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well, there was interest ;) soooo guys…


anyone who wants to join feel free to click on the link, it’s open to everyone ;) quick info list:

  • there are channels for general show talk, fanworks, comics, ships, cast news and so on;
  • (I even made you teams, YOU KNOW YOU WANNA BE ON TEAM DRAGON ;) )
  • everything nsfw goes on the specific channel;
  • there’s a channel for the other netflix shows;
  • I’m extremely chill when it comes to modding so really whatever goes BUT a) your kink is not my kink, b) don’t like don’t read, c) no character or ship bashing are three rules I’m 100% enforcing so please none of that kind of drama because I don’t like to censor anything ;)

feel free to share/reblog and tell your friends into IF to show up so that when/if tumblr crashes and burns we don’t lose each other ;)

tagging the people who said they were openly interested/reblogged ie @ironwingedhawk @lenalovesironfist @the-wingway @laylainalaska @insomniac-ugly @heroesofscienceandfandoms @bjornwilde @dailyironwing @dragonsoftheeast @malicezz @earningbournvilles :)

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You know, those who want to change Danny Rand origin story to an Asia guy who is discovering his ancestry actually sleeping on Shang-Chi. If only people read comics. *sighs* (They would also know that Danny actually was edgy first just like in MCU and the Danny everyone knows now in comics is a developed character when he is in company of his friends and IF solo comics are quite dark and he is not that chatty and funny all the time there).

^^^^^ but I mean, you would assume they read the comics *cough* or you would assume they actually watched more than ep 1 of s1 or just the defenders because that’s generally my experience -__-

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been rewatching bits of iron fist s1 and defenders and whenever danny rand attempted to do anything at all he was met with nothing but rejection, rudeness and ridicule. you can pinpoint the moment his heart breaks every time. i don’t give a fuck that he’s white or born into money, no 25yo, and definitely not one that suffered years of abuse and trauma, deserves that kind of treatment. fcs you haters must have no heart

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captainouat replied to your post “If Iron Fist S2 had had 13 episodes, the Danny/Joy fallout maybe…”

I thing they friendship should be restored but liek Raveln sayed Ironwing is MCU Canon. ANd i thing the Colleena nd Danny powercouple thing tehy writing towards now is amazing and i hope Joy can get redemption by helping out Joy

Originally posted by jupiter2

This is becoming a trend with you isn’t it? Okay I’m not one for making snarky retorts to things like this. I usually just go about my day without bothering anyone but this…I’m not going to ignore any longer.

1. I’m not going to criticize the poor grammar. 

2. First and foremost I’m all about Danny Rand here when it comes to Iron Fist. He’s the story I care most about and then its the Meachums. 

3. Shipping Ironjoy is just an added bonus and I’m very proud of it. I think they’re an underrated couple with tons of potential and it’d be a shame to waste it. I adore their friendship which I felt was absurdly shelved S2 but if they do or don’t ever become show canon I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

4. I care about Danny and Joy as individual characters not just their relationship. 

5. If you don’t like Ironjoy why are you looking in their tag?

6. Why do you insist on clogging my posts with these types of passive aggressive comments?

I don’t understand the point of your responses whenever I talk about Danny and Joy’s relationship. Nor why you’re obviously threatened by them. There aren’t even many of us Ironjoy shippers out there we just want to be left alone. Of the majority of Ironwing fans you’re the only user I’ve run into who seems to have an issue that people like me exist.  

Cool you ship Danny and Colleen but believe it or not there are people in the IF fandom who don’t and I’m one of them. Everyone has a right to ship what they want and shouldn’t be made to feel crappy about it. 

captainouat replied to your post “I actually liked the ending of IF2. Like I’m not a huge shipper so it…”

Its the same as Arrow fans complaining about the creators wanting to do something new ok! You want to have the exact same thing from the comics happen? NO i ratehr have something new. I liked the twist and i cantw ait to see Colleen as the Iron Fist of New Yourk and Dany and her as Partners in Love and Vigilantism

Yah look at Arrow its a mess! Its not even the same show anymore. From my perspective the main protagonist in that was also shafted to make way for the supporting characters, everyone’s OOC and the comics history was botched. Based on comments I’ve read from Arrow fans that show is beyond repair. But we’re not discussing Arrow this is about Iron Fist.

And this is very hypocritical. Would you have the same reaction if Coll**n had been in Danny’s position? Like would you be totally fine if Colleen had been the one who worked her butt off for 15 years enduring brutal physical training to become the chosen protector of a mystic land? Only to have that identity and destiny ripped away and handed to her Gary-Stu boyfriend?

Originally posted by usedpimpa

I don’t think so and many IF fans of the comics and the series [including some Ironwing shippers] would gladly disagree with you. We’re very hurt, angry and upset over this development. Doing this disregards/erases all of Danny’s character development and journey in S1, Defenders and Luke Cage S2.

I’ll repeat this is the equivalent of Matt Murdock giving away his Daredevil suit to Claire Temple or Jessica Jones giving away her strength to Trish Walker. Think about that.

Btw Coll**n is a self-admitted adrenaline/combat junkie. How does that make her more worthy of the dragon’s chi than Danny? Or better yet why wouldn’t that make her more of a dangerous threat than him who only used the fist for good? She’s already killed once that we know of while he hasn’t.

 I’m not thrilled with the back-half of S2 nor am I happy about the blatantly sick treatment of Finn Jones/Danny Rand. And I’m not alone in these feelings. You’re in the minority within the yay-Danny’s-not-the-hero anymore camp I’m sorry. This show is called Iron Fist its about Danny Rand. It’s not the Coll**n Wing show. Its his story. Comicbook fans did not flock here for a CW romance they came to see Danny Rand become the iconic Immortal Iron Fist which he is. They came to see his rich comic history and background be accurately/appropriately adapted. 

And the source material should be cherished and honored in any television or movie adaptation. It doesn’t need to be an exact blueprint but it shouldn’t be changed to the point where its no longer recognizable. That’s not what long devoted fans of these beloved heroes want. 

Here’s the thing I’ve run into similar passive aggressive stans in the past. I’m currently facing the same problems in the Daredevil fandom. I’m not intimidated. The purpose for my being here is to have fun. I’m not here to start ship wars or shove my opinions down people’s throats. They’re free to like or dislike whatever they please and move on. Or they can just choose to ignore whatever I say. 

I’m not trying to be rude here but if you don’t like what I post you’re very welcome to unfollow me [if you already do] and focus on things you enjoy. But I really don’t appreciate being told nonstop that my ships won’t happen and that I should just accept bad writing and bad changes to my favorite shows. 

Have a pleasant day.

Originally posted by adventurelandia

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IF dropped a day ago and everyone is already screaming pls make it go away

Sorry I didn’t get the chance to answer this on time. Just ignore the haters they mean nothing. Going by most of the IF2 reaction people have actually warmed up to Danny Rand and Finn Jones quite extensively.

A wave of Danny Rand/Iron Fist support is growing more and more everyday so just hang on to that. 

Originally posted by sohereweare1

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