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#robert downey jr

Tony: don’t say a word

Peter: fergalicious

Tony: what did I just say?

Peter: oh I see how it is Mr. Stark, when we played scrabble last week it wasn’t a word but now it is

Peter: how convenient for you

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First, I just wanna thank god, the universe, Susan? Or whatever force was that gave us silver fox Downey. What a bless.


Second, I don’t know about you but dark clothes look so much better on rdj than the bright ones. Especially because they just highlight even more those gorgeous strikes of silver. (Bob, I know you love those dead ass baggy clothes, but please wear more fitted ones, they look good on your tiny body. CC: Jeanne)


Third, I don’t know why, but I felt just pure good energy from those 15 seconds of Silver Fox Downey walking backstage at the Rolling Stones thing. He had like… this presence, this… confidence, you know? I don’t know how to express it. I just felt… happy.


And last but not least, happy and nerdy RDJ having the time of his life in front of thousands of people at the sound of his first-born child’s music is my jam.

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The MCU fandom: peter is such a precious bean that deserves to be protected at all costs. i will sacrifice my life for him and give him anything he wants if he asks. he’s just the best uwu

Marvel: let’s hit him with a train.

Sony: and take him back.

The MCU fandom:

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