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How about Decepticon kissing styles for RiD15? ♡



Teeth. Lots of teeth. Steeljaw is possessive by nature so he won’t be satisfied until you’re covered in hickeys and everyone will see you belong to him. When he’s more sure in your relationship, he’ll be softer, more intimate. Steeljaw enjoys it when you make him kneel down so you can give him a smooch on the nose.



He’s a sucker for slow kisses that leave you breathless and wanting more - he’s a romantic at heart. Thunderhoof loves it when he’s working, you’re sitting up on his chassis looking all cute and you decide to steal a kiss while he’s distracted. His spark almost gives out stop being so adorable he can’t take it -



Don’t expect a lot of mushy stuff from this guy. If you initiate a kiss, he’ll kiss you the way he does most things - fiercely and relentlessly. Sometimes he gets too enthusiastic and you end up with swollen and bleeding lips. Fracture won’t stop you from kissing him unless other people are around or the minicons think he’s getting soft.

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Could I get RID Grimlock having his first time with his human s/o? He's such a good, enthusiastic bot

His optics are wide and his huge clawed servos are held up in front of his lips, but you can see the nervous smile between them. His spike is warm in your hand, the living metal twitching underneath your touch.

“Y-You’re sure?” He asks, voice much louder than he meant for it to be. His tail moved around behind him, kicking up dirt where he sat. You nod, looking up at him.

You hear him squeak, his servos finally falling from his face. His face is flushed and his optics looks down at you with adoration and love. He’s never done this before, much less with a human, but you can tell that he’d love for you to be his first.

If only he wasn’t so worried. You’re so tiny! How is he supposed to not worry about that? But you seem certain, and he trusts you more than he trusts himself.

You hold yourself over his spike and you slowly bring yourself down. It takes a little bit of trying to even get his spike into you, and it takes a little while too. If he wasn’t trembling under you, you would’ve expected him to get bored with the tiny rocking motions you have to do to inch down his length. 

His lip is drawn between his sharp teeth, his claws rake deep gashes into the dirt at either side of him.

“H-How’re you doing, big guy?” You manage to get out, your hand reaching down and stroking against what length of his spike isn’t inside you. He nods and whines, his mouth opens for a moment but then shuts it again. You laugh and smile at him and he swears that his spark could stop at the sight of you, beaming up at him with his spike halfway inside of you.

“A-Ah,” His moan is barely restrained, his vocalizer shaky. He’s close already, and you are too. “’S good- t-too good-” He looks away, embarrassed, only for you to stroke his spike and fit another little bit into you, beginning to ride what you’ve managed to work in.

“It’s okay, that’s good,” The slow rolling of his hips makes his helm loll back, a low moan leaving his vocalizer. You’re surprised at his restraint, seeing has he hasn’t started trying to buck into you yet. “Overload when you want to, baby.” 

His spike against your insides is bringing you close as well, and once his engine gives that hard, powerful rev and his hips quake under you and he overloads hard into you with a keen, you find yourself tipping over the edge as well. 

A cry leaves you as you hit your climax on his spike, his transfluid spilling out between your thighs. Not much of his fluid stays inside of you, most of the space taken up by his massive spike, and his spill makes a mess of the tops of his thighs and the ground beneath him. 

Both his and your climaxes feel like they go on for forever until you’re both fuzzy and warm. You only come down when you hear a soft sniffling and a hitch in his breath. Your vision refocuses to see him biting his lip, slim trails of optical fluid streaking his cheeks.


“I’m okay!” He laughs, wiping away the tears. “Heh, I dunno why that- why I’m-” He gives another light laugh, “It just felt really good.”

“That’s good,” You lift off of him so so slowly, practically a waterfall of transfluid following. You get as close to his face as you can, he leans back so you can lay on his chest. You kiss the tip of his nose. 

“I love you Grims.”

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