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#robert Downey Jr

In 11 years, we didn’t get a single “I love you” from either of them. They married and had their child off screen. They kissed less times than I have fingers on one hand. They had no happy ending after proving they were the one true and solid relationship among the chaos. I will be bitter about all of these things until I breathe my last.

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[Bucky storms into the room looking for Tony and Strange]

Bucky: Hey! Mr. Sorcerer guy! Get your hands off my fella!

Quill: Ouch! Dude, you spilled my drink!

Bucky: He’s my boyfriend. [sees that its not Tony] No, he is not. Who are you?

Tony: Buckaroo, you attacked the wrong Stranger-Danger in a jealous rage. He’s over here.

[Bucky turns to see Tony with Strange]

Strange: Hey, how’s it going? Should I put my drink down?

Bucky: Ah, no I’ve embarrassed myself enough.

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