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Alita: Battle Angel

“Alita: Battle Angel” gave me a glimpse into how people who don’t follow Marvel comics feel when watching a Marvel movie.

Alita is a cyborg who is brought back to life by Dr. Dyson Ido. She retains no memory of her life before she was thrown out like garbage. All Alita wants to do is to familiarize herself with the world and explore its hidden wonders. Dr. Ido seems to be hiding something from her because he’s overly protective of her. Alita soon finds out that she’s more special than initially lead on to think. Pieces of her past soon come rushing back to her, but only when she’s in danger. In order to fully understand where she came from and who she is, she must fight for it. In a world as crazy as Iron City, she just might get herself killed.

I knew this movie was an adaptation of an anime before I watched this. I, however, have never seen this anime, so this was my introduction into the world of Alita. This proved to be quite a problem though. There are lots of moments where I feel like something is important, but it’s obviously because they’re referencing the anime. I felt like I was outside of an inside-joke. I didn’t grasp the full gravity of certain moments because I have no attachments to this franchise. This didn’t kill the movie for me though. I thought Alita was a fun character to watch. She’s quirky attitude mixed with her (literal) wide-eyed wonderment made it compelling to watch her interact with new things. The visuals were objectively great, but it’s not the type of imagery that I’m particularly into. The action was really cool, but they really go full-on anime sometimes. The world-building in this film is pretty good. Iron City really felt lived in and a place full of history. There were a lot of systems in place that weren’t too unfamiliar, but also not too simple. I guess my biggest problem was the lack of urgency in this film. Throughout the whole film, I didn’t really care whether or not Alita and her friend achieved their goal because I didn’t know what achieving it, or not achieving it, entailed. Also, I felt like I watched an incomplete movie because it ends with a sequel-bait. I can see Alita fans getting excited for this film and whatever other sequels it produces, but as a casual audience member, I don’t really feel excited about watching any more movies in this franchise.


Watched on July 5th, 2019

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  • carmen your nightgown is like 200 years old, get a new one
  • you clearly know this story by heart, you’re saying parts of it. why are you questioning what “take him out” means
  • a double wig should be more obvious than that
  • we can see that that’s a glass elevator. people can see you changing, ingrid

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