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I’m going to do it, today I will start my 100 days of productivity. Yes it is almost 10 at night but why not? Why not just take that step and go for it? If I put it off tomorrow I will continue to do the same thing and never even start. I’ve got this. And if you’re seeing this and needed that extra push to start those 100 days or start that project or finally tidy your room - here it is. I believe in you!

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100 days of productivity: Day 1

24/02/20 // So it’s officially 100 days until my last exam of med school fingers crossed so I’m going to be doing the 100 days of productivity, although to stop myself getting burnout etc, I will be counting productive rest days as well because self-care is important 

Had an unexpected day at home thanks to the snow (it would have been helpful if our tutor had told us before I’d already driven 1.5 hours to the hospital and got stuck in a huge traffic jam) so I’ve spent it finishing my general surgery notes while wrapped in a blanket 

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T-minus 3 days until my chest revision surgery and I’m kinda freaking out. This will be nothing compared to the original top surgery, but for some reason I’m still terrified.

I’m also super excited though! I’ll finally get the extra skin that’s come up after my weight loss taken care of and I can feel comfy wearing my tighter shirts again! (Also, being able to wear muscle shirts with the wide arm holes can happen now too!)

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Had a super productive day today after a week of taking more of a break. Its made me realise how important it is to go easy sometimes so you can have a fresh mind when you get back to studying!

I also made my first Buddha Bowl! It was so tasty and yummy, I loved it and am definitely going to be having it again in the future.

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Dear me, Breath. It’s okay. Your mentor left when you needed the most, but thats okay. You gonna be okay. Just take one step at the time. Experiance will come with time. I see how hard you are trying so I would like to offer you the following thoughts: _ Accept the following duties as your job: sorting out the toilet overflow, managing staff disputes about chair heights, remembering EVERYONE’S birthday, being a massive shoulder to cry on while never daring to show emotion yourself. Being nice to patients even if they threaten to remove your eyelashes one by one. It’s always up to you to say sorry. Laugh inwardly when you’re told your job is 8am to 5pm with a lunch break of an hour. Lunch? Be prepared to be confidante to all, but also the common enemy of all. Accept that staff hate you and hate each other - but always remember they hate you more. Be clear that you are last in the queue for the water in the kettle and you’ll always get the worst Christmas biscuits (because they know you don’t eat biscuits). Occasionally you’ll come into work and *she* will say hello, the next day she looks like she’ll want to throw a dart through your eye socket. Remember that you will NEVER go into work and complete what you thought you were going to do because…. there will be a flood and/or there will be a fight and/or there will be a fire and/or every DCP will be off sick and/or the phones won’t be working and/or the clinical system has died and/or your secretary has caught her husband in bed with her mate. It happens. Know that this job will own you. You will thrive and you will hold a passion to care for patients like you’ve never known. You’ll work extra hours through dedication and - due to the inward desire of spreading decent oralcare for all - you’ll never take one hour back that you’re owed. You may have to walk the boss’s dogs, you might have to say his haircut makes him look younger, you may need to have long discussions about the quality of cotton wool balls while also finishing off the business plan. You will deal with complaints about the pattern of the curtains whilst also interviewing for a new practice nurse. You are always first port of call for any spillage of vomit whilst also expected to be ready for audits and inspections. Sometimes you’ll hate the job and dream of working anywhere else but mostly…. you’ll love it. Mostly. Good luck little me. @veganlittlething

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