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#ryosuke katayama

Ryosuke: Dirty talk but you both use your customer service voice

Fukuroi: thanks i hate it

Kurosaki: partner: cums. me: thanks will you be needing anything else?

Kai: Customer service but you use your dirty talk voice

Mitsuki: “You’re a nasty little bitch aren’t you? Trying to return these shoes after 3 fucking days. Whore.”

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Mitsuki: what’s a gender neutral alternative to ‘ladies and gentlemen’?

Fukuroi: ‘Everyone’?

Emi: 'fam squad’

Kurosaki: 'homies’

Kai: 'yall motherfuckers’

Ryosuke: 'fellow gamers’

Kizami: 'possible victims’

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Kai: I’m the type of person who likes to think things through.

Fukuroi: With what brain?

Emi: I once saw you eat a marshmallow that was still on fire..

Tohko: And there was that time he licked an electrical socket trying to up his voltage!

Ryosuke: And let’s not forget the toaster incident…

Kai: You all suck.

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tomohiro: hewwo! i will be youw suwgeon today! intewnal bweeding youw say? let’s make ouw fiwst wittle incisown =OwO=

ryosuke: dowcto!! wewrw wowsing him!!!! \OnO/

kurosaki: quick! hand me the defibwiwatow!!!

fukuroi: please. turn off my fucking life support

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