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Hello my darlings!! I’ve missed you so! New chapter in the works! (we’re getting there) in the meantime, here’s a teaser of Y/N singing to ????? (You could fill Brian, Roger, or Deaky in those five ?’s) up to you to guess who it is!! (By the way that’s me singing in the audio I just recorded that 5 mins ago lmk what you think it’s probably really bad lol) Love you all forever! Even though this fic hasn’t blown up yet (which is totally fine but I’d love to be writing to a bigger group of people!!) y’all in the CLGOL fan group are amazing and I love you all forever♥️-C

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Somebody To Love (Part 6-Birthday In Japan*)

(Ben!Roger Taylor)

Word count: 2,188

Warnings: Smut

A/N: Sorry I haven’t been active on this story. I was working on another one on Wattpad. Also if there are a few errors… I’ll fix later.


“Okay, so here’s your keys lads.” Paul hands the boys their hotel room keys and I didn’t get one. “Paul, where’s my key?” I ask him pulling him away from the guys and he fake smiles at me. “Sorry, I forgot you were tagging along.” He shrugs his shoulders and I glare at him. “Don’t bloody lie to me.” He now actually smiles at me and before he speaks Deaky calls me over. “Yes?” I ask him. “You can sleep with me while we’re here.” He says wrapping his arm around me. “Thank you, Deaky.” I kiss his cheek and I grab my bag following him and the boys.

“Deaky, Why is Alice with you?” Freddie asks as Deaky holds the door open for me. “Oh Paul, didn’t get her a room so I said I’ll share with her.” He smiles at me and I pull him into the room. “What was that for?” He asks putting his bag down. “I don’t want to hear anything about Paul anymore.” I fall back onto the bed and Deaky falls next to me. “He’s a-,” I slap my hand over his mouth. “Deaky, What did I just say?” I roll over to face him. “Sorry.” He removes my hand and pulls me into his side. “Lets take a nap before tonight’s show.” He says and I immediately fall asleep.

“JOHN! ALICE! OPEN THE DOOR! IT’S BLODDY TIME TO GO!” I jump at the banging on the door and I knew it was Paul. “I hate him.” Deaky sits up rubbing his eyes. “Me too, let’s go.” I stand up grabbing his hand and we walk to the door making sure I had the key. “Did you two fall asleep?” Freddie asked as we walk to the lift. “Yeah, we took a nap.” I hold on to Deaky’s arm still a little sleep as we get in the lift. “There’s no time for sleeping.” Paul turns to me and I bite my tongue. “Sorry.” I spit out and when he turns back around I strangle the air.

When we get to the venue I rush to pick out what outfits they were wearing tonight. “What are you wearing tonight?” Deaky asks walking up to me. “This, I don’t need to focus on what I’m going to wear. My job is to dress you lads for tonight. "What do you have in mind?” He sits in the chair next to me. “Well for you, you have the most simple outfit.” I laugh winking at him. “Thank god!” He leans back into the couch. “Brian! I need you to put this on! I want to make sure it’s good for tonight.” I call out for him and he comes over and puts on the shirts.

“What am I wearing?” He asks looking in the mirror. “Something I thought of. Now come here I need to see a part.” I pull him closer to me and do my thing to it then did the same to Freddie’s. “That’s bloody awful, Alice. I’m not wearing that.” He walks into the room and I shake my head at him, “You’re not, I have something else for you to wear.” He follows me as I pull his out. “Let me put it on you.” I snap my fingers telling him to hurry and he takes his shirt off. He puts his arms out and I slide his outside on. “This actually is really nice.” He smiles at me. “It’ll make girls fall for you even more.” I wink at him and sit next to Deaky.


After the show I was planning to head back to me and Deakys room, I really wanted some rest and I just felt down. “You alright Alice?” You seem down.“ Freddie puts his arm around me. "I’m quite fine, Freddie.” I smile at him as we walk around backstage. “Hello?” Mary picks up the phone. “Hello Mary.” I lean against the wall. “Alice, dear. Happy 23rd Birthday!” She screams into the phone. “Thank you, Mary. You’re the first to tell me.” I slightly smile. “Wait, they forgot?!” She sounded surprised. “Yeah, at least you didn’t forget. I just called to say we finished the first show.” I say and I see Paul eyeing me. “ALICE, OFF THE PHONE! WE’RE LEAVING!” He shouts at me and I hear Mary sigh. “I sorta dislike him. Well goodbye and Happy Birthday again.” She hangs up the phone and I run to catch up to the boys.

“So we were going out and-,” I cut off Roger. “Can you drop me off at the hotel? I don’t feel like going out tonight.” I ask him and this cause the other two to worry. “Are you getting sick?” Brian asks holing my hand. “No, I just haven’t got a lot of sleep since we got off the plane.” I lie and they drop me off and Deaky gets out with me. “Deaky? Why are you getting out too?” I ask as they leave the car door open for him to get back in. “I just want to sleep. I’ll party tomorrow.” He yells the guys and they drive off.

When we get to our room I fall back onto the bed. “Alice, why don’t you go take a shower? Since you feel bad and tired?” Deaky suggests and I take up on that offer. Once I make my way out of the bathroom from my shower, I see Deaky lighting a candle on a small cake. “Happy birthday Alice.” He smiles at me. “This is the best cake the hotel would make with a short notice.” He laughs as I walk up to him. “Make a wish.” He says and I blow out the candle. “You remember?” I take the cake for his hands. “Of course I did. Before the concert I called the hotel and told them to make one for me.” He gives me a hug and I hold him tight. “I thought you all forgot. Mary told me when I called her.” I let a tear slip. “Maybe they did but at least me and Mary didn’t.” He smiles down at me and kisses my forehead. “Thank you Deaky.” I get on my tippy toes and kiss the tip of his nose.

After eating all of my birthday cake, we got ready for bed with full stomachs. We both were just laying on our backs in the pitch dark for the longest. “Come here.” Deaky reaches for me and pulls me into his chest. “They will be on their knees kissing your ass when they realize they forgot.” He says making me laugh. “I’m going to make them work for it. Especially Brian and Roger since they’ve known me longest.” I say cuddling into him. “Thank god I remembered.” He laughs and I look up at him and place my hand on his face before bringing my lips to his. He kisses back then I pull away, “Goodnight Deaky.”


The next morning we all were going out for breakfast and while we were all sitting at the table the boys talked about their ages. “Alice, your 22 right?” Roger points at me from the other side of Deaky. “23.” Was all I said and Deaky chuckled. “No, you haven’t had your birthday yet.” Brian says looking at me confused. “That’s why you were down yesterday, darling. I’m terribly sorry lovie.” Freddie put it together while Brian and Roger were slower. “YESTERDAY! BRIAN WE FORGOT IT WAS YESTERDAY!” Roger jumps out of his seat and holds my head arms. “ALICE! I’M SO SORRY!” Brian grabs my hands scooting closer to me. “It’s fine.” I say and they look at each other. “No, we really are.” They both get on their knees hold one of my hands. “Told you… They would be on their knees.” Deaky says taking a drink from his glass.

“What?” They both say looking at Deaky. “Compared to you lads… I actually remembered her birthday. That’s why I stayed with her last night.” He smiled at them and I look at the two in front of me. “Yep, He also got me a cake.” I smile at the two and they both continue to say sorry. “Would you two get back in your seats.” I say and they quickly sit back down and I laugh laying my head in John’s shoulder.

Just like that the day went by quickly and the concert was all ready over and we were in our way to the hotel. “Alice, Do you forgive me and Brian yet?” Roger asks looking at me and I look between the two. “I already did, what are you talking?” I make my voice a bit softer to confuse them. “I don’t believe you.” Brian says and I smile at him as we all get out of the car. When we get in the lift Freddie invites us all to his room to celebrate my birthday since the three forgot. We all drink a few drinks before we all go back to our rooms tired from the day.

“Can I kiss you again?” Deaky asks once he shut the door behind him. I turn around and look at him with a confused expression. “Sorry, That was stupid of me to as-,” I cut him off by fulfilling his request, pressing my lips against his as he moaned softly. It doesn’t take long for the kiss to become headed, whimpers falling from John’s lips as he kissed me so hard I was sure my lips must’ve been swollen and bruised.

John smiles against my lips, leading me to lay back on the bed. I grind my hips up against his, making him moan needily into my parted lips. His fingers reached in between my legs, trailing against the the fabric of my jeans in long strides up and down my heat. Deaky moves away from my lips to kiss down the column of my neck, pressing open-mouthed kisses on the soft skin. “You’re fine with this?” He asks and I grin back, undoing the button of his jeans. Pulling down the fabric, dipping my hand under the waistband of his boxers, my hand quickly finding his hard length, running up and down it—eliciting a loud moan from John.

“Dose that feel good, Deaky?” I ask, flipping positions so that John was under me, writhing up into my touch. “F-feels so good.” John answers, his eyes looking up at me with such desperation. I ran my fingers over the flushed skin of his exposed chest, quickly undoing the buttons of the sweat-soaked white fabric. I kiss my way down his torso, pressing a final kiss to his protruding hip bone as I pulled his trousers off all the way along with his briefs, pumping him in my hand. Pressing a kiss to the flushed head of his cock, already dripping with pre-cum. Wrapping my lips around the tip of his cock, sucking at the sensitive skin, swallowing every bit of pre-cum that I could with every bob of my head.

Deaky’s hands quickly found themselves in my hair, tugging softly at the tressels while simultaneously keeping them out of my face. “Oh my god, it feels so fucking good,” John gasps, his hands moving to grasp at the bedsheets in an attempt to keep from unintentionally hurting me. “Please, I’m gonna cum.” He cries quietly buckling his hips up a little before I swallow all of it when he hits his high. “Your turn.” He says laying me down pressing a soft kiss against my lips as he undid my jeans, pulling them down along with my underwear, doing the same with my blouse and bra.

John’s fingers quickly found themselves running against my wetness, drawing a line up and down the soft flesh with a whimper at feeling just how ready I was for him. Those slender fingers moved quickly against me. He quickly found my clit, rubbing quick circles against it. I gasp as he slips a finger inside of me, pumping in tandem with the circles he drew against my clit with his thumb. That seemed to encourage John, making him double his efforts as he slipped his ringed middle finger inside of me, the cool metal of his ring against your sensitive muscles making my hips jerk. I could feel myself quickly nearing my high with how skillfully he was fingering me. He moved so mercilessly, eliciting moan after moan from me, reveling in my little noises—making me believe that his intent was to play me, just as he did with his instrument.

“Do you think you could cum for me, Alice?” John asks so sweetly that I couldn’t deny him, my body writhing with pleasure as I fell over the edge. I moaned his name over and over quietly, my nails scratching over the expanse of his shoulder blades. “Let’s get some sleep now.” Deaky says pushing a strand of my hair over my shoulder and I pull him up and we fall asleep under the covers in each other’s arms.

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Hi! This is a whole two days late because of work + zero motivation! There was actually a lot more planned for this (including the ending scene, which I loved) but I’ve been staring at it for 2 ½ days and quite frankly I’m half a blink from deleting the whole thing. I might go back and finish it later on, but for now please take this and enjoy it while I furiously attempt to finish the last two prompts today!

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“Why have you got the paper so close to your face?”

“The letters are … too small.”

“Why don’t you put your glasses on, then, love?” He raised an eyebrow at him. 

He only got a pout in response. “They make me look ridiculous.”

“Oh, come on, now, love. I like your glasses. They make you look quite dashing.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“Am not. Would I lie to you, love?” He raised an eyebrow at him. 


He whacked him on the arm. “Roger! I would not, you prick. I might be a bit mean some of the time, but I don’t lie to you. Especially when I get to tell you how good you look.” He smoothed a hand down his arm, going to grab his glasses and gently hook them over his ears and onto his nose. “Ah, there we are.”

“I hate these bloody things.” He grumbled.

He dropped a kiss onto the top of his head. “Oh, hush. You look lovely in glasses, love. Very… sophisticated.” He hesitated for a moment. “Rather sexy too, if I do say so myself.”

He raised an eyebrow at him and seemed to perk up a little bit. “Yeah? You think I’m sexy?”

He gave a little hum of agreement. “Yep. Like… a sexy professor or something.”

He grinned at him. “Sexy professor, hm? You like that?”

He blushed a little bit. “I mean… it’s not an opposing idea.” He murmured.

“You do!”

“Shut up.”

He laughed a little and pressed a kiss to the inside of his wrist. “I’d be your sexy professor anytime of day.”

He pressed his face into his hands. “Stop!”

“Really, though. I’d certainly be up for it.”

He didn’t say anything.

“Keep it in mind, yeah?”

“… Yeah, alright.” He mumbled.

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October 19, 1982, Fukuoka, Japan. First night from 6 shows in Japan. These six shows in Japan, although very good, seem to be shows that the band simply want to rush through quickly enough because they need a break. That said, it never takes over the music. Each show has its great moments, and to keep things as fresh as possible, they each have a different setlist. © to

© @rogerstaylor_blackqueen on Instagram.

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Your weekly Queen/BoRhap Fan post (one day early)

  • Brian May is bloody brilliant. If you want proof just go listen to Sail Away Sweet Sister (which is probably not his best song but is my personal favorite)
  • Oh and ‘39. I nearly cried. Jesus Brian how do you manage this???
  • How could people say the editing on BoRhap was bad?? I was in awe the whole time I was watching of how good it was
  • Watch count: 8. It’ll be 9 later.
  • Really though, going back to that first one, go listen to Sail Away Sweet Sister. Brian’s voice and the guitar on this song are just so melodic and beautiful and meaningful when connected to the lyrics. So go listen to it right now. (I think I’ll send it to my sister when she graduates high school)
  • Go follow @irvinis!!! They have the most amazing Queen fanart I’ve ever seen in my life and I can’t get over it.
  • I’m writing a book. Queen is a subject. Prepare yourself for tons of random facts and possibly pictures.
  • “You’re an overgrown schoolboy” in Death on Two Legs 😂 I need to know which of them wrote this who was it??
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Summary:  This brief piece for the Jogerweek2019 Friendship prompt takes place in the green room right after John and Roger’s 1984 Australian Interview, shown in the link below. Shout out to @Bohemianartsfarts who has beautiful artwork depicting the interview.  Check out their blog!

Warnings:  Descriptions of cute boys :) and fluff

Roger:  That went very well, I thought.  He’s a decent fellow.

John (Clearly distracted by his own thoughts):  Yes…

Roger (eyeing John inquisitively):  And? But?

John (cocking his head, his voice rising):  When you said I ‘fitted in,’ what exactly did you mean?

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