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I don’t remember everything about going to see Iron Man 1 in theatres as a child, such as the circumstances which led me there, but here are some thoughts/things I remember very vividly about the experience:

  1. Covering my ears during the explosions in Afghanistan
  2. Seeing Tony charm Christine into a one night stand: “Wow, he’s so good at that! I wanna be like that with guys when I’m older!” (Now it’s girls too babey)
  3. Seeing the Malibu Mansion, Tony’s pool, and the cars in his workshop/garage: “I love this! This is what I want my house to be like when I grow up!”
  4. Hearing/seeing JARVIS for the first time: “HIS COMPUTER CAN TALK? THAT’S SO AMAZING! I WANT THAT!”
  5. I definitely cried when Yinsen died
  6. Pepper: “I love her. She’s amazing. I hope they end up together at the end!”
  7. MK2 Test flight: “This is literally the best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life! I really, REALLY wish I had that!” and the just..general feeling of complete euphoria, which I still get watching that scene these days
  8. BTW I figured out Obadiah was the bad guy the moment Tony got back to America. I felt it in me 10 year old bones. I was right.
  9. “Anything else?” “Keep the skies clear for me.” My dad leaned over to me and said “Rhodey gets a suit too in the comics! He’s called War Machine.” My brain: I will remember this fact for later
  10. I cried a lot when Pepper pushed the button and Tony almost died on the roof
  11. I remember losing my mind at the press conference reveal. Like, bruh. I clapped a lot and went home very happy.

The funny thing is I pretty much forgot all about it after seeing it, until Iron Man 2 came out. It was such an incredible movie and experience and I forgot about it until then? So weird. Then again there’s a lot of blank spots in my memory because of trauma and what not but..yeah.That one day literally changed the course of my life and made me who I am today. Wild.

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I admit that this wasn’t what I expected, the trailer over done it if you ask me. But I loved the general aesthetic of the film it looked nice. It felt closer to the book in terms of maintaining the fantasy, children’s genre. The cast was stella honestly what a great come back for Downey after Endgame is game is still at its peak and I don’t think that will be changing any time soon.

Some aspects of the comedy felt weak yet the film wasn’t aimed for my age group, but no one could live up to Eddie Murphy’s Doctor Dolittle and we shouldn’t have those expectations. But yet again this characterisation of Dolittle speaks to me as an introvert who struggles with human relationships.

The CGI was good but real animals do still exist, I understand having to CGI big/dangerous animals. But a lot of them are relatively docile animals. Just not a massive fan of CGI especially when probably it isn’t needed and I don’t mean they should be performing the stunts. Just that animals use to be in cinema and television a lot now they are being replaced when there is no need for it.

Overall it did do anything for me but my sister loved every second of it so I’ll pin it down to an age thing so that in consideration I won’t be harsh. Big messages and themes seem to be down played a lot.



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