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#s: harry styles
Harry and Sharon Alexie followed each other on instagram do you think it Will be the same camille situation

I have zero clue who that is or what’s happening with that situation, sorry! I think you’re better off asking a Harry blog x

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Request: can i request a fratboy!harry x reader where they’re at a party and they’re playing spin the bottle and she has to kiss harry. after a few minutes, she has to kiss her ex but she doesn’t want to but her ex keeps pushing her to and harry assures her she doesn’t have to.

Pairing: Harry Styles x Reader
Word Count: 1,109
Please don’t plagiarize my work!


Originally posted by stylesinthewild

Your cheeks flush as you sit back, slumping back into your spot on the ground.

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Prambors: 💡LIGHTS UP💡Heey!! @harrystyles On Prambors | Tomorrow would be special!@pratamamario & @narendrapawaka will do an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w/ @harrystyles-Set your Alarm TOMORROW at 10pm Only on Prambors #NightShift 💥#NightShiftInterview

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