I also loved the small post credit scene where we see Mewtwo and the clones finding Mt. Quena from his sequel!

A- overall because the humans all looked like mannequins run through one of those hyper realistic photo morphers!

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Just replayed Bioshock: Infinite for the first time in years and I’m an emotional fucking wreck.

But tomorrow after work I’ll be playing stage Burial At Sea DLC for the first time ever. I’m going to be an absolute sobbing mess by the end I can see it now.

Fortunately I’ve got new Stallion, Dark Fortress and Those Snakes releases you inject some fucking metal fortitude into my bones because fuck me there’s going to be nothing left of me at this rate.

Bioshock: Infinite is also my favourite video game of all time. As far as storytelling, world building, characterisation and narrative go, it’s absolutely untouchable

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Review of My Beauty Diary’s Antarctica Glycoproteins Moisturizing Mask

My Beauty Diary is a well-known Taiwanese skincare brand famous for its cute and innovative sheet masks. These masks come in numerous varieties and there is something for everyone. Their Antarctica Glycoproteins Moisturizing Mask is designed to intensively repair, firm, and aid in anti-aging. Key ingredients include pseudoalteromonas ferment extract (aids in skin regeneration, protects skin, anti-aging, healing, increases collagen and elastin production), avocado oil (anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, nourishing, moisturizing, hydrating), meadowfoam seed oil (helps to effectively form a barrier to lock in moisture and deliver nutrients deep into the skin) and tocopheryl acetate (a form of Vitamin E; antioxidant, moisturizing, skin conditioning). This product retails for between $2-3 USD, you can get it here for $2.02 + free shipping.


Water, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Isopropyl Palmitate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sorbitol, Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Phenoxyethanol, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Chlorphenesin, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil, Codium Tomentosum Extract, Polyacrylate-13, Soluble Collagen, Polyisobutene, Sodium Hyaluronate, Isohexadecane, Lecithin, Polysorbate 20, Saccharide Isomerate, Triethanolamine, Polysorbate 80, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Carbomer, Sodium PCA, Sorbitan Oleate, Lactobacillus/Rice Ferment, Fragrance, Polyglutamic Acid, Glyceryl Glucoside, Centella Asiatica Extract, Sodium Lactate, Cetearyl Glucoside, Citric Acid, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Glycosphingolipids, Tocopheryl Acetate


This product contains 23 ml (0.77 oz) and has a basic skincare scent.


The sheet mask is made of a Tencel and interweaving technique that provides the ultimate, fitting breathable experience. The mask is pretty wide and kind of short.  I had to widen the eye holes to wear it comfortably, so this would not be ideal for people with wider or bigger faces. The nose and mouth holes fit pretty comfortably.

Recommended use is after cleansing and toning, apply the sheet mask onto the face. Leave on for at least 5-10 minutes before removing the mask. To enjoy the full benefits of the mask, leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Massage gently with your fingers to facilitate the absorption of remaining essences. Follow with daily lotion or cream to lock in the nourishing ingredients. After using, I found this mask to very moisturizing and nourishing as well as soothing. There’s a lot of essence and it really soaks into the skin deeply. The mask is very comfortable the ingredients are very good. There is a noticeable skincare scent, but it’s not too overwhelming. I think this mask will be good for most people but as always, it does have some fragrance. I’d recommend this to people with really dry and skin and skin in need of nourishment.

What I like: this mask is really good for dry skin and is very nourishing, it’s also pretty gentle and the effects are long lasting. The mask is very comfortable and the material is very soft. The quality is really great as with most MBD masks. The ingredients are great and it’s overall a good mask. What I don’t like: nothing really but fragrance might be an issue.




Nice quality


Soft material

Long-lasting effects




Would I buy again?


Rating: 10/10

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There is a new drug in town and it is very popular among kids. When he discovers that the police has their hands tied to bust the drug dealers, Batman decides to put an end to the menace… of Scarface.



This is the Ventriloquist’s first appearance and it is also the beginning of the team of Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle. One of the best bat-teams of all time (in my opinion).

It is also a step-up for the bat-books. Grant, you could consider as part of the British invasion, and Breyfogle’s dynamic layouts really make this book stand-out. In the previous months, I felt like this book wasn’t current enough, considering how the industry was changing, and to me this was the right step (this is Batman pre-Burton, so he wasn’t as popular as he is today).


It is also funny, but dark. This was a time in comics where comic-book readers were considered adult enough, and using a dead body to smuggle drugs wasn’t something that bothered the comic code that much.

Scarface and the Ventriloquist would become popular enough to make the jump into the animated series and even the Gotham TV show. Mostly as they were in the comics.

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