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I’m working really hard on trying to “lighten my load” for school because the books I carry are generally quite heavy. I recently purchased a Rocketbook set. I’ve been on a big “save the environment kick” you could call it. I’ve spent quite a bit of money on a new backpack and water bottle so i decided it was okay for me to go ahead and take the plunge and buy this notebook as well. Many people tell me that I should just stop buying new things to avoid more issues; however, I believe that a semi-minimalist life style is ideal for me. I bought this notebook because it is reuseable. I can simply scan my notes into my phone and then wipe them away. Saving space in my bag and also in my mind. After transferring all of my notes I will be recycling or donating any left over paper/notebooks and donating things I currently have to Goodwill.

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As a Christmas present to myself I bought this Rocketbook. It has a special type of paper that allows you to write notes using Frixion pens, scan the page with your phone, and gives you the option to save it in your camera roll, email it, and much more. After you are finished you use a damp microfiber cloth to erase the ink and you can start all over again! This is a great alternative to regular paper notebooks for people who like writing instead of typing. It’s also less bulky and lighter than notebooks and laptops. I love discovering new environmental frendly products! 💚

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My rocketbook arrived in the mail yesterday! It’s a notebook with really smooth pages made of polyester, you can write on it with frixion pens, scan the pages with the app and then wipe it clean to reuse it! The app works really well, there are 7 symbols on the notebook and you can use each one to send your scans to a different destination. I hope it lasts as long as promised by the company so I can avoid lots of paper waste 🌏♻️

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I’m chugging away on Project Quaere et Inveni, but I wanted to take a moment to give my opinion on a little notebook and the app that comes with it.

That is the RocketBook.  It’s a reusable notebook that you can clean the pages with a damp microfiber cloth and comes in three sizes: Mini, Everlast, and Wave. (I use the Everlast you can find in the stationary department at Wal-Mart. The Everlast came with a microfiber cloth and a black ink Pilot Frixon pen.)

The way it works is that is has a series of symbols on the bottom of each page.  On the inside front cover are the same ones, but you can write in which symbol goes to the which destination.  (These should match how you set them up in your app as well.) It can sync up to your Google Drive, Dropbox, and (most importantly for me) EverNote along with a few others.

The real thing I like with the app is that you can do pdf scans.  It scans multiple pages (that have to have the same symbol marked in the notebook and the option has to enabled in the app) and consolidates them into a single pdf file.  I wrote up four pages of notes for my game, scanned, and now they sit in my game’s project notebook in EverNote.  Though I need to figure out how to set up color in my scans since I have multiple Frixon pens now in various colors. ^^;

But, this little notebook beats carrying around a ton of notebook paper!

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