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Deleted Scenes from Brooklyn-99

For Beca. 

Rosa had walked in the precinct slightly gingerly, adjusting her top. Naturally it had taken all of five seconds for Jake to gather everyone around. 

“She’s got sunburn!” Jake said. “Rosa would never tell us what happened, but it means we finally know something about her real life.”

“She’s an international secret agent,” Gina said wisely. 

Jake blinked. 

“No,” he said, then hesitated. “Probably. But what’s something Rosa could do that would end up-”

There was a rather loud cough. Several heads turned to see one Rosa Diaz glowering; in an uncharacteristic display of intelligence Jake coughed and fell silent, mumbling an excuse before half-sprinting off. 

And soon it was just Amy at her desk. She jumped as Rosa slid closer to her. 

“Do you want to know how I really got sunburnt?” Rosa said. 

“Uh… sure?” Amy said.

“I was at a nude beach,” Rosa said. She reached into her pocket for her phone. "Gina and I attend a beach for relaxation and for fun.“ 

Amy swallowed. Then squeaked as Rosa turned her phone around, displaying a photo. A very… revealing photo. Rosa on a lounger somewhere, quite casually laying back, wearing sunglasses and nothing else. 

“I’ve done it all,” Rosa said. She flicked her finger (and suddenly Amy was rather captivated by Rosa’s finger) to show the next photo. And the next. “The beach, the sauna, the hot springs… All totally naked.”

Was that Gina? Amy blinked, and struggled to take her next breath. 

Ok. That was… more of Rosa than she’d necessarily expected to see. 

“Why- Why are you telling me this?” Amy said, voice shaking.

Rosa met her eyes, smirked in a fashion that sent a shiver right through Amy, and then in less than a second tapped her finger twice on her phone screen to delete the image. 

“Because no one will ever believe you.”

Smiling to herself, Rosa walked off. Amy stared after her and tried very very hard to not remember what the detective looked like under her outfit. 

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Pairing: Rosa x Amy (pre-relationship)
Word count: ~ 850w.
Summary: She just fixes Gina, never blinking, until the other woman deigns to look up from her phone
“I think I have a crush on Santiago.”

Note: This is my first time writing for this fandom! I apologize if this is extremely ooc. It’s just an idea I got during my lunch break and I rolled with it. 

(I also want to write autistic B99 fic in the future (after I finish the WIPs I’m currently working on). Anything you’d want to read?)


Rosa enters the breakroom and closes the door swiftly behind her. Without a word, the detective plops herself down on the chair in front of Gina and waits. Rosa doesn’t even acknowledge Terry who’s eating his yogurt by the sink. She just fixes Gina, never blinking, until the other woman deigns to look up from her phone.

“What? I’m a little busy here,” Gina drones, dragging out every syllable a little longer than truly necessary.

As soon as they make eye contact Rosa, blurts out in a complete, emotionless manner, “I think I have a crush on Santiago.”

The sergeant drops his spoon in the sink; metal clanking loudly against the stainless steel.

“Whoo, alright…” Gina perks up; she is definitely here for that. She puts her phone, screen down, on the table and places one hand atop the other, before leaning forward. She stares at Rosa with a creepy, all-knowing smile that makes the detective shudder on the inside.

Before any of the two women could say anything else, Terry retreats to the bullpen, mumbling a barely audible, “Excuse me, there’s somewhere else I got to be,” as he leaves. The sergeant knows better than to stay, lest he wants to be pulled into the conversation against his will. He likes Rosa, he really does, but romantic affair his not his thing.  

“So strong, yet so weak,” Gina says, shaking her head in judgment.

The door slams shut behind him, and Rosa stands up abruptly, sending her chair skidding backward. Coming in here, talking to Gina was a dumb idea. Rosa has absolutely no idea why she has admitted her attraction to Santiago to her of all people. It’s not like they are friends (are they?). Confessing to the captain would have make more sense now that Rosa thinks of it. At least Holt wouldn’t mock her. She knows because they actually have talked about that kind of thing before.

“Rosa, sit down. Please, tell me more, tell me more,” Gina presses, waving her fingers out in front of her.

Rosa rolls her eyes but does sit albeit with reluctance. She crosses her arms in front of her.

“This is ridiculous. I don’t know why I told you,” she says honestly.

“Because, I’m like, the goddess of love. People confess that stuff to me all the time. Now, I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but enough about me. You. Amy. That’s what I want to hear about, come on.”

“I saw these fancy paperclips at the store. 5$ for like, twelve of them. I bought them,” Rosa sort of explains.

“Wow, if I had known this story was gonna be so riveting I would’ve asked Charles to get me some popcorn, ”Gina says, getting bored. “You’re gonna have to elaborate on that, girl.”

“Because they made me think of Amy, and I wasn’t even annoyed I was acting so…gross,” she adds, definitely sounding annoyed now. “Then I could picture that pretty smile she gets when she talks about new binder clips, you know, the one that makes her eyes all bright?”

Gina just stares at her, openly disgusted by the words coming out of the detective’s mouth.

“Whatever,” Rosa continues, choosing to ignore Gina’s expression, “you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, it led me to think about her laugh. I like the sound of her laugh, even though laughing is stupid. Point is…everything I hate, I don’t mind when it comes to Amy. I think I even like it.”

Gina shivers. “Damn, Rosa, I think you are in love with Amy.”

“Doesn’t matter. I don’t even know if she likes women. She probably doesn’t.” There’s a resolute finality to the way she pronounces those last words. Rosa has spent her teenage years and early adulthood crushing on girls who would never consider her a possibility. She is used to her feelings being unrequited, never takes it personally, but it doesn’t mean it does not suck.

“I can help you find out.” Gina leans back in her chair, turning her head towards the door but keeping her eyes on the detective. She shouts, “Amy! Rosa wants to know if you are into sexy times with sexy ladies.”

Ten pairs of eyes turn into their direction at once as an awkward silence falls over the 99 precinct. Rosa scans the room behind the window; something akin to relief floods through her when she doesn’t see Santiago.

Placing both her palms flat on the table, the detective hisses through clenched teeth, “I am gonna murder you.”

“Oh, I’m so scared,” Gina replies sarcastically. “Police. Police.” The red-head rolls her eyes.  “Relax, Diaz. Amy likes you too.”

“Right. How would you know?” Skepticism mixed with a slice of hope colour her voice.

Gina shrugs, her eyes once again glued to her phone, “I basically had the same conversation with her last week.”


“That girl is living under the rainbow flag,” she says, raising her hands above her head, forming the shape of a rainbow, “and it got the name Rosa all over it.”

Rosa’s lips twitch upward. She gets up and leaves without another word.

“You’re welcome,” Gina drawls.

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I legit have not been able to stop thinking about that truly great Rosa/Amy B-plot where Rosa convinced Amy that she deserved to get excited about her wedding dress, so here are some reasons why it was so amazing:

1. Ladies supporting ladies! Like, duh, of course they would on this show, but how great that one lady saw another lady who wanted something and convinced her that she damn well deserved it.

2. But Rosa also not belittling Amy’s concerns about being taken seriously as a female sergeant.


3. The fact that yes, it was Rosa, lover of leather jackets and motorcycles, who not only told her friend not to settle on the first dress she tried on, but put on a bridesmaid dress to boot.

4. Girl was NOT about to let Amy do this halfway.


5. How, just like, simply and elegantly it expressed that women contain multitudes. I.e. you can be both a badass sergeant and a person who wants to look great at her wedding. 

6. Amy tearing after a suspect while wearing her dress without a second thought. Jumping over couches. Running through the streets with her eyes on the freakin’ prize. AND USING THE SASH ON THE DRESS AS HANDCUFFS I COULD NEVER.





9. Rosa just straight up being the best friend ever, reassuring Amy how badass she is (like freakin’ Wonder Woman!) and telling her that she’s earned the right to whatever the hell she wants.


10. Rosa turning into a bridal drill sergeant. 


11. It was concise. They told a fully-formed, funny, feminist as hell story in like 6 minutes. Please watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz for 22 or 26!! Whichever you prefer! X

drabble prompts - no longer accepting!!

22. “Was that a giggle?”  - thanks for the prompt!!

“What was-”

“Shut it.”

“No, really, I would have sworn-”

“Forget about it, Santiago.”

But Amy wasn’t going to forget about it. No, there was a smile forming on her face that made Rosa inexplicably nervous. And maybe a little flustered too. Not that she admit it if you paid her.

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Sweetness + Rosa and Amy!

Amy Santiago has a problem, and that problem involved an explosion of flour, butter, and sugar.

“Oh no,” Amy whispered, “oh no oh no oh no oh no. This is a disaster!”

She sunk down to the floor. Her first batch of valentine’s cookies were burnt, and her second batch had somehow blown up. Everything was ruined and her tears were threatening to spill over.

And of course, because her girlfriend had impeccable timing, that’s when the door opened and Rosa walked in.

“Uh, babe? Why does it look like someone bombed Martha Stewart in here?”

Amy burst out crying.

“Hey, hey hey, what’s wrong?” Rosa sat down on the floor next to her, “I was just kidding- wait, did someone really bomb Martha Stewart?”

“No,” Amy hiccuped, “I was trying to bake you cookies, for Valentine’s day, but they exploded and everything is ruined!”

Rosa wrapped her arms around Amy, pulling her into a floury hug on the floor, “Babe, you know I don’t care about stupid holidays like that. I just like you, and machetes.”

Rosa kissed Amy on the cheek, then kissed her again. Amy was covered in sugar.

“Besides, I like your sweetness best.”

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Rosa x Amy. Prompt: Amy asking out Rosa for their first date.

So I lied it’s more than 3-4 sentences but eff that!

“Come on Santiago, you can do this” Amy mutters to herself for the 5th time as she paces back and forth, she’s pretty sure she scared a pigeon with her frantic movements.

She pivots to see a familiar figure leaning against the door frame, all leather pants and that far too sultry smirk. The words that Amy had spent 2 binders worth of notes on tumble out in a mad cluster; she’s surprised Rosa isn’t walking away after that embarrassing display.

Instead Rosa’s lips quirk, her eyebrows raised as Amy fidgets with the corner of her shirt, eyes flitting to her shoes then back to Rosa.

“One condition,” Rosa pauses as Amy nods eagerly before continuing, “no bookstores.”

“-but I know a really good punk one…” Amy interjects trailing off when Rosa gives her a look.

Fiiiiine no bookstores.” Amy pouts for all of a few seconds, struggling to contain her grin.

Rosa nods, walking away without a word. A soft smile forming when she sees Amy’s victory dance through the window.

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