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#robert downey junior

Summary: Deadpool breaks into Avengers Tower to go after some Stark tech. Obviously he gets caught.

Word Count: 1300

Warnings: Minor language

A/N: This is without a doubt the dumbest thing I’ve ever written but it’s my entry for @unholyhaz and @spidey-waffles11 writing challenge and tbh I kinda love it. For reference, Deadpool has two vioces in his head. Bold is the logical one. Think Sir Ian McKellen meets Michael Gambon. Italic is Screwball. He’s….less logical. Think Ryan Reynolds meets……well Ryan Reynolds. The prompt is also in bold. This is so dumb I’m sorry I hope it makes you laugh.

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Ok, but picture 20 years from now and Morgan Stark decides to reopen the Stark expo for it being the 20th anniversary of her dad saving the universe. She gets onstage, crowd cheering her both Peter and Harley are right off stage for support. As the crowd dies down, she starts to give her speech and when she mentions how brave her daddy was the crowd starts cheering again, they start chanting iron man and she starts to get emotional. After a few minutes, she collects herself and starts again, not before ending with “here’s my dad, our hero, Tony Stark” and then a hologram of Tony appears and he says “ So, you guys miss me yet?” As the crowd loses their shit.

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Uncle Ben:

Dying in peace now✌️

GOOD GOD…never in another life make me an uncle….Dumbasses….wont let me live or die once and for all

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