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For @hudsonbird who wanted Wanny! This ship has my heart forever. Thanks so much!

Danny Rand was what many people would call a goofball, Ward very much included in that pot. Danny had a smile that could light up a room and a laugh to match. Loud and wheezy, much like he was. But what escaped most people’s notice were the moments when that goofiness, that carefree wild attitude fell away like a veil.

When his eyes darkened enough to send chills down Ward’s back. And Danny knew his effect quite well. He knew how to wrap Ward around his finger and ask just nicely enough to make believe that Ward had any choice but to say yes.

Yes, harder. Yes, faster. Yes, deeper. Yes, to every will and whim that Danny had and wanted and more after that. Danny was insatiable on his best days. He was a walking talking ball is sexually charged energy that paid off in the most rewarding ways. In the most absurdly exhausting, toe curling, ridiculously pleasurable ways.

Danny was driving home that very point right now. By driving Ward into the mattress roughly and so sweetly that Ward was dizzy with the glowing striking raps of pleasure every thrust sent.

The filthy whispers and dark and dirty promises that Danny gasped into Ward’s ear as took him apart. Spread out belly down hips pulled up by Danny’s broad callused hands. Hands that bent him and touched him and soothed him before bruising him in exactly the places Ward would see later and remember. As if Ward could really forget the things that Danny did to him in the dark.

Ward had already come three times by this point and his legs burned with the strain of so many muscle spasms his orgasms wrenched from him.

“So fucking tight still Ward. Still so hot for me here.” Danny slipped his burning hot hand between them and stroked Ward just this side of roughly right where he was pounding in and out of. A wicked scrape made Ward keen like an animal in both pain and sweetness. “How does my sweet slut stay so tight for me? Huh? You practice for me when I’m not here? Slip those long fingers inside yourself in the bath? Get dirty for me while you gettin’ clean?”

Ward could barely hear him through the lust filled haze Danny had him in. His breathing was rough, Ward drawing in gulps of air when he could. Between thrusts and in the rare moments Danny slowed down. Drew out slow and drove back in just as smoothly, purposeful.

“Answer me slut.” Danny demanded. Ward gasped as his head whipped back, fingers tangled in his hair, his toes curled with sick satisfaction.

“Yes! Yes I get ready for you. In the shower, on the bed. In the-” Danny ripped another gasp from him as he moved his hips in circles. “In the end it’s never enough. It’s not you Danny, it’s not you.”

Ward cried as his mouth was covered and Danny’s tongue wrapped around his own. Swallowing up the cries Ward needed to get out. His gut was sun hot and his back slick with sweat. Hey needed to cum and he needed to cum right now.

“Danny please, Danny I need- I need to cum baby. Please!”

“You wanna cum again so soon baby? You wet for it already?” Danny asked, hips fucking in deep. “Think you deserve it, Ward?”

“Yes please, I’ve been good, I’ve been so good for you. Right Danny? I’ve been sweet to you? I make you feel good right Danny?”

The guttural groan Danny let loose rumbled against his back and made his spine tingle in sick want. He made Danny like this. He made the holy iron fist wild enough to rattle the house with his screams and gasps.

“You can come baby. Can you come on this cock baby? I know you can. I know you can come with just this big cock inside you. Making you shake with it right baby? Come on, fuck yourself on me. Get it baby. Go on get it.”

Ward lost it then. The sweet vibrations in his ear made his hips go wild. He fucked back into that perfect stretch and pulled the best gasps and groans from Danny. Who had lost the fight and started fucking in again.

They came at the same time with twin screams and racing staccato breaths. Danny was raw and bare inside Ward and he let loose everything he had inside Ward. Slicking him up for the last few grinding trusts. Ward was shaking from the euphoria, fingers Tangled in the sheets. Pillows under him completely ruined and chest just as bad with sweat.

“You’re so good for me baby. So so good.” Danny whispered into his ear again. Close and burning hot but perfect anyway.

Ward fell loose and sated. Well fucked, wet and buzzing from his bones out.

“You too, Danny. I love you too.”

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well, there was interest ;) soooo guys…


anyone who wants to join feel free to click on the link, it’s open to everyone ;) quick info list:

  • there are channels for general show talk, fanworks, comics, ships, cast news and so on;
  • (I even made you teams, YOU KNOW YOU WANNA BE ON TEAM DRAGON ;) )
  • everything nsfw goes on the specific channel;
  • there’s a channel for the other netflix shows;
  • I’m extremely chill when it comes to modding so really whatever goes BUT a) your kink is not my kink, b) don’t like don’t read, c) no character or ship bashing are three rules I’m 100% enforcing so please none of that kind of drama because I don’t like to censor anything ;)

feel free to share/reblog and tell your friends into IF to show up so that when/if tumblr crashes and burns we don’t lose each other ;)

tagging the people who said they were openly interested/reblogged ie @ironwingedhawk @lenalovesironfist @the-wingway @laylainalaska @insomniac-ugly @heroesofscienceandfandoms @bjornwilde @dailyironwing @dragonsoftheeast @malicezz @earningbournvilles :)

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You know, those who want to change Danny Rand origin story to an Asia guy who is discovering his ancestry actually sleeping on Shang-Chi. If only people read comics. *sighs* (They would also know that Danny actually was edgy first just like in MCU and the Danny everyone knows now in comics is a developed character when he is in company of his friends and IF solo comics are quite dark and he is not that chatty and funny all the time there).

^^^^^ but I mean, you would assume they read the comics *cough* or you would assume they actually watched more than ep 1 of s1 or just the defenders because that’s generally my experience -__-

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